#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

I certainly would not vote for this witch had this happened to me when I called for help from my ‘friend’, Hillary Clinton.  But, I dont like to be screwed over..

HOWEVER: It’s something to pause and think about.  Most of the Communist “Liberal” pundits are saying that it’s all Steven’s fault he got himself murdered.   While all of this is possible, (because we were in a place we should not have been in because of Obama/Hillary & the left would never bring THAT issue up)   Why did he call for help if he was responsible for his own murder? C.S. pleaded for help .

Hillary is said to have been chummy with Stevens. 

A home decor collage from November 2013

Anyway: This is what I believe-Stevens was a Communist.  So, it was for the cause. He would have voted for her even on pain of death.. What do you think? 

If he had made out out alive, would he have had a change in heart??

Bottom line:  Had we stayed out of the middle east, we would not have the Benghazi issue.  But, American Communists are fascists and cannot leave well enough alone.   Much like their GOP counterparts.

#BLACKPRIVILEGE Nixon Resigned For His Cover-Up. Obama Won’t. He Uses His SKIN COLOR To Assume Position

Nixon Resigned For Cover Up. Obama won’t, he uses his skin color to assume position…  Hillary Clinton will do the same with gender.

Most/many patriots I know do not despise Obama because of his skin color.  But, if Obama was patriotic, even many white racists may not like his skin color but they would give him the respect he deserved for being a patriotic American.

However, Obama is a bad President.  Not just this Benghazi cover up, but he uses IRS against political enemies, he has expanded and extended the patriot act, he enables enemies of humanity in Syria.  He aided in executing the leader of another nation, (Gaddafi) he has been charged with war crimes in the Egyptian courts, he has the scandal of Fast and furious…the list goes on and on.

Obama will not resign, though.  He does not have to.  All he has to do is advise his Komrades at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS et al to just call patriots ‘racists’, all while he uses his skin color to assume the position as President to push through his Communist politics. 

An art collage from November 2013

Think about this the next time they scream “RACIST!”

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s Don’t Count

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s don’t count:


What REALLY happened in Benghazi? I know what happened and so should any person who is a news junkie.  Obama/Hillary’s Arab spring brought on Benghazi.  Killary Klinton helped assassinate Gadaffi.    Gadaffi loyalists w/ Al Qaeda  had our people murdered for interfering in their country, we aided in assassinating their leader:  Click (in this link is the story).     That’s the bottom line whether you like it or not.   It’s called natures law of cause and effect.   Add the fact that the Al Qaeda flag was flown above the Libyan flag during the revolution:   See it here 

Mr. Hoft also has some pictures, of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi:  HERE

At any rate-You can read through the NY Times post (below), but I stop where the BS begins.  I received this news as I was watching Fox… Bottom line: According to the NYTimes, it was the ‘Youtube Video.’   Witness’s don’t count.  Only NYTimes LIES count in our screwed up America.

SEE:  Dec 28th Report: A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

I guess this means nothing:

CIA personnel who testified Tuesday on the Benghazi attack provided new evidence that it was premeditated, telling lawmakers that the deadly mortar strike on the CIA annex began within minutes of a rescue team’s arrival, Fox News has learned.

 More: CIA witnesses offer more evidence Benghazi attack planned.

Nobody can even talk to the witness’s because Obama the pathetic a$$hole fears impeachment… Dec 28th, The DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility-  DEMS runnin scared…

  This Benghazi mess is just a damned cover-up & they know WE know.    Mediate reported this bs story as well:  Here (Al Qaeda not involved, bs..) 

Why was the Al Qaeda flag hanging in Libya above the Libyan flag, then???

Blood all over Obama’s hands.  I can see lying Obama on the phone to NYT telling them to make up anything to cover up his bloody hands…


By the way, Stevens was gay.  They sent GAY Stevens to a place where they massacre gays.

If Obama’s SCANDALS Are Phoney, WHY Is He Hiding #Benghazi Survivors AND Changing Their Names?

If Obama’s SCANDALS Are Phoney, WHY Is He Hiding #Benghazi Survivors AND Changing Their Names?

benghazi obama

The only phoney in this mess is the Obama from Kenya.  He is the phoney.  Illegal. Imposter. Liar. Thief. Fraud. Madman. Dictator. Foreigner and epic piece of SHIT. 

The lying creep is hiding people & changing witness’s names to cover his sorry ass.


