Jew Banned By Gateway Pundit For “Criticizing Black Behavior” In “Tit 4 Tat” Debate Re. #Kanye #Ye

Jew Banned By Gateway Pundit For “Criticizing Black Behavior” In “Tit 4 Tat” Debate Re. #Kanye #Ye

So, I went onto GP and basically advised people there that ‘Yeah, there are a large amount of Jews as CEO’s in Hollywood, Money (Feds)”, etc…

But, what about the behavior of black people? See, being a Sephardic (although a believer in Jesus), the Jewish people’s problems are mine. I DONT have an issue with Kanye saying what he wishes. However, I do believe in ‘tit 4 tat’….Like “Take the plank out of your own eye, hypocrite”…

(I don’t believe all blacks are violent.) However, if Kanye says “THE JEWS”… I believe in ‘tit 4 tat’ in DEBATE = All bets are off: ALL BLACKS.

Having an online Jewish moniker means this: Endless Jew-hatred. See….there is NEVER a day (for me) without hearing about “THE JEWS”. That being said.. I am numb to it. Which is why I don’t discuss it. God has toughened me up. I do feel badly for young Jews who join Gab, Twitter or join FB groups, social media, etc.. They have nothing to do with anything yet they are attacked merely for being Jews with Jewish names. It’s a real hatred. And, this hatred feeds on itself like a cancer. Serious, Jew haters have NO balance in assessment.

I digress… I don’t see ‘anti black’ all over. There are websites that talk about black crime but these sites are hidden. The REAL people nobody is allowed to ‘criticize’ are blacks.

At any rate, I’ve been banned in a tit for tat. Probably by Nazi tattletales. I was talking about the Nazi’s & their new hero: Kanye.. My bad.

My ban:

PS: This website believes in FREE SPEECH: 2 Major Banks Cancelled Kanye For His “WHITE LIVES MATTER” Tee. Proclaiming White Lives Matter Is “HATE”?! GET YOUR WHITE LIVES MATTER TEE’s

(Except you Nazis and Commies- you HATE freedom)

Sons Of Obama Cruelly Beat ASIAN Man In The NYC Subway

Sons Of Obama Cruelly Beat ASIAN Man In The NYC Subway

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

If this was reversed, the Asian man would be called a ‘white supremacist, racist, bigot’. When it happens to Asian people, nobody cares. Ditto whites.

Click on this link @ vid Max to see this atrocity.

The Asian man who was brutally beaten in a New York City subway station Friday said the ultimate indignity came afterward when the attack was depicted as vigilante justice – after he was anonymously accused of attempting to molest a girl on the train.

‘I’m the victim here!’ the Asian man, a 42-year-old married father from Queens who asked not to be identified, told in an exclusive interview Tuesday. ‘I fell asleep on the train, and I woke up to a bunch of guys grabbing me and assaulting me.

‘I was targeted and held against my will, was put in a full nelson and assaulted by two different guys,’ he added. ‘I didn’t even know what the hell was going on. And there was a crowd watching and nobody was helping.’

A disturbing video, shared online over the weekend, shows him being restrained and pummeled by a group of men at the Fulton Street station in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

The victim, who does plumbing and air conditioning work for a living, told that he’d been drinking with a friend before falling asleep sitting up on the train.

He said he still has a throbbing headache, bruising to his head and a swollen jaw from the attack.

‘I can’t even open my mouth properly to eat food. I’ve got six bumps on my head,’ he said.

#WhitePrivilege: Mob Of Black Girls Beat 1 White Girl Mercilessly

#WhitePrivilege: Mob Of Black Girls Beat 1 White Girl Mercilessly

Whites still not armed.  It’s not only Obama’s sons, now its his daughters:

See this @ NY daily news…

Run for cover and get armed, white people.


#WHITEPRIVILEGE: Black Knocks Out White Female With A Bat At Walmart, He “Felt Like It”

#WHITEPRIVILEGE: Black Knocks White Female Out With A Bat At Walmart, He “Felt Like It”

Black attacks on whites are getting even more vicious.  White people; this is a call to arms, arm yourselves.  Never mind the law in your area, Obama doesn’t follow it, why should you.

Click:  Horrible: Black Man Attacks Random White Girl In Walmart With A Baseball Bat!

Now why isnt this a hate crime…Walked by several black women..then noticed a young white woman..And swings..thats racial.

Violent black female beats white unmercifully and the only one who came to her defense was her little boy:  Black McDonald’s employee brutally beats white woman

(Is what they’re learning at home)

-David Ben Moshe

#WhitePrivilege: Son Of Obama Murdered A US Marine. Another Beats White Woman With A Bat

#WhitePrivilege: Son Of Obama Murdered A US Marine. Another Beats White Woman With A Bat

I post racial crimes perpetrated against white people once a week.   Some of our friends claim we are haters for doing so.  But, who is the real hater?  David Ben Moshe who is reporting this?  Or the blacks who are robbing, raping, beating and murdering white people for the hell of it?

News found by

-David Ben Moshe

#WhitePrivilege: Young Blacks 100x WORSE Than Young White KKK: Teen Female Beats White Girl Mercilessly

#WhitePrivilege Young Blacks 100x WORSE Than Young White KKK: Teen Female Beats White Girl Mercilessly

Obama’s children are being taught at a really young age to hate white people.  To beat them.  Much like the Hitler youth in NAZI Germany, who beat Jews for no reason, other than being Jewish.

In this video, this young, black girl is beating this white girl purely for the fun:

If this was a black girl getting beat it would have national news coverage for at least a week. In the U.S. it is OK to be racist against whites though.

Just like Germany & the Nazi’s:

Tormenting a Jew in Rzeszów, Poland

Whites in America are being made to suffer for the 1860’s and the 1960’s, that is what leftism has brought you.  THIS generation and the last generation must pay for the crimes of their Grandparents.   American people:  You will not only lose most of your Constitutional rights, you will eventually have to grasp the fact that ALL of you will have to march on DC and in your cities just to be treated human.  You will have to march against the black oppressors.

More #WhitePrivilege: Black Murders White Man, Another Kills White Male, & 3 Blacks Beat White Man

More #WhitePrivilege: Black Murders White Man, Another Kills White Male, & 3 Blacks Beat White Man

While the lesbian, Obama’s interior secretary Sally Jewell is blaming Cliven Bundy for the Neo-Nazi killers in Vegas, Obama’s Negro, savage sons are murdering and beating white people at random all across the country.  But, you’ll never hear a word because blacks are not racists.  Dey just be misunderstood, yo.

Stories from

The families of these victims have our daven/prayers.

-David Ben Moshe

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

Putting this Nigga in prison is too good, he should be lynched.  If the races were reversed, it would be front page news. Although white men don’t go out of their way to rape black women.

Read the whole story at American Renaissance.

Hat tip:  S 365 


Anonymous victim of rape--she's afraid he will come after her again; if Obama and Holder have their way, he'll walk; after all the white victim deserved her beating as payback for slavery


Christopher Anthony Brown--smirk away you piece of shit; if my ancestors had gotten my hands on you, you'd be dangling from a tree

Young white males are too busy suffering from fake white guilt to avenge this poor young woman.