Let Them Eat Cake..


Did Marie Antoinette say it or not say it?  There is much debate about the subject.  The new bill that Trump signed is ALL cake for BIG Corps.  It seems a lot of Conservatives are OK with this bill just because Prez Trump signed it..In my opinion…Its CAKE FOR CORPS.  When do the American people ONLY get the help they need without transferring their tax paying dollars to fat cat co’s?  Whether the govt is D OR R….they are both disgusting.  To the max.  This is the largest transfer of wealth we’ve possibly seen ever.  

So, that inspired my digi for the day.

Let Them Eat Cake Party Theme - Let Them Eat Cake Clipart ...

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL

Illinois Rep., Mike Bost~My New Hero, A REAL American Who Is SICK Of IT ALL. I love this man. This is the way ALL men should be in America. Either that, or sit back and let the bastards take this nation, completely. 


This is what ‘liberalism’  leftism does to Americans:  Makes them enraged. It is time to STOP the liberalism/leftist junk in America.  If we don’t, they will be passing a lot more than just very bad regulations…As you plainly saw yesterday-they will literally start eating us all up.  People are calling this a ‘tirade.’  The IDIOTS cannot tell the difference between a ‘tirade’ and righteous indignation because they are SO FAR removed from American and its original values.  Poor suckers. I cannot unite with these ‘liberals.’  Either they start accepting Americanism, or I pray that God will curse them ALL.