Many American Dumb-bells Support Jihadists In Syria Along With @SenJohnMcCain & John Kerry

Many American Dummies Support Jihadists In Syria Along With @SenJohnMcCain

I had an argument with a very idiotic person on Twitter this morning.   As many of you know, I covered the Syrian revolution from day One: Syria | The Mad Jewess

I told everyone  that Syria was Libya and Egypt redux from it’s beginning.  The ‘Arab Spring’ which was enforced and assisted by John McCain, Obama and others in our government including Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, etc are the responsible parties for the mess in the middle east.  That’s the facts.  If you think anything different, you are an idiot and deserve to lose your country.  Deal with that.

Assad is not the worlds greatest leader, but he has stood up against cannibals in Syria who have eaten the body parts of their victims.  He has liberated Christians in Ma’loula, Syria, late April  2014:  Patriarch Youhanna sez Syrian Christians “Wouldn’t Submit and Yield.” See all the pictures in that post.  You won’t EVER see Syrian ‘rebel’ Jihadists liberating Christians–EVER.

00 Ma'loula 03. 21.04.14

00 Ma'loula 04. 21.04.14

NOW, tell me that Assad is the blood thirsty terrorist that Pill O’Reilly is constantly bitching about.  I thought that Pill was a Catholic?  This is a picture of a Catholic priest in Ma’Loula with Assad.   Pill supports Jihadist cannibals from all over the Middle east against fellow Catholics in Syria.   You tell me this nation is sane??   Assad’s quotes:  The Telegraph

This is what a U.S. Vet (from above) is supporting in Syria:

Meanwhile…Obama Authorizes Sending Weapons To Syrian Jihad Rebels

Now, who’s f*cking ‘side’ are you on??

We stand with these troops that say NO war in Syria:


A home decor collage from November 2013

True Religious Zionists Against AIPAC & The Jewish Republican Coalition (JRC)

True Religious Zionists Against AIPAC & The Jewish Republican Coalition

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

True Jews do not support terrorists.  Myself and The Mad Jewess have consistently stood against the Syrian Rebels on this website:  Syria | The Mad Jewess

While Assad is a vicious, brutal dictator, that is exactly what is needed in Islamic countries to keep these savages under control.  Christian A-rabs fare much better under these more secular, brutal dictators than these fundamental crazies.


The left-wing, self-hating “pro-Israel” lobby, AIPAC, is once again supporting the Muslim Jew-hater in the White House. The Jewish establishment organizations are all traitors who betrayed the Jews during the holocaust and who always betray the Jews on every single issue.Unfortunately, many sick and cowardly Orthodox Jews blindly support AIPAC even though the “pro-Israel” lobby openly states that their goal is to create a “Palestinian” state which is national suicide for Israel.

By-Chaim Ben Pesach

The Republic Jewish Coalition is also backing Obama:

Click –RJC Statement on the Use of Force Resolution Regarding Syria

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Click-ACTION ALERT: Syria Use of Force Resolution

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America: You’re Being LIED To Regarding Syria. WAKE UP, STOP THIS! NO WW3!!

America: You’re Being LIED To Regarding Syria. WAKE UP, STOP THIS WW3!!!

America cannot call itself a “Judeo-Christian” nation anymore.  If you do, you are lying to yourself.  We are not – in any way, shape or form a Christian, loving, kind nation.  We are a country that is totally aggressive against other nations.  We bomb at will for no reason.  Last year, over 250 children & teens were murdered by Obamas drones; He wanted to catch a small terrorist cell but murdered all of these children, instead.  

This blog has covered the mess in Syria from the get-go.  We have repeatedly warned you that it is the Syrian rebels who are using the chemicals. Obama tells you its Assad.  WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE?   It is the Islamic rebels that are chopping up dead victims limbs and eating them.  Russia calls this ‘barbaric.’  If you call these Mohammetans ‘barbaric’ in USA, you are pronounced an anti-Muslim hater.

There are Russian and Chinese ships in Syrian waters.  Is this what you want, America and England?  WW3?  WE DO NOT.

Click: Calls Grow For Military Intervention In Syria..DEBKAfile says this week!

Click: Syria chemical attack facts tough to trace amid US & UK war hardline..UN says unidentified snipers shot at chem experts

Click: WW3 UPDATE : Syrian Minister The Entire Middle East Will Burn If Syria Is Attacked by US !

Click: Warmongers push Obama to bomb Syria

Assad is fighting off barbarians.  Assad’s Christian people are being massacred.  We should be on ASSAD’s side, not Islamic Jihadists.

“Palestinians” Finding Out What REAL Terror Is; ‘Palestinian’ Older Woman Hits Syrian Terrorist Jihadist W/ Her Shoe

When the Syrian Jihadists come and and destroy Damascus, Gaza, Ramallah, etc, (as it is written in the Bible) the FUCKestinians will truly find out what REAL terror is.  Not this bogus bullshit propaganda they cry about night and day against Israel, most of which is libel and lie.

What I find totally sad about this incident is that this is a nice looking young man taking an ass whooping from an elderly woman.  Maybe the jackass will come to his senses and realize that Pislam is a cult of murder, just like LIBERALISM.

From Syria: Many Live Videos Of FAKE Wounded People In Rebel Demonstrations- Obama & Hillary Clinton Lie

These are older videos from January-April.  But it has just been brought to our attention from QV, today.  Are you going to keep believing Shep Smith?  Do you really think that Assad’s removal will promote peace in Syria?



More Videos Exposing The “Peaceful Protestors” Of Syria

Syria – Peaceful Protesters are burning a Government Building in Ariha, Idleb 20-05-2011

Syria – Peacful Protestors burned the Police Cars in Ariha, Idleb 20-5-2011

Syria – Peaceful Protesters killed a Policemen in Aleppo 27-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists Attack the Oil Pipeline in Quriyeh, Deir Ezzawr 28-01-2012

Armed Gangs fired an RPG at a Monastry in Sednaya, Syria 30-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline in Tel Kalakh, Homs 30-01-2012

Syria – Empty Coffins live on Al Jazeera – Only in Syria (Yep – peaceful protestors holding coffins during a march – proven to be empty fakes)

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorists burning houses in the vineyards of Madaya

Syria – Female Terrorist in Banias, Tartous

Terrorists trying to destroy a Syrian Tank

Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb, Syria

Syria – Terrorist throwing Dynamite at Security men in Deir al-Zawr

SYRIA – “Peaceful Protesters” shooting at Policemen

Homs – Militants firing Rockets from a Mosque at the Army

Camera filmed the Killing of Policeman Raed Ashour1

-David Ben Moshe

The BASTARD In Chief, Obama Has Finalized Plans To Attack Syria & Help Jihadists-Sealing The Fate Of America

The BASTARD In Chief, Obama Has Finalized Plans To Attack Syria & Help Jihadists-Sealing The Fate Of America.  This means that the piece of shit, Obama has started a war with Russia and China. 

CNN reports Friday afternoon, that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad.  And, I cannot believe how many ‘rightists’ are actually with Obama in this.  Duped. Brainwashed dopes. The people that Assad is having to fight are JIHADISTS. The same as what happened in Libya and Egypt. Now, the Muslim bro’hood and Sharia are starting to rule Libya and Egypt you dummies..
  These ‘conservatives’  are Jihadists as well, if they are for the attack of Syrias leader.  How in the hell can these people be conservative?  You are NOT supposed to attack anyplace without congressional approval. How is a Syrian attack making America free????  If we get nuked, or there are bombs all over America in the near future, dont say I didn’t warn you.
I shall prepare to kiss my ass goodbye.