2 Prophetic/Confirmation Dreams I Had Of “The Great Reset”

2 Prophetic/Confirmation Dreams I Had

Here are the 2 dreams/visions (short dreams)

FIRST: I saw so many Americans, getting all decked out to go to war. They believed that war had come for a ‘good reason’. They were all getting dressed in WW2 type fashion. They were excited. I just looked at all of them – totally dumbfounded. They were going to war for all the WRONG reasons.

2. The other dream/vision I had: We were at the ballot stations to vote. When we went to go put an “X” on who we voted for, there was a quote. It read:



  • First dream: It’s just another confirmation that American people are ready to march off to war – but here’s the kicker.. They actually have conned themselves to believe that they are fighting Nazi’s. It’s so ludicrous and insane. Because they ARE the 1’s that are supporting the Neo Nazi’s in Ukraine. Russia isnt Nazis and NEVER was. I believe that this war is already in it’s 1st stages.
  • Second dream: No matter who wins or what his/her intention is upon going into political office…there is NOTHING that is going to stop “The great reset”… Because the “Great Reset” is the beast system and it is only killed by prophets and saints speaking GOD’S words to curse the system.. And, even then…the beast system only has a short time ‘in the sun’…. but voting in him/her will not stop the beast’s season. Only the return of Jesus/Yeshua will destroy the beast system.

This is confirmation for many of you but if you read this and don’t know what is happening…this is a little insight. No matter what you vote for, “The Great Reset is here and is forcing it’s way into ALL life on earth. Like how the vax was carried out.

  • Warning: The current catastrophes are NOT going to disappear. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible: The King James Bible, daily. Or any older Bible.  The newer versions are watered down.  You can also read from the Torah, Old Testament: English Bible.. & FreePRINTBibles.net 
  •  If you confess with your mouth & believe in your heart that GOD raised Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ben Yosef from the dead, & live FOR him, you will be saved & go to paradise Heaven and be with GOD, forever and ever..

If you see something else, feel free to post it.

Now, It’s BANDAID VACCINES For Your Wrist….(666)…It’s All Here

Now, It’s BANDAID VACCINES For Your Wrist…(666) It’s All Here

I’m telling ya all… We ARE on the cusp of the complete mark of the beast tat/vax/chip. Nothing is going to get ‘better’. If you are listening to false predictors telling you “Trump is gonna come back and save us”.. I’m telling you, straight up:



The only one who was, who is, who is to come & save us is Jesus of Nazareth/Yeshua Ben Yosef.

The West Is SO Desensitized. We Can’t Even See We’re IN Tribulation, IN The Beast System & The Joe-BAMA Admin Is The Anti-Christ

The West Is SO Desensitized We Can’t Even See We’re IN Tribulation, IN The Beast System & The Joe-BAMA Admin Is The Anti-Christ

I don’t understand HOW people cannot see this whole monster. Almost daily, I ‘get into it‘ with some Christian out there on the net who swears we’re not ‘in the tribulation’. Uh, YEAH, we ARE. What the heck do you think this is? Tornadoes in places there have never been tornadoes, huge Hurricanes, massive amounts of volcanoes… “Sea and waves roaring”, plague, pestilence, drought, famine. How can you be so DESENSITIZED?


  • God was so good, that in the wee hours the day after the 2008 election, he showed us the ‘son of perdition’ was/is now on the earth thru the Lottery:

Most people believed the lottery winning numbers a few hours after the 2008 election were just a ‘coincidence’. NO. It wasn’t. The problem is:

No matter HOW the Lord would have shown you people, you would NOT have believed it!!

I did. Even my 100% Kosher/Jewish Husband believed it!!! And, he is like ‘doubting Thomas!’….. On Steroids!

At NO time in the history of the earth has a leader EVER used a ‘front man’ as his ‘mouthpiece’, aka ‘prophet’. Obama does. And, he even ‘clued’ us all in on his escapades:

‘I used to say, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front-man or front-woman and they had an ear piece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that, because I found the work fascinating’. CLICK TO GO TO CNS.

  • Obama IS the son of perdition the Bible warned us about. While he is bad enough with his big mouth flapping, the other smaller horn ‘anti-christs’ like Schwab, Gates and Fauci seemed to have arrived out of no place, touting the Coronavirus and its poison needle with their big mouths.

Where do you think the Covid came from? It didn’t just ‘pop up’. The EVIL, beast system, in an effort to play “g”od released this poison. Why? To get every single person on the earth to take the vaccine which is said to change one’s DNA. It is an mRNA vaccine. Why would they want to give you such a terrible shot? TO CONTROL YOU.

Even this hideously ugly statue popped up just to confirm that we’re ‘in it’:  ‘Sculpture in front of visitors plaza of the UN Headquarters fits the description of what John saw in the Book of Revelation

Get ready for the big finale:

Start at 30.00 minutes. USA/EUSSR is ‘the Gog’, not Russia.



God Is Hearing Our Prayers: META/Facebook Being Sued By Facebook Moderator For Human Trafficking. DIE Facebook!

