The Lampoonist: Uncle Billy O’Reilly’s Fox Factor Pushing The War Propaganda For Barry The Butcher

The Lampoonist: Uncle Billy O’Reilly’s Fox Factor Pushing The War Propaganda For Barry The Butcher

Sprinkled in the mix of the neo-Nazi cabal of international butchers and criminals who conducted the coup d’etat are, Chechens and al-Qaeda alter boys. That’s the Ukraine coup d’etat, the one that has Soros and EU Oligarch’s finger prints all over it. Now it gets real interesting for all those pummeling Putin in the American press and of course, The FOX Network! Now there’s a neutral source fer ya. Right Uncle Billy?

The rest:  Here. (Reality with a chuckle)



Is It Just Me, Or Would Bill O’Reilly Just Make A Better Female?

Is It Just Me, Or Would Bill O’Reilly Just Make A Better Female?

This pompous ass is really a wuss. He stands for virtually nothing. He is angry about  pot-smoking for medicinal purposes but FOR ‘gay’ marriage.  If there is one thing that makes me totally livid…is a male who is a wishy-washy sap.  I am not ‘for’ pot smoking, legal or illegal.  In my opinion, pot makes people stupid.  But, our country has an epidemic of dumb without the pot.  HOWEVER: “gay” marriage is fascist militancy in its highest form. Proof of this is in Utah, where the majority of the populace is conservative and the ‘gays’ pushed through their agenda and said ‘f you’ to the people.  That is sickening. It builds up the populace against the ‘gays.’  Who scream that you are ‘anti’ gay if you oppose their sick fascism.

Bill O’Reilly is a wuss and would make a better female than a male. ( Now, he looks natural: )

He acts like a little mary with women…

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

  Last week before the holidays, I was in Las Vegas for 5 days.  My husband was watching Bill O’Reilly (UGH!)   O’Reilly was calling Putin some stupid names (Much like Liberals name-call when they do not have facts)  He and his guest were saying that Russia is a ‘human rights violator’ because of gays… Putin knows that #26 in the Communist Manifesto: ‘Present homosexuality as normal.’  Vladimir Putin does not want Communist propaganda in Russia, they already went through 100 years of Communism.  They do not want to relive this, obviously.

But, do let’s stop being a hypocrite.  A true patriot will call out their own country when it is evil and wrong.

1.  America fires or suspends Christians who speak out on behalf of their faith.  Russia is trying to save Christians around the globe, namely in Syria & the middle east.

2.  America now bombs/drones countries at will.  Russia is trying to STOP this type of aggression, for eg: Syria.  America helped murder Gadaffi.  After the killing, Hillary Clinton was quoted “We came, we saw, he died.”   Russia asked what right we had to just kill a leader of a country. 

3. America is now immoral with filthy acts of depravity that pollute the land through through liberalism. Our country, which allows minorities to rule over the majority.  Russia reprimands their minorities who undermine their country, which is better for their ‘collective.’

4. America allows the voices of aggressive suggestions re. militant LGBT in schools, pushing propaganda of the worst sort in as low as 5th grade.  Which confuses our children and ultimately turns many of our young men and women to a life-style they would not normally have even paid attention to.  Russia ostracizes and bans un-natural sexual propaganda and those that enforce and endorse it:  This being better & more healthy for the majority collective.

5.  America has the most ridiculous, infantile leader in world history (B. Hussein Obama) who lies, uses false flag terror psy ops in an effort to confiscate our guns which would leave us defenseless against government tyranny.  Russia has a leader that is so well liked, they voted him in 3x over.  Putin also adopted America’s 2nd Amendment of the Constitution seeing economic times becoming worse & possible violence breaking out.

Who has the problems, again, O’Reilly?  America, not Russia.  Get your head out of your ass. This is not 1986.

It’s not that I ‘love’ Vladimir Putin:  Its the fact that I will call a spade…a spade.  It is not Putin that is to be feared.  It is the American govt with Obama in charge.

By the way… You may just want to take up and pay attention, American people:

Serious news that nobody paid attn to: US Dollar Being Swept Out Of Russia 

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why


First off: I am not a huge Bill O fan.  However.. He engaged on a topic that is near to my heart: RACISM against white people.

The Left wing cabal of insanity have ‘golden calves’.  The most revered golden calf to the Dem regime is the Liberal/Democrat black community.  To touch that ‘g’od is to approach their holy grail.  To approach the Liberal holy grail is to touch their cart–so to speak. SO-TOUCH IT, OFTEN!


