I Dont Like Paul Supporters, But Bill Kristol Should STFUP About Ron Paul Leaving The GOP

This is the trouble this idiot, Kristol causes for himself, (below) on Youtube and in politics in general.  This jerk should shut up. He is hardly EVER right-EVER!!!!!! It is not for him to decide who ‘leaves the GOP.’   And let me set this record, below, straight.  “Zionists” bla bla bla are not the problem.    I am 100% FOR Zion. It is Gods favorite place on earth.  BOLSHEVIKS are the problem. PERIOD!  There is enough Jew hate out there. People like Kristol should stop this insanity.  Yes, people are Jew haters, regardless…but come on. Kristol…STFUP.  Let people who have been conservative more than 20 years do the talking.  Kristol comes from a socialist background, he should be advising us of what the Marxist/socialist/progressives are up to.

@mwktz2 I am more then sure that cock sucker has his Dual Citizenship to do so. I think All these MOUTH JEWS should have to drop their Zionist Ties to be in American Politics’.

  Kristol is Jewish and very Israel first minded, as most Neocons are. Therefore he is obviously going to hate Ron Paul, as Ron Paul would put America first. The thought of America not borrowing billions to give to Israel, not fighting wars for them scares the shit out of him! BTW, Kristol considers any country that is friendly to Israel to be “decent”!


Hopefully more americans will come to realize that the neocons foreign policy doesn’t make our country safer. We need to realize that the zionists and the neocons are the same thing..


Kristol should “leave the United States” and go to Israel where his loyalty lies.


These commenters, also, should shut the hell up.  Who in the hell do they think they are, demanding people leave the country?  I don’t like Paul for ONE reason alone: He voted to repeal DADT.  Aside from that, I am against legalized prostitution, drugs and state sponsored aborted babies.  I agree with Paul on the fed and foreign aid. Thats all.