Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq. Thanks 2 U Barack, You MORON

Obama: ‘Syria Is Not Iraq’, It’s WORSE Than Iraq, Thanks 2 U, Barack, You MORON


The LIAR in chief is trying to Sell world war III to the dumb sheeple of O’Merika. And, many morons believe his crap.  This is the Syrian issue in a nutshell:  Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring.  It sprung right into Syria.  In Syria, there are radical, murderous, fundamental Islamo-nuts that are murdering, raping and pillaging Christian and humanist communities. These same psychopaths are fighting Syrian Prez Assad, they are also cannibalizing their victims & this is who OBAMA wants to help; The CANNIBALS.  The insane Islamo-wackos are fighting Assad because they want to take over the government in Syria just as they have in Egypt.  Assad is fighting them back just as vicious even though radical, Muslim nut jobs have come in from countries all over to help in the Jihad. Including the ‘human rights’ NON-democracy nuts, Obama and UK.


He is NOT ‘my’ Pres. He is a FRAUD.  He should be impeached for IRS gate, AP Gate, Benghazi Gate, Birther-Gate, but he is still illegally in office because he is


That is the ONLY reason this P.O.S. is still there…

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Obama Eligibility Appealed in Judge Roy Moore’s Court

Contributed by GoldBugGal:
I wonder .. can Judge Roy Moore be bought and paid for .. or threatened into dropping this? Following the article is an interesting video showing evidence of Obama’s birth in Kenya. The Kenyan Parliament was thrilled at Obama’s election, because “the world would be a more peaceful place” .. and it would be the end of ‘unilateralism.’ Yeah, right!

Arpaio Team: More Evidence Obama’s Online ‘Birth Certificate’ Is Forgery. Imagine If This Was A Republican??

Just imagine if this was a Republican?  It would be front page news, day and night.  Of course Obama is not American.  Nothing he does is American. Even the Commie, Clinton never pushed things THIS far.  Do most Americans care? Nope.  They will not ever care until they are starving to death, rioting, and eating each other.

CLICK: Team Arpaio: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic Document Is 100% Forgery

Of course, we here, believe Obama’s own bio:

We believe the newspapers that declared he was born in Kenya:

We believe former Leftist, N.M., Gov Bill Richardson, when he said “Obama is an immigrant”

OBAMA IGNORES Senator Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii’s Dying Wish…Appoints Anti-Birther Ally

You democrat-Commu-NAZI’s re-elected a foreign usurper.  I wish you all to be put out of your misery for treachery.

OBAMA IGNORES SENATOR’S DYING WISH… Appoints Birth-Certificate Ally

Barack Obama has overruled the wish of the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, to name a Japanese-American congresswoman as his Senate successor, choosing instead to reward a Hawaii ally who played a key role in sidestepping Obama’s birth certificate controversy to certify him for the Hawaii presidential ballot in 2008.