How can Bill O keep the Liberal Dems on the defense?  Stay on the subject of black on black and black/white crime.  BUT, he needs to start covering what many black young men are doing to white people–if he is to have an HONEST discussion on this debate.  The fact is: White people ARE suffering from racism in America.  At the hands of blacks and also militant, Marxist Mexicans.  This needs to stop.  White people are sick and tired of being pushed around (Patriotic and Liberal people, btw) by Time mag, the likes of Dan Savage, Tim Wise and every other racist ‘anti-racist.’  They are not ‘anti racist’, they are PRO racism against white people.

Bill O’Reilly said last week that he has been covering the racial issue for 17 years.  Why he said this, I don’t know-that is not truth. IF it was truth, we would NOT have this racism even if Obama had gotten elected because it would not have been hidden from view as it is today (racism against whites). So, honesty is a necessity, BILLY.  And, Bills love for these illegals totally contradicts his interview with Jamiel Shaws mother: Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly (The reason Bill O interviewed Ms. Shaw is because The Mad Jewess reported on this subject, 3 or more yrs ago. His site was in our stats at the time)

Bill O’Reilly needs to have his researchers book mark sites like; Top Conservative News, Colin Flaherty,  & New Nation News.  He needs to report and talk about the crimes that we also post here at The Mad Jewess. He should make this his #1 talking points for the next 10 years until this racism STOPS.


How do we keep them on defense even more will be the next topic I will write about, soon…

Keep Communist Liberals on DEFENSE, O’Reilly and I will try to be nice...

Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

You all know that I get very angered by many of Bill’s liberal ways.  We can forgive him–a little ~ if he persists on addressing this issue regarding the black community (NO, not all, but many blacks.)  

Leftists need blacks to stay bad.

Why? Because it keeps social services in business.  It keeps prison guards employed.  Keeps the food stamp industry and all of their administrative assistants with jobs.  So, they would rather keep these said people (and more) working for big government instead of cleaning up the black community.  Black people need a Joe Clark, now. BADLY.

I want you to take a GOOD look at what the left has done to the black people in America.

This is black America in the 1950’s, up north, singing–wonderful songs of love.  They say ‘a people is known by the music they sing’:

1970’s.. Songs of Love:

Even the early 1980’s, their music was beautiful:

Modern day black leftist ‘singers’ culture of insanity, violence, murder and female degeneration: 

If this is the music that serves to identify, what does that tell you?


Chris Hayes wants blacks to stay bad.

BullShit O’Reilly Does Not Want Our Laws On The Books For Illegals Enforced

BullShit O’Reilly Does Not Want Our Laws On The Books For Illegals Enforced

He says ‘of course we don’t want these laws enforced. We would be deporting millions of ‘immigrants.”

So, he wants them here.  This is easy for this windbag to say; He lives in a super upscale neighborhood, travels in his limo and vacations in Ireland.  But, for the rest of us little peons, we have to put up with the murderous, MS13 illegals. Why doesn’t BULLSHIT O’REILLY shut the hell up.  Let US decide.  He has some damned nerve.  He is the one that got that Marine out of a ‘friendly’ Mexican prison in December. It’s OK for the Mexicans to treat our people crappy but not the vc versa.  This is so enraging.

This is not a few illegals.  This is an invasion.  There are close to 25 million illegal occupiers in America. NO other nation puts up with this blatant racism against these poor Hispanics.  Boo friggin hoo.


Another In The Obama Dead Pool: Michael Hastings Who FBI Was “Investigating” Is Dead

Another In The Obama Dead Pool: Michael Hastings Who FBI Was “Investigating” Is Dead

This is why I back Snowden: Obama has many in his dead pool.  O kills or has many people killed all the time.  Anyone that knows what goes on INSIDE will just ‘die.’  Many conservative people think that these type whistle-blowers are traitors.  To them I would say; Have you put YOUR life in such danger that YOU are hurt or family dead?  In Communist or Totalitarian regimes, they OFTEN murder dissenters or truth-tellers no matter what country they are from.   You should be standing by these people not bitchin about HOW they reveal what is happening.  That means you, CHUMP, Bill O’Reilly. 



Besides Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, most Democrats abandoned their civil liberty positions during the age of Obama. With a new leak investigation looming, the Democrat leadership are now being forced to confront all the secrets they’ve tried to hide.


Obama’s dead pool:Obama’s ‘Dead Pool‘ – Nachumlist