Chris Matthews Is Sh*tting His Pants Over Ted Cruz. Why? Matthews Is A COMMUNIST.

Chris Matthews Sh*tting His Pants Over Ted Cruz. Why? Matthews Is A COMMUNIST.

I can hear this loud-mouthed little schmuck, Chris Matthews.. “Please don’t call me a Commie, please, I’m meltinggggggggggg

I keep telling you friends, over and over:  You want to stop these bastards?  Start calling them what they are: COMMUNISTS.  Anti-American, enemies to freedom, peace and liberty.  If you keep calling these creeps ‘libtards’, you will just continue to lose–every day.   Nothing scares a Communist more than being exposed.  Just look how they demonize patriots, they are red Communists/Bolsheviks.

Why call them Communists? Because “Progressive” is just a fancy name for Communist & Communism is TREASON.  Let’s have a blast from the past:

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed for being Commies and selling out our secrets to Soviet Russia.  By the way, you cannot be a Communist and a Jew.  You have to ‘choose this day whom you will serve.’


(Just because these pigs are Communists does not make us “Nazis”, THEY are the Commu-Nazis.)

Anti Birther, Beck gives a synopsis: Here

If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being COWARDS

If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, Beck Plus For Being Cowards

I will not EVER forget the cowardice of these ‘conservative’ pundits & talking headed morons. EVER.  I wouldn’t forget it even if George Washington himself, were to win the 2012 election after being raised from the dead…..  

  Just how much money did these bastards make off of not reporting how Obama was born in Kenya, by his own admission–in writing??  How much money did these jakobite-creeps  make when Obama’s 1990’s pamphlets were posted by Breitbart’s & they did zero?  I hope it was worth it for you idiots to sell us out.   Breitbart paid the price with his life, you sold us out with your silence.

You watch the video, below.  Jodi Foster (Sarah) is like America.  Her lawyer, Kathryn (Kelly McGillis)reminds me of every sob coward that sits on FAUX News and spews garbage-nonsense that never really matters…

Bolshevik Anti American Media Matters SO HAPPY Beck Will Not Be On TV 2 Expose Communists

Go to fullsize imageI was wondering just how low Media Matters would sink. They absolutely have sunk beneath the pail. 3 pages celebrating Beck going off the air… “Media Matters for America” after all, right?  This is ‘leftist’ tolerance. They have **NO** tolerance for anything that is not left-wing, Bolshevik.  This also proves my point AGAIN, that Bolsheviks HATE Zionists…On the same page as Neo-Nazis..

  Brock, who wanted ‘fairness’ in reporting, launched a character assassination on Beck for just about 3 years, 24/7.  Brock, was angry with F ux news because he felt they didn’t report the truth when the Bush regime was in power. He has become what he pretended he hated.. They report nothing on MMFA, just attack America. They dont attack their own, so, he is what he pretended to hate.

  This is what sent Brock over the edge with Beck:

2009 Flashback: Beck Said Obama Has “Exposed Himself As A Guy” With “A Deep-Seated Hatred For White People”

  Beck was right about Obama being a racist. Evidence of this is Holder allowing the Black Panthers case go scot free.  Holder couldn’t do that ‘to his people.’  Gee… I thought we were all ‘part of the human race..’ Riiiiiiight..

  Anyway, Brock and Boehlert, BOTH NON-Jews, btw.. Are extremely happy that Beck will not be on TV, 5 PM.. They cannot afford anymore Komrades being exposed…

View Image

Oh…Nah… Obamas not a racist: Obama Racism Quotes


With Bin Laden Dead..It’s EASY To Make “Natural-Born” Info DISAPPEAR Off Wikipedia!

‘Natural-born citizen’ info vanishes off Wikipedia Breaking News
In wake of Obama’s release of his long-form birth certificate

Go to fullsize imageYes We Can, can, can… We can make anything disappear..Well, unfortunately, Obama’s OWN admission document of his long form b.c. opened up a can of worms that even the Kenyan half-breed can’t hide!  HIS DADDY IS A NATURAL BORN KENYAN. 

