Desperate Obama Wants To Sue Navy Seal Over Book About Bin Laden NON-Killing & Half Truths

If they caught Bin Laden in 2011…Uh, where are the photos?  There are none. Why? Because Bin Laden has been dead for years and any person that follows the real news knows this.  The NY Times reported in 2002 that Bin Laden was dead:
Here are the pics the White House put out of the FAKED killing:

It is insanity & major bogus propaganda that comes out of the White House on a DAILY basis.  
Honestly… Bin Laden is laughing out loud in hell at stupid AmeriKan propaganda.
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New Seal Team 6 Book A Fraud? Steve Pieczenik Says It Is.

We don’t know. Think about it. Where are the pictures of Bin Laden, dead? Decide for yourself.


Dem Senator Says “Obama Led Charge To Get Bin Laden”. Yeah? Where Are The Pictures Of Bin Laden DEAD?

I don’t believe one thing that comes from anyone in this government. Nothing.  WHERE ARE THE PICTURES of the dead Bin Laden?

We won’t ever know what really happened because there are NO pictures and Was SEAL Team 6 Murdered?

These are the ‘pictures’ below…

It is horrible when one comes to a place where they see conspiracy being the truth and the ‘truth’ just a LIE.

Obama Is A Wuss!!! WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Panetta Issued Orders To Kill Bin Laden’

Obama Is A Wuss!!! WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Panetta Issued Orders To Kill Bin Laden’

White House Insider Reveals Admiral McRaven Controlled The Osama Bin Laden Mission-NOT Obama

White House Insider Reveals Admiral Controlled Osama Bin Laden Mission~NOT Obama:

EXCERPT: ‘The memo puts all control in the hands of Admiral McRaven – the “timing, operational decision making and control” are all up to McRaven. So the notion that Obama and his team were walking through every stage of the operation is incorrect. The hero here was McRaven, not Obama. And had the mission gone wrong, McRaven surely would have been thrown under the bus.

…President Obama made the right call to give the green light to the mission. But he did it in a way that he could shift the blame if things went wrong. Typical Obama. And typical of him to claim full credit for it, when he didn’t do anything but give a vague nod, while putting his top military officials at risk of taking the hit in case of a bad turn.’

Now That They Have Murdered Seals From Team 6~ WHERE ARE THE DEAD BIN LADEN PICTURES?

View ImageWhere are the Bin Laden pictures?  Notice every time something big happens with the Obama camp, things go missing in action?  Well, where are the pictures?


Everyone forgot all about those pictures..

 Were these SEALs murdered because they possibly knew Bin Laden has been dead for YEARS?  Where are the people who murdered men from Seal Team 6?  Everything is a LIE.  Where are the murderers? WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!!?? Now, it is reported that Obama won’t even release the SEAL Pics! WHAT THE H..

If you believe this atrocious government, then you are a jackass. Period.

White House Coup~Military Stood Against Obama Re. Bin Laden, Intel From Miki Booth, Former US Candidate

Go to fullsize image  Well, you all better read and decide for yourself.  I, myself, believed that Bin Laden was dead years ago.  But this is military intel below:


Independent military contacts have confirmed. Stories corroborate one another. This is legit.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden was in fact a Coup within Obama WH.

Speaking with additional contacts RE info.

Another (link)