Even your bed-buddies at “The Atlantic” are uncovering your mess here

Benghazigate: CIA Whistleblowers Warned, “You Don’t Jeopardize Yourself, You Jeopardize Your Family as Well” »

Jake Tapper from CNN broke the story that there were dozens of CIA operatives that are in hiding: here


#IRS-Trey Gowdy Is A Friggin STUD! Conservative Hulk!

I love the way Trey Gowdy bitch slaps the Commies…now, if we can just get him to call LOUDLY for OBAMA & Holders impeachment and imprisonment…It will be just perfect.

See Rats post: Trey Gowdy Is A Fricking Stud!

I have been waiting Gowdy for awhile.. Message To The GOP: FIRE John Boehner, Draft Trey Gowdy 


More Cover-Up: Jewish Woman, Anne Smedinghoff, American Diplomat Was ‘KIA’ In Afghanistan In April

More Cover-Up: Jewish Woman, Anne Smedinghoff, American Diplomat Was KIA In Afghanistan In April

I don’t even see this on hardly any Jewish forums.  What? Are these Bolshevik/Commie Jews covering up Anne Smedinghoff to protect the asshole, Obama?  

This is what “Lame Cherry” has to say (And he/she is probably right)

There is a cover up involved in this, and that is the entire story in this.
There is not any way that a military officer would have allowed this, no more than a combat crew would have condoned this as one gets a court martial over this stuff. Any commander is going to raise holy hell on an Soldier exposing themselves to danger, and yet I will repeat the Germanic hottie part in this……….as she has a German name, but this woman was JEWISH.

See: Lame Cherry: Anne SmedinghoffGATE

Another quote:

Barack Hussein Obama stationed a homosexual in Chris Stevens into Muslim Brotherhood territory and he was brutally raped and murdered, costing others lives.

Barack Hussein Obama stationed a Jewish woman in Anne Smedinghoff in into al Qaeda and Taliban country, and it caused her murder and the lives of others.

She was a target in being Jewish and now the question is was she an Obama Muslim prize to his al Qaeda operatives to murder a Jew?

#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

This is an older video, about 2 wks ago or so.  Because West, TX shook me up so bad, I had decided to leave the Boston bombing alone..

The radical leftists have taken over the country-he says 3/4 of the way in to the video.  We all know this.  How to stop it is the question.  He says the left wing does not want to ‘know’ what they’ve done to the country because it’s so bad.  He says that the ‘right wing dictatorship’ that the Commies always feared is here in the Communist/left-wing/Democrat party.  I agree. 100%.  The ‘right wing’ in America has not ever been fascistic or dictatorial because that is anti-American to the max.  We only want our basics back; secure borders, traditional marriage, NO more baby murder. Constitution.

The fascism is the Communist/Marxist/Radical left.

The reason, Michael Savage.. that Boston incident was ‘covered up’, (or whatever happened) was to HIDE the Texas terrorist massacre.  IF there is a ‘false flag’, ‘cover-up’, there MUST be a reason.  West, TX was the reason.  We still don’t hear a thing about West, TX to this day. How the plant had a lawsuit against Monsanto. How Monsanto hires Blackwater.  How Obama signed the “Monsanto protection act”.  Then “POOF”, a whole plant AND town is gone with the win.   I disagree that they are not “Nazis”, Mr. Savage.  They are a combination of both Communism AND Nazi-ism.


…And people wonder why I have the moniker “The Mad Jewess”

#ResignObama – #Communist Left/MSM Has Nation Believing Obama Sent “Special Ops” To #Benghazi: LIARS

#Communist Left & MSM Has Nation Believing Obama Sent “Special Ops” To #Benghazi: LIARS

Remember how BHO said; “Thats just how white folks’ll do ya?”  Well, he is right because most of his staff have thrown their Komrades under the bus instead of just resigning.   They didn’t order anyone to Benghazi.  Which is why they are all dead.  

The truth about Benghazi in a nutshell:  Obama and his Komrades helped murder Gaddafi & turn Libya upside down, put boots on the ground WITHOUT congressional approval.  Gaddafi loyalists killed 4 Americans.  And, that is what REAL blowback is for our interference in other peoples nation for NO reason.  


This is what we need to see from Obama and ALL of his Komrades:

It’s time for the Demo-COMMUNISTS to get the hell out of office and do what is ‘best for the whole nation.’ They’re DRUNK with power.