  Yes We Can NOT follow the Constitution in Obama’s AmeriKa, ‘cuz anything goes!  Beck is wrong, Ann Coulter is WRONG.  These 2 people have ‘championed’ the Constitution…BUT, when the true test came, to see far they would take their patriotism, they failed. They failed miserably. They failed us, people. Do you get that? They failed us. Instead of admitting they were wrong, they made fun of us, demanded us to ‘shut up and move on’, and we were ‘nuts’…. Sounds like someone else… Sounds like a lefist. Did McPAIN get a pass? NO.  Only Obama gets a pass…and for one reason; HE IS BLACK.  Thats the honest to God truth. And you will not hear that from our beloved FAUX news. NOT EVER.  Why?  Thats racist, dontcha’ know? No, it isnt. It is racist to let a person get away with breaking the law just BECAUSE he is black.

  Let me ask you something Ann, and Beck… Since this half-breed, anti-American is NOT lawful, by natural-born law & Constitutional standards, just what does that do to the Constitution? It makes it of NO EFFECT. So, YOU SHUT UP, NOW, while we who DO love America take care of your 3 years of laziness in not doing your homework OR research.

Communist H.Q.~Media Matters Ousted Dobbs From CNN, Beck Was Their Next Target

  Go to fullsize imageI said it here, first:

Media Matters & Civil Rights Coalition preparing to get RID of Glenn Beck once and for ALL. Before anyone. I knew that Media Matters would do all they could to oust Beck, and they succeeded..

   As you all know, I have been attacking Media Matters for 2 years. They claimed responsibility like Jihadists claim responsibility, when they had Dobbs ousted from CNN. They are doing the same now, with BECK.

  I warned people that Media Matters is a powerful force of evil & Communism, but nobody believed me, I guess. Their website looks like an obscure blog. But, make no mistake, these people mean business. They are for free speech for leftists ONLY. Not right wing, conservative, Christian, etc..  Whether you liked Beck or not, he was EXPOSING these Communists and they do NOT like to be exposed. Evil never likes to be exposed, it likes to hide.  According to Beck, he is going on to do different things. I absolutely believe that may be truth, but, these people will stop at nothing, and Americans are just dumb enough to believe that Beck is evil, nutty, insane, etc.  because Media Matters has propaganda all over the place. (SOROS run, btw)

  Beck is not the first that Media Matters booted off the air. Lou Dobbs was before him.  Why did they get rid of Lou Dobbs?  Because-Dobbs was talking about Obamas birth certificate.  Media Matters, the IMPERIALISTS did not like this…Gee, why didnt they like it?  They ‘believe’ that O was born here, why should Dobbs have bothered them, if  this birth certificate ‘theory’ is untruth? If it was untruth, then Dobbs would still be on the air.

My family knows how powerful and dangerous people like Media Matters are. My husbands parents escaped the Bolshevik revolt in Russia.  We are telling you, that if you do not stop them, THEY WILL STOP YOU, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER- Death is no issue, either.

Look at the attacks from Media Matters for the last 2 years:

July 2009: Fox Forced To Address Beck’s Statement That Obama Is A “Racist” Who Has A “Deep-Seated Hatred For White People Or The White Culture”

October 2009: Speculation Of Tension Between Hannity And Beck Begins

November 2009: Rupert Murdoch Confronted About Beck’s Comment That Obama Is A “Racist”

December 2009: Beck’s Gold Hawking Prompts Fox Legal Department To Seek “Clarification”

March 2010: Fox Personnel Begin Speaking Out Against Beck

May 2010: Murdoch Mounts Defense Of Beck Amid Concerns Over Advertiser Losses

August 2010: Fox Figures Reportedly Meet With Jewish Groups To Discuss Beck’s Rhetoric

August 2010: Fox Figures Distance Themselves From Beck’s 8-28 Rally

September 2010: More Details Leak That Point To Friction Between Beck And Fox News

November 2010: Longtime Fox Contributor Complains About Beck To Media Matters

February 2011: Fox Contributor Critizes Beck’s “Hysteria”

March 2011: Reports Surface That Beck May Depart Fox News

Piven Cronies Screaming “Anti-Semitism” @ Beck-Reminds Me Of The ROSENBERGS



Go to fullsize imagePiven: That card DID work-Piven, it works no longer. You are a COMMUNIST,  in a conspiracy to murder the USA.  We are tired of you liars.  You all seem to use the ‘race-card’, the ‘anti-semitic’ card, or any card you can figure out, to try to stop us from knowing what you have been doing. Is Van Jones a Jew that you can use to scream anti-semitism? The Bald Communist? Obama? Jim Wallace? NO- you do NOT get a pass.  And remember what happens when you Commies get found out….. See the below pic, and get ready.

