Looks Like USA Just Doesn’t Want To Stay Out Of War. Even Though We’re 17 Tril In Debt

Looks Like USA Just Doesn’t Want To Stay Out Of War. Even Though We’re 17 Tril In Debt

First of all.. I take note that so many things are happening at a breathtaking speed.  It’s never been like this before.  Much of the news is hyped to give us a feeling of helplessness.  The news that we should be paying attention do, we don’t.  A lot of the propaganda put out by the White House is engineered to divert attention off of Obama’s many scandals.  I believe the news in Iraq is also part of this nefarious scheme to avoid Benghazi, Bergdahl, IRS scandals, etc.

But, I digress… American people are itching to get us involved in Iraq.  If Iraqis want their own freedom from these terrorists, they are going to have to fight for it the same way we will have to fight for our rights here.  If we go and help them, we will only be aiding them again, again and again.   Even a mother knows that she must let her baby walk on it’s own.  

But, here we have Feinstein and Insane McCain, the war mongering lunatic demanding our involvement in Iraq…there is money to be made for these greedy bastards….obviously… OR, they are losing money.

California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for the U.S. military to attack ISIS in Iraq. She has also said the besieged country’s current leader, Nouri al-Maliki, needs to step down.

(Needs to step down) the ONLY ‘leader’ that needs to step down is OBAMA.

Arizona Senator John McCain also demanded on Tuesday al-Maliki step down. McCain said Obama needs to send emissaries to Baghdad to “work with Maliki and tell him he’s got to step down and have a coalition government.”

McCain says that the Iraqi leader: “Needs to step down”  McCain needs to go to Pilgrim state hospital and stuffed with 300 mg Thorazine, 3x a day.

These freaks are always demanding that leaders step down.  Don’t you all ever wonder just WTF that is all about??  At any rate:  America:


Barack Obama: RESIGN. Just Resign. Enough Already.

Barack Obama: RESIGN. Just Resign. Enough Already.

How many more scandals must we suffer because the insane man in the White house refuses to just resign.  He is a DISASTER.  A scandal-plagued bastard.  The VA Scandal, Bergdahl, Benghazi, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Obama-care roll out, school shootings that are created to cause fear in the American public, 1000’s of illegal alien brats on the border, IRS, Fast n furious..My GOD! Stop already. Enough.

How much pain does this piece of garbage want to cause?  Many that know about Marxist revolutionaries say: Much pain.  Senators are blasting him, congressmen calling for impeachment.  How can this FOOL not take a damned hint?  I believe that the madman will just face more scandals and humiliation.. I predicted he would face more…Did his little black racists working for him not inform him of this?  Because they sure monitor my telephone and emails:  Just advise your king to RESIGN

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!