Bedbug Epidemic hits Rodeo Drive

 FOUND BY DONNA  Mouse On Wheel Bedbugs Infestation Strikes Rodeo Drive Stores Beverly Hills CA …

Now the menace is on Rodeo Drive.  When will these elite snotty bastards in Hollywood speak up and demand that someone reports on this epidemic?  I know when.. When O’Really’s ballz get bitten hard.  Thats when.  When all of the FNC anchors are scratching in their private areas, THAT is when we will hear about this epidemic.

Bed Bugs! Juicy Couture No More? Bed Bugs Scare The Famous Ol Bag…

Go to fullsize imageTHE BED BUGS STRIKE AGAIN!!

Oy yoy… Bed bugs scare the gigantic hand bag, perfumer retailer (They ended up opening after the scare).. I keep telling people that this is HUGE, but it gets ignored.. So, what will it take?  A huge, red, ugly, bed bug to take a little chunk off Gisele’s Ass??  Come on…Who is going to at least give this 15 minutes of airtime with some experts to show us how to deal with this epidemic?


They opened up after looking for the critters…

EPIDEMIC! Bed Bugs Swarm Into Beverly Hills.. WHERE IS THE MSM?

Go to fullsize imageCome on.. When are people going to face the truth about these damned bed bugs? There are a few reasons why we have them.  When is FOX or CNN going to cover this?  When Megyn Kelly has one of these crawling up her puss, thats when.

Why we have bed bugs:


#2. Goods coming in from the 3rd world.

#3. We do not allow any more poison that we used to use to kill these critters, because the f/n EPA feels sowwy for the g’d bed bugs.


Read this… I am sick of this, now they are in Beverly Hills.







PANDEMIC: Bed-Bugs “Travel” To Milwaukee To Close Down Their Hospital

Go to fullsize imageBed bugs are only a symptom of ‘uncleanliness’…Sure, sure.. Bed bugs only come because of travel… OK, whatever.  Bed bugs are here because of #1. China has no quality control. #2. ILLEGALS. #3. The EPA, who refuses to harm the poor bed bugs, and will not let fumigators use the poison toxins we used to use getting rid of them.

  Imagine… You go TO the hospital to get treated for serious bed bug bits and come out with bed bugs 10x worse.. What a country that cannot even take care of a bed bug situation because they want to PROTECT the fukking bugs over people….  

Links by DONNA:

This too:  Bed bugs found in five residence halls: 

Bed-bugs in Stamford, CT~The PANDEMIC That NOBODY Takes Serious

Go to fullsize imageWe keep saying that nobody will take this issue serious, and it appears we are 100% right.  We get emails telling us that bed-bugs are a ‘common thing’…Really? Since when? Are they that common in Canada where the pandemic is spread out all over Ottowa? Our guess on this website is that they will report it when Murdoch is scratching his ass. Its all about “PC”… Just what the hell does “PC” have to do with a friggin bug problem?! It’s goods coming in from China-no quality control, its illegals. IT IS THE G’DAMNED EPA THAT WILL NOT LET AMERICA BOMB THE DAMNED BUD BUGS INTO OBLIVION!

Bedbugs Throw Wrench in Stamford Education Event

Links Found By DONNA:


Other links of other places infested:

PANDEMIC: Bed Bugs Hit Long Island (Huntington) At The Library

 Roach Keep sleeping America, keep listening to Obama, & Napalmitano. Pretend this is not existing, and maybe it will just disappear.  When will the MSM cover this story?  My guess is that they will cover it when Beck gets jock itch.

SEE: Bedbugs Become Bookworms at Long Island Library‎ & Bedbugs Close Huntington Library‎  &  Exterminators battle bedbugs in Huntington library

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Cont’ Bed Bug SNAFU: NY Waldorf Astoria Leaves Michigan Family Infested

Go to fullsize imageNobody brings the bed bugs up, and for WEEKS it has been my top post.  The bed bugs are an epidemic that is all over the planet, not just America, but will FAUX news say anything?

NO, not until O’Reilly gets his little peter bitten off.

SEE:  Waldorf-Astoria visit left Michigan family infested by bed bugs

San Fran Bed Bug Situation-SNAFU! 44% & Hundreds of Calls

Go to fullsize imageIs anyone going to bring this up? Hopefully, you animals that refuse to talk about this get bitten til you bleed.

It is an EPIDEMIC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Twitter is buzzing with this bed-bug situation.

(See the link below)

SF’s Bed Bug Infestation Getting Worse-44% And “hundreds of calls …