In this article, a semi-honest Jewish person concludes that the execution of the Rosenbergs had ZERO to do with anti-semitism

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg – My Jewish Learning 

So, calling Beck a ‘racist-nazi’ will not work.


You can all read this RAG too below the pictures..

They want to ‘protect’ Assange, that should tell you straight up that Assange is a LEFT WINGER.



Last NOV. Beck Predicted Olbermann’s Oust~So, He Was Right- What Say Media Matters?

What do the Commies @ Media Matters say? 

British Subverted FABIAN-DHIMMI MP Tom Watson To Glenn Beck: “You Are A Bigot”

Nothing…Just some left-wing pos saying Beck is a bigot..Media Matters should be shut down, and I know a lot of people read my site, so attack…. We shall pray that they are NEXXXXTTTTT.

On his radio show back in November, Glenn Beck correctly predicted that an NBC-Comcast Merger would mean no more Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. READ THESE STORIES BELOW:

Original articles:……

Above Scrutiny; Politicians & Rock Star Status

Go to fullsize imageIf you seem to be a conservative and perhaps you are a are not allowed to question the Republican Party of politicians… If you are a Democrat and center ‘liberal’, you are not allowed to question the DNC.. And that is politics in America now. 

  Take myself for ie…. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter.  Why? Because Palin quit her post in Alaska as governor. It is as simple as that.  The excuse?  That she wanted to go to the 48 states and build up the GOP.  She would have been better suited to remain on post and finish the job she started.  Thats MY opinion.. Why does all of this bother me? Because I know the Bolsheviks/Marxists, and am not in the dark how they attack:  ruthlessly, mercilessly, assault peoples characters and lives.  Do I believe that Sarah Palin can handle the attacks? Yes, I do believe that she can. Does this mean I would want her to be the next president? NO. 

  Now, why am I against Sarah Palin as a president? Because I am old-fashioned. I believe that America was great because we had ‘evil’ whitey male in charge, that’s why. When I look at the pictures of past presidents, I see no women, and I see no Muslim men, like who we have now, (Obama). I am not going to change my position, and you will not see The Mad Jewess EVER endorsing a woman for a president, or a minority.  Both have agendas.  I have not EVER voted a Jewish person into office either. Is it because I am an “Israel-hater?” Or a self-hating Jew-hater as Soros is?  No.  It is because Jewish people are predominantly leftists and I cannot ever vote for a leftist.  It is against America.

   Now, let’s take the center of the road liberal/Democrat.  They are seen as an enemy, because they do not like democrats that are in charge. I don’t like all of this ‘labeling’, just trying to get a point across. 

   The people that voted in Hillary Clinton were shoved to the back burner as Obama stole the election from Hillary, who was actually the rightful winner of the DEM. Not that I like Hillary, I hate her.  However, look at the DEMS that are not even allowed to question their own party now, because that is seen as ‘treasonous’ by the leftist machine.  So, often times, debating with these people, I have more in common, because they feel the ‘fascism’ as I do.

  Recently, an article was put out by Salon, a liberal rag, that had a truth about Sarah Palins constituent (A Soros paid ‘neo-con’, as they phrased it)  in a lobbying report that Becks people are calling ‘spin.’  It is not ‘spin’, it is a lobbying report.  It is one thing to call spin, spin, when it is spin, but another to hit back when the facts cannot be refuted.   Since I put this lobbying report up, I have had an array of emails from people that are angry. They are thinking I am ‘attacking’ Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is a politician who gets paid a couple million a year, plus she has a reality TV show. The Mad Jewess is an unpaid blogger with hard right wing values.  Sarah Palin may want to think of firing a person that works for Soros instead of justifying the phoney, pseudo-con Sheunemann.

