My friend George Who Refused To Wear A Motor-cycle Helmet

Back in the mid 1980’s, California (fascist, liberal, left-wing state) passed a law.  People who chose to ride a motor-cycle had to wear a helmet or face tickets, fines, etc.  It had just become ‘unlawful.’   This did not sit well with a college class-mate named George;   He was very upset over this law and decided that he would ‘buck the system’.  George was in my Drama class, so, I thought perhaps he might be doing this just to get attention.  This was not the case, and how wrong I was about George, laws, etc.   Many people made fun of him, I did not.  I would sit and listen to him and how mad he was, day after day.  I told him one day “George, why don’t you just ‘let this go?’”  (George had been receiving many tickets, fines, etc AND paid them all.) “Let this go? Have you gone crazy, Pauli!!??””  “Don’t you understand that if they take away my right to not wear a helmet, they will come after another freedom and another, until we don’t have freedom, anymore, Pauli.”


George had so many tickets, fines and it just added up, everyday, more and more.  Finally the news-papers took notice and George was pictured in the news-paper without his helmet, standing next to his motor-cycle.   I was  happy that he was fighting so passionately for this.  I realized early on, after I unrighteously confronted him, that he was not just fighting to ‘look cool.’

He was fighting for FREEDOM.


George was also married and had a few children; I believe 3.  His wife was a wonderful lady, she worked as a waitress.  She stood by him, 100%- for many years to come.  They did get divorced and I believe the fines caused much economic strain.  Every so often, I would see George, without a helmet and I would smile.  It was him that helped begin my own anger at fascist governing and gave me the strength to stand up to them in my town.   (In 1989 & on to this very day, I have been involved in my own town, city, country for our freedoms in our streets, govt and nation.)


Many years later, I saw George’s wife.  She was working in a different restaurant and I asked her “How is George?”  She said; “We are friends now, but we have gotten divorced.”  I told her: ‘Sweetie, George was right’.    I began to explain to her the many things that the dictatorship of Calif had passed since George’s stand.   She just looked at me slack-jawed.  I said: “He was right.  To him, I owe much.”   She smiled and said:  “I will tell him this, Pauli, he is still fighting the governing powers of California”


I dedicate this song to a brave soul and patriot, George:

It does not matter if it is dangerous to ride without a helmet.  It should be left to the person that chooses to ride the way he/she wants to ride.


Author, Writer-Dave Baker; RET USAF NY ©2009
 .Despite the furor among some Republicans, party leaders did not bring up the topic of Chairman Obomo’s Kommisar of Homeland Security, Napolitano when she targeted as vets as potential terrorists, in a meeting with President Barack Obama and on Thursday.
  House Republican leader John Boehner < leader??? [ I say impeach the son of a bitch!] had indicated that the topic would likely would be discussed Thursday. But his spokesman, Kevin Smith, said the topic was not broached. Why you ask was the topic not broached? I’ll tell you why, because our leader Boehner is a traitor….he and our so-called conservative opposition haven’t laid a glove with Chairman Obama!



Reminds me of a few weeks ago when Chairman Obama’s economic advisor, that despicable little cesspool dwelling rat bastard Komrade Robert Reich announced on a nationwide CSPAN feed of a policy meeting, that no white contractors need apply to bid or work on Stimulus Funded projects.
A day or two of whimpering and the smell blew over and it ws back to business as usual – the litle rat bastard Bolshevik creep got away clean.
More bad news, Napolitano apologized to the Vets and everybody is kissy face and happy…So if, or when he [Boehner] brings it up next week Thursday, the stink will be all oaver, because it already is……The vets bought the apology game, hook line and sinker… Same old story, kick them in the groin and then apologize and they go away, fat dumb and happy.
So, what about the  “MY REPUBLICAN RIGHT OR WRONG STOOGES?” They didn’t even pick up on it when Old Man Bush traveled the world with his lips plastered to Bill Clinton’s ass, or when his GOOF BALL SON, sold every manufacturing industry on the open market, thumbed his nose at us and left the borders open for 8 years, and as I said, never laid a mitt on the Democrat Communists and as recently as a few weeks ago, said he will not criticize Obama..  
 So Much for the Rant, Now About A Solution
There were and are several real Republicans in Congress who stepped up in Congress and raised holy hell re: Chairman Obama’s Homeland Security Kommisar’s attack on us …
Those brave souls should be congratulated and encouraged in mega mailings.  They have to know the magnitude of our appreciation and know that there is a huge contingent of real conservatives  who will stand by them and support them….that is one way to get it done…mailing, faxing and calling the traitors on both sides of the aisle is a waste of time… Concentrate and focus on what will work, and that is, focusing on those willing to try to establish an opposition and go against that black racist Muslim Dictator… 
Also, there is a not so secret weapon….All the rabid patriots in biker clubs should be encouraged to cease hostilities with rivals and unite. All the various gun organizations unite and join with the motorcycle clubs…. Then the tens of millions of good Christian Budweiser drinking, NASCAR folk who bow their heads during the pre-race Christian invocation and National Anthem…the tens of millions of car hobbyists and manufacturers of the billion dollar after market performance parts industry. Get the military vets involved….all tend to be American patriots – they must all unite.  That’s how 7% of the population took our country…they organized, they got control of the media…they focused. They are not like our idiots, that’s why the Republicans kiss liberal ass, they believe we have no clout. Our idiots take a pot shot here, and a pot shot there, while the Kommie Bolshevik |Jews concentrated their focus on a few areas and dug in, and attacked, for a hundred years with unending and grim and relentless determination….
We are NOT 7% – we are 53% If we can organize and unite these entities, in less than a year, they would march, drive and ride into DC and drag that Muslim Frankenstein, his Muslims and Bolshevik punk jerk offs, kicking and screaming out of our White House and Congress and throw their dumb asses in a ditch….time to organize and unite these entities….Praise the Lord on this Sunday…   Fight let’s fight…concentrate your focus on organizing, combining…communicating the message of uniting in a common cause…get these people together!