Unconfirmed: There Is News That Hillary Clinton Might Be Under House Arrest?

Ding down, the witch is dead?? Don’t get your hopes up, but this is on the net right now:

Hillary Clinton attempts 660 Trillion Dollar Robbery.

Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest – Unconfirmed Report 

Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest – Unconfirmed Report

Click: Hacker Begins Distributing Confidential Memos Sent To Hillary Clinton On Libya, Benghazi Attack...


So does the whole world!!

Benghazi-Gate! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Attack. STOP THE COVER UP

CLICK: Here.  The Mad Jewess 8:13 PM PST Oct. 23, 2012

Do you think that we will hear about this on the 6:00 evening news?  NOPE.  Romney probably knew this was about to happen.  That’s what I think at this point.  Which may be why he didn’t attack Hussein Obama last night.  This is very serious.   This is much more serious than Watergate.  NOBODY DIED IN WATERGATE!!!    Anyway: Of course, these radical-Jihadists in Libya are the ones that were set free from the prisons and you can thank the Obama administration of dumbass for that.  Also, Chris Stevens was aiding this enemy as Israel reported, he was also gay. And we all know what happens to gays in the Muslim lands..

But, lets understand one thing…it is not serious enough that the GOP OR the DNC will do a damn thing to their head Negro in charge. THAT is the facts.  Love me or hate me, I dont give a shit.  Obama only gets away with this crap because its ‘RACIST’ (bullshit) to report it.  Un-be-friggin-lievable…

You should watch this:

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping to Trade Blind Sheik

  1. GOOGLE SEARCH News for Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group …

    1. White House knew al Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for deadly Libya attack just TWO HOURS later, emails 

      Daily Mail‎ – 23 minutes ago
      The brief missives also show how U.S. diplomats described the attackBy the morning of September 12, the day after the Benghazi attack, Reuters  links to groups such as (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar …. Michelle Obama comes out on top as style set deal their verdicts Take a look at their 
  2. BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for 


    56 minutes ago – BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Slaughter 2 HOURS AFTER ATTACK – Before Ambassador’s Body 

  3. BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for 


    53 minutes ago – BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Slaughter 2 HOURS AFTER ATTACK http://t.co/ynTqxZ01 #tcot #p2 

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Get Ready For Obama’s Wag The Dog, & A Fake Victory In Benghazi

 If this is right, Obama will claim that the ‘perps have been brought to justice.’ Obama IS the perpetrator of the Benghazi massacre. 

*You all better read this and pass this around.  Stop worrying about ‘if it is a conspiracy.’  White House Insider has predicted everything with great accuracy…

Dont believe it?  See:  Strike forces and drones are readied, but in need of a target  &  The Drones Are Coming to Libya

My question is…Did the Communists, Hitlery and Obama kill Stevens to get re-elected?  You know…For the “Greater Good” n all…


EXCERPT: Military intelligence may have tracked location of a guy called “Khattalah” who apparently organized the Benghazi attack.  Check media reports for name.  Obama to order drone strikes or possible all out bombing operation.   Says it appears imminent.  Obama will then make claim “perpetrators brought to justice” to squash Benghazi questions and play part of hero.  “Bin Laden Version 2 “  If accurate, this scenario would fit with the earlier rescue operation scenario you had sent me earlier.  That went to sh-t so now they are recalibrating the same general idea with an updated version of it.

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