God Is Hearing Our Prayers: META/Facebook Being Sued By Facebook Moderator For Human Trafficking. DIE Facebook!

I have told a couple of people I know that the Lord put it on my heart to pray for the destruction of the Media, Twitter and Facebook & HE would do it! Those people just laughed and acted like I/we/you are arrogant. But, it’s happening! May take some time, but – by God, it’s happening! Facebook moderator sues company over ‘human trafficking’


Former Facebook moderator Daniel Motaung has sued the social media giant’s parent company Meta and its African subcontractor Sama, alleging in the suit filed on Tuesday that the company “subjected current and former content moderators to forced labor and human trafficking for labor.

Again, Lord: Maker of Heaven and Earth: PLEASE DESTROY FACEBOOK! Bring it down, Lord God Almighty! Please hear your humble Mad Jewess (& friends) in Jesus name.

BREAK this beast, Oh Lord!!

Say a huge amen and thank our Hashem God for overthrowing the wicked! KILL THIS BEAST, O – Lord God!

666, #MOTB System: Vax Card Required At Big Box Stores & Walmart’s in Quebec.

#666, #MOTB System: Vax Card Required At Big Box Stores & Walmart, Quebec.

The future is this: All people will have to PROVE they’re vaccinated. Currently, in many places – it’s a ‘vax card’ you must show. Soon, it will be a “QR” code wrist scan or a chip in your wrist. The QR code/chip is only an information gatherer. Many people already go to work and have chips that carry their SS#, address already.

The real problem is what the vax carries IN it: mRNA, genetic-altering poison. The last time humans screwed around with their DNA was in the time of Noah, when humans pro-created with fallen angels and had 1/2 human, 1/2 fallen angel DNA. God had NO choice but to destroy that whole generation from the earth.


Revelation 13:17

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Getting Vaxxed = Feeding The BEAST

Getting Vaxxed = Feeding The BEAST

It really is.

The Reminisers, Fight the Beast - YouTube

My closest friend went and got the kill shot. This has made me sick inside. I can’t do anything about it now. I can’t offer anything to my friend. She knew what it was doing to people.

My closest friend was going to travel with me to D.C. to pray that God will destroy it. We were going to go to the White House and pray against it. Ditto the Capital. Just us 2. I cannot go with her now. Because the very same beast I am against and plan to fight the rest of the days of my life on this earth, she ‘fed’ by receiving that poison.

After the first vaxx, [my friend went to get her job back after standing up against the beast for 3 months,] they told her: “You cant come back right now because you need to get the 2nd shot and the booster shot and there will probably be another booster.” So, her effort to appease was met by more and more demands for submission.


When I told my friend: “God does not want ANY of his children receiving this shot”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “This vaccine is the beginning of the beast system”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “It is time to resist”, she agreed.

When I told my friend: “You can come and live here instead of getting that shot”, she said “Thank you”

I consistently told her these things.

What happened in 2 days after I talked to her, again? Why did she waver? Because THE BEAST is deceitful. THE BEAST is a liar. THE BEAST tells you: “You’ll never make it on your own”. Etc.


The beast will never have enough. Nothing you do will please this political/spiritual monster. The ONLY way to get rid of this beast is to stand up to it, do not comply, resist it. Eventually, it will be killed. The end of ‘the book’ says so.

BelieveActs2 – Harvest Says: 11-2-21 ~ The Rise of THE Beast (OBAMA)

BelieveActs2 – Harvest Says: 11-2-21 ~ The Rise of THE Beast (OBAMA)

My Youtube acquaintance, Linda made this video today. I urge you to listen.

I really respect Linda as a prophetic voice. And, she is yelling this out. She’s been warning about Obama, the Antichrist for a LONG time.

CONFIRMATION: Obama has fulfilled most of the scriptures of the AntiChrist: But, Mad Jewess, How Can Obama Be The AntiChrist? PROVE Yourself, MJ!! “Show Me Where The A.C. Has A Wife & Children!”.

(*Still to come will be the image of the beast and worship of Obama plus the mark. *The vaccine is currently being used to subdue people to the beast and his system with changing of their DNA. *Obama bringing all of the nations against Israel will be his final curtain.)



Though my acquaintance, Geir says people who say “Obama is the Antichrist”… are ‘chosen’……I beg to differ: People who understand this about Obama and the end times are just picked out for this task. And, this is NOT easy. ALL of us are chosen for specific tasks if we are believers. There are no ‘special people’. EVERYONE has a chance to do what HaShem/God, Yeshua/Jesus and the Ruach/Holy Spirit asks us to do.

2017 State Law Will FORCE EVERYONE To Be VACCINATED: Blockades/Buses Will Send You To FEMA Camps

2017 State Law will FORCE EVERYONE to be VACCINATED – Blockades/Buses will send you to FEMA Camps

“Get your shots or get on the bus, that’s what’s coming” and this was in 2017!!!

It’s here. In this video linked, it also says that bracelets will be worn by the inoculated.

The Police force is already trained...’

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