  Either way, I am sick and tired of the fascism. And it IS on both sides of the spectrum, because the Bolsheviks have infiltrated into the once Grand Old Party.  This is why people call them ‘RINOS’.   I don’t like the rock-star status of politicians now. I don’t like how pseudo-conservatives are angry because I am questioning one of their people.  I don’t like how I was rejected at the T-party for being ‘too right wing’.  In my opinion, America should go back to being America, without the labels, without the attacks of people demanding loyalty that is a false loyalty to parties that have screwed up America to the max.

This is a Savage video, who I also don’t agree with 100%, but I agree with this:


Kim On Breitbart, a little blogger:

Kim · 38 weeks ago  

This is why I don’t let anyone tell me who to vote for.

I don’t think anyone should vote for a candidate just because they’re “electable” how about someone who represents you and your values.

That’s part of the reason we ended up with Bush ’41 and John McCain, no freakin’ thanks.


Media Matters FALSELY Claims Beck “Attacked” Hussein O’s Family..

Glenn Beck Attacks Obama’s Family. Again.  Gee, is that because he is the current JACKASS in chief and is NOT above SCRUTINY- and contrary to YOUR beliefs, he is NOT the Jewish Messiah.

  First of all, jackasses at Kommie HQ USA. Lets look at the facts, shall we? Your beef with Beck & Fox is that they ‘falsely’ claim this, they falsely claim that, everything Fox News says is “FALSE” OR “Falsifying”.   It is dangerous what you do at your Bolshevik Website against America.  Many stupid ass sheep take you at your every word.   Baahh Baaahhhh Baaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..

  I have run into many people that refuse to watch Fox news, based on the idiocies that your website runs.  They take MMFA at their every word, without watching the moderate Fox news for themselves. I am happy to say that I have gotten MANY people to start looking at both sides of the coin so that they can see what is happening and discern for THEMSELVES.   Who the hell died and made you enemies the Grand Poobah? WHO?

  Now, lets look at the FACTS of Hussein O’s background with his family, which is his foundation. Take a look at the truth of Obamas family’s church, AND if you cannot refute this, then just what the hell is your problem?  Obama’s Mother and Grandparents Church – – Redefining … Lets take a look at the leading researcher on Hussein O as well: Barack Obama — The Dunhams  Shall we just ‘forget’ what Hussein O said about white people as well, MMFA? 

   “… .. The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person who, uh, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know there’s a reaction that’s been been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way and that’s just the nature of race in our society. We have to break through it…” – Senator Barack Obama

  Now…in case you are wondering why the hell people that are WHITE concentrated on this statement so much, is the reality that white people in America, now, don’t amount to a hill of beans because of LEFT WING affirmative action that has shoved the daughters and sons of America to a g’d back burner, and the racism is now directed AT THEM.  If anything, Obama has made race tensions worse with his ‘stupidly’ little innuendos that he has made.

OH….Shall you at MMFA look at the damned truth for a change we can believe in and look at the SWEET Miss Dunham/Soetoro, Obama (whatever the hell the sluts name was)  at about age 18 or so?

And NO, Snopes OR Fact check (your buddies) have not refuted these pictures;

If you cannot face the damned truth over at your website, then just shut the fuck up, AMERICA is TIRED of you left wing fucking Kommunists. GET OUT OF THE 1960’s AND WAKE THE HELL UP.

Yes, We Obamas LIKE the white folks…..

Damned OPPRESSORS you are over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiberalsAgainstAmerica.jpg image by amoose14


Hey! Leftists! Leave our kids ALONE!

 When I was young, this song (below) pissed me off, it truly made me angry. I thought that kids would hear this, and hate authority, teachers, parents, etc.. but since then, it has taken on a new meaning listening to Becks show, where he exposes what these EVIL commies are doing to our kids, using their own words, which has the left wing going insane. 

I was 14 years old when I heard this song, I can tell you one thing about this song, in its time, it was used for evil, kids indeed become what is aforementioned. But, now I see this song in a totally different way. I want those damned commies to leave our kids the hell alone.


We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room
Teachers leave those kids alone
(yells) Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!

All in all, it’s just a
Nother brick in the wall

All in all, you’re just a
Nother brick in the wall

MARXISM-"Dark Sarcasm"

Leave our kids the hell alone so they can be CHILDREN!

My god, do you people never STOP with this EVIL!?