HuffPost Commenters: “Fox News Using Benghazi Massacre For Political Gain” & “Woods Father Seeking 15 Mins Of Fame”


Look at these comments. Just disgusting. Not a thought for these dead people or their familes, just poor, saintly Obama…. Cover everything up..!!!  Don’t hurt their poor Komrade Obama…  Never mind the dead men.  Never mind that Obama is a FAIL and probably murdered these men, himself..Never mind that the sweet ‘liberals’ threw their friend, Chris Stevens, a ‘gay’ man under the bus protecting Obama and covering this up FOR him.  They do not want Obama shown in a bad light because he is the Messiah, dont’cha know….


Fox News is trying to make this a political stunt. This man lost his son and they are trying to make political gains. You people are so hateful of the president and ignorant at the same time. Why would a president single out any person working in another country and purposely deny them proper security. If you paid attention you would know that security had been cut because the budget was cut by the REPUBLICANS. Ryan acknowledged that dems voted against the cut but got some money. Did you listen during the debates?



It is painfully clear by the abscence of any rational thoughts on this thread that this story and line or forced narrative only hits the audience that already sips the Faux Kool Aid. What a waste of memory onb your server Huffpo. 

Fox News…big surprise. I do not believe the President is personally responsible for this young man’s tragic death. Yet, the conservative media wants to pin it on him for political gain. Never mind all of the other situations in which the President has been stellar on national defense. How quickly the voters in this country forget the whole picture for the latest Fox News conspiracy. 

Look at this idiot:



I am sorry about the death of Mr. Woods’ Navy Seal son in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Bengahzi. This father is seeking his 15 minutes of fame while the loved ones of the other 3 who were killed are treating the memories of their loved ones with greater respect, both for the victims as well as for the country. The Woods incident is degraded by politics
woods is just a political tool for you haters, shame on you.Why do you hate America ?`

Total morons….

Look at the latest from political commentator:

Beyond impeachment: Obama treasonous over Benghazi

About these idiots saying this:


Filled with Dumbass.