New health care symbolIF you cannt SEE the PROOF that this is FASCISM AND DICTATORSHIP, then you are STUPID, and do NOT deserve a country.  This has NEVER been done before in the history of America—EVER.

  IF you voted for  Obama, you WILL LOSE all that you have, and you will NOT have ANY protection from the Almighty.  Make NO mistake, FASCISM IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA-. What is worse, is that they are trying to make this PIG IMPOSTER a ‘g’od’ of ALL nations. 

  This was done before, and one thing is certain, humans never learn from history. As far as I am concerned, at this point, we get what we asked for.  That children are singing to a president, should have caused massive concern, but it didn’t. There are pictures of BHO, all over America, nobody says a word. Obama is directing this nation into fascism, and it is happening under our noses, in broad daylight. All of you idiots that voted for this asshole…You get what you’ve got coming. They usually get rid of the dummies FIRST.

of Dawah Defense's Missile<Is the new “Obama Defense Logo”


AT LEAST IN ISRAEL, they have a clue about this animal:

Below is an example of what they did to Bush when he was President (bad though he was, this is what they did)