“Miss Russia” Has No Blacks Or Mexicans In their Pageant, Does THIS make Them RACIST?

 “In snowy frozen Moscow, “Miss Russia” contestants enjoy a read more…

Yes, they have no Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, etc… So they MUST be racists.  Maybe we should go shove our show on them, after all, it is Soviet Russia that is in our White house admin., a bunch of Marxist Soviet USSR Kommies that are running the show..  Absolutely. America used to look pretty like this, now they segregate, teach each and every minority race to hate America, hate their people, hate their Christianity, hate white men, and sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harpo..

~Looks NORMAL to me. Why is there a Miss ARAB USA, A Miss Brown Pride USA, a Miss Black whatever USA, but NO Miss WHITE GIRL USA?  G’d hypocrites is why. Watch this nice pageant above, before Marxist Multi-Cultural shitheads tore this nation and world apart. I hope you enjoy it, it is no more than a dream remembered; a civilization, gone with the wind.

pageant2.jpg image by thecatspajamas5

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