EPIDEMIC ALERT: CNN Admits~We Can’t Kill The Bed Bugs

 Roach Gee, I wonder why the hell we can’t kill the bed bugs, EPA you assholes.  Everyone in America should pray that the head of the EPA will get the worst case of bed-bugs, and die a death of a thousand itches.  Meanwhile, in my own home-town, they are sending kids home with info on how to keep the kids free of bed bugs, while we go to 3rd world shit hole status…. News On the bed bugs: Why we can’t kill bedbugs

Good Morning America! Now We Have Bed-Bugs In A Medical Unit In Maine!

  Go to fullsize imageAnother week of the cowardly, stupid, traitorous, MSM’s non-covering of the epidemic: Bed-bugs. As if it does not exist. As if America is not being eaten alive by these evil, little critters that have turned peoples lives upside down. 

  I am serious….Before the snivveling schmucks at FAUX news covers this… It will only be because Beck had a bed bug crawling up his ass.

I am the only one besides Steve Cooper at CNIN that cares about America here on the blogosphere. The rest only care about getting some non-story to you about how to vote in the Republicans.

SEE: Maine hospital surgical unit found with bed bugs 


 Bed-Bug Info: How To Avoid The Bed-Bug Plague, U MUST READ

Get a Canopy Netting like I did as well, for the summer months, especially, or make one with bridal fabric.

Bed Bug Epidemic: Day-Traders: Be Smart, Buy Stock In PEST CONTROL

Worst Bed Bug InfestationI am dead serious about this. Buy stock in bed bug fumigation.  The bed bug situation is OUT OF CONTROL and will get worse as more and more illegals from South of the border come in, as well as illegals from other nations that are 3rd world.  The rest of you, buy ‘OFF’ and put it on if you go to motels/hotels, etc.  These bugs do massive damage.

See:  Reagan Building bedbugs: Pest control team dispatched to USAID offices

See also my posts that nobody else cares to give a damn to cover: 

UPDATE! Last Night, FOX News FINALLY Covered The SNAFU BedBug

UPDATE! Last Night, FOX News FINALLY Covered The SNAFU Bed-Bug Situation

Go to fullsize imageRATED R Post.

I have been talking about these friggin bed-bugs for months.  This is a SNAFU, and FINALLY Fox news covers it….Now?? Is this nation f*cking insane?  What the hell is up with FOX News?? UPDATE: Yahoo is covering this right now:

Bedbugs shut down NYC’s Niketown

 Bee 2 Companies have closed down, and where is our precious MSM? No-place.  What the hell are they hoping for? That we all keel over and die from illegals?? You think these damned bed-bugs came from INSIDE America? It didn’t.  It is coming in from 3rd world scum/ILLEGALS. See this, I have already written about it:

Bedbugs In NYC, & Salmonella Eggs? ILLEGALS~Bill Clinton INFECTED! HA HA HA! & Bed Bugs Now In Colorado College-SNAFU, Epidemic~FROM ILLEGALS

   Fly When is FOX News going to just say: “FUCK IT, FUCK THE LEFT, we have to report the truth, even if we lose our jobs”  It is not like they are poor.  Honor and nobility, more important than all the money in this world.

This is what bed bugs do to people: