MI Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate: ‘Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Suspect” THATS RACIST!!

MI Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate: ‘Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Suspect” THATS RACIST!!

The Communists will probably demand this candidate to ‘tow the line’–or else…

He believes Obama is a fraud.. Well, sane Americans believe that as well.  However, there is a slight chance that BHO pretended he was ‘born in Kenya’ to look ‘cool’, back in the 1990’s.. Its highly probable..

See the link here

Asked if he believed Mr. O. was born in Hawaii, he said, “No.”

Asked if he believed Mr. O. was born in the United States, he said. “No.”

As a private investigator, Mr. McFarlin argues the document the White House issued to end this never-ending flap is suspect.

How’s so?

He claims the term “African-American” appears on the line for race on the birth certificate and Mr. McFarlin says at the time Mr. Obama was born the term was not in use. He argues the term should have been “Negro.”

ARGH!!! Evil, white racist!! OH NO, MR BILL!!  We have said this all along..


New Found Birthers-CNN Bitchin About Cruz’s Citizen Status But NOT Obama’s, That’s #BlackPrivilege

New Found Birthers-CNN Bitchin About Cruz’s Citizen Status But NOT Obama’s, That’s #BlackPrivilege

Just don’t question Obama.. That’s racist.  Obama can send people to their deaths and to question this is racist.

Suddenly, the Left wing plantation of white slaves now care about a potential GOP candidate & his natural born status??  Sure.  They have not cared for 5 years about ‘birtherism’ since June 2, 2008.   Obama is a foreigner and the only conspiracy is the conspiracy to keep the issue covered up…!  Just like the Benghazi mess.  Ditto the IRS mess. And every FOBAR you can think of since the pos occupying the White house has been there, illegally.

It’s too late you fools.  You Bolshevik radicals have destroyed America with glee.  Called everyone under the sun a racist for not agreeing with your screwed up version of ‘democracy’.   The WHOLE WORLD hates our guts worse than it ever did thanks to you bastards.


The ONLY thing that these morons worry about is if a ‘fascist’ conservative gets in.  That’s ALL they worry about…!!  Nothing else.  Leftists are mentally deranged idiots.  THEY are the fascists and try to project it onto us.  Ted Cruz, a ‘fascist’ ROFL!



Rand Paul dodges question: ‘I’m not a birther’…

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?   

Extra, Extra, read all about it….!!! EXCLUSIVE: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: ‘WE WILL INVESTIGATE‘ IRS, BENGHAZI, AP SCANDALS   (Please, utter bullshit) Investigate? Yeah, AND??  Nothing, just talk to shut people up.


No, I don’t believe the Commie creep, Obama is crumbling.  There is no humility in the Communist/Democrat party OR their fearless leader.   And NO balls in the GOP..   I do not believe Obama & his cohorts will be impeached and tossed out of office.  In fact, the IRS scandal is nothing to these Dems. Ok? Besides the fact that Tea-Party groups closed shop after being threatened with the IRS and intimidated instead of fighting back..(Plus, the FACT that they kicked out people like me and Pastor Manning & many others from their tea-party) People that have been fighting these Commies for many years in NYC and Cali)    

4 dead in Benghazi. So? No biggie, its for the ‘greater good’.  Fast and furious?? The price Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata had to pay for the collective (Mexican & South American) illegals.  

If the GOP and the SCOTUS didn’t even take the birth certificate serious…. Hell, many ‘patriotic’ conservatives did not take this situation serious like Michelle Malkin  who called ‘birthers’ a circus, even though Obama’s 1990’s pamphlet was found by Breitbart’s people (Bio he would have had to approve of) If Malkin really believed this was a ‘circus’, why has she not stood up to call Sheriff Joe out? Is HE a ‘circus?’

The truth was right in the faces of people and still they did not believe it!!!!! 

Sorry, people.  NOTHING will happen.  Nothing. The way to win a fight and a war is to humiliate and totally obliterate your opponent while he is going down. Which is something that many ‘conservatives’ are not capable of doing because they are more scared of being labeled racist then beating the shit out of these Communists until they are bloody and DEAD.

IF you want him/them to go down…

NOW is the time to kick the dog UNTIL IT IS DOWN.

……Because Obama has brought a gun to the knife fight.


The Truth Is NOT In Hillary Clinton. She Was Fired In 1974 From Watergate Committee (Fraud Ethics Violations)

The Truth Is NOT In Hillary Clinton. She Was Fired In 1974 From Watergate Committee (Fraud Ethics Violations)

The truth about Obama and Hillary’s lies, cover-up, fraud, birth certificate, etc should be heard. These Communists need to be sent packing. Enough is enough.  Rand Paul is not my type patriot, (not patriotic or ‘right’) enough, but if we had him, Cruz, and Trey Gowdy in office, we would be able to handle the coming FOBAR.  

Hillary Clinton is a lying, psychopath who seriously need psych-evals and sent to a state hospital for compulsive fabrications to suit her agenda.

See this (Warning, just an anti Zion freak but on the $ with this) :  Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Committee for Fraud Ethics Violations

You should read this, too:

What really happened to Hillary Clinton and USNavySealCommander Job W Price IF you can take Gordon Duff’s “Zionist this and Zionist that” insanity when we ALL know its COMMUNISM, not Zionism.

Arpaio Team: More Evidence Obama’s Online ‘Birth Certificate’ Is Forgery. Imagine If This Was A Republican??

Just imagine if this was a Republican?  It would be front page news, day and night.  Of course Obama is not American.  Nothing he does is American. Even the Commie, Clinton never pushed things THIS far.  Do most Americans care? Nope.  They will not ever care until they are starving to death, rioting, and eating each other.

CLICK: Team Arpaio: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic Document Is 100% Forgery

Of course, we here, believe Obama’s own bio:

We believe the newspapers that declared he was born in Kenya:

We believe former Leftist, N.M., Gov Bill Richardson, when he said “Obama is an immigrant”

Why Should Mitt Romney, An American Man Give A Concession Speech To A Muslim From Kenya Who Is Ineligible?

As of this time Mitt Romney has yet to offer Barack Hussein Obama a concession call or speech.   Now tell me why should he?  Mitt Romney, an American, should not give any concession until Romney sees all of the Obama birth/passport records and microfilm birth records as Sheriff Joe demanded.   On top of that, a natural born citizen is one who has 2 American citizen parents.  Barack Sr. was never an American citizen.  If Obama was a citizen of Indonesia, as a dual citizen, he is again not allowed to hold the office of president.  Romney should do absolutely nothing except stand with the generals who have endorsed him.


Finally. Obama Comes Clean With The Truth About Everything With Real Transparency

😀  One of my cartoons…

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Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

SEE: Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

Of course, this excuses B. Hussein Osama.  He has *NEVER* had to show a real micro-film b.c.. He gets a pass.

Why does he get a pass? 


Ann Coulter was right about this:

 Ann Coulter: Civil Rights Are Only ‘For Blacks’, she is right…after all..Look at BHO.

Bout time my least favorite commentator said something I can now agree with.  Now do everyone a favor, ANN…. When you bring up Bolsheviks as you did about 10 days ago, please call Obama a BLACK BOLSHEVIK.  

And…do be brave…ask why he put out these docs in the 1990’s:

2 More Days-July 17th 2012, OBAMA to be exposed as Fraudulent President!

On July 17th a press conference is scheduled to be held in Arizona. Literally, piles and piles of evidence will be presented exposing the Fraud of the ObamaNation “presidency!”


BIRTHERGATE! New Sheriff Calls For Roundup Of Obama Records~Now, DOJ Will Attack THIS Sheriff..

This is O’MeriKa…where you can get away with not having to show ANY records and be president  just because you’re black…You see how NOT racist O’MeriKa is?

So, where are all of your records, you lying, friggin, sicko, devil, satanic, mongrel horde Obama??