O’Reilly & Ogletree BOTH WRONG! Obama’s “Born In Kenya” Pamphlet Was Put Out AFTER Breitbart “Died”

O’Reilly & Ogletree BOTH WRONG! Obama’s “Born In Kenya” Pamphlet Was Put Out AFTER Breitbart “Died”

Hard-hearted mongrel hordes have NO respect for the dead..

My husband was watching the bag-of-baked-wind, O’Reilly last night.. Both Ogletree and O’Reilly were wrong about Andrew Breitbart, insinuating he was a ‘birther’.   O’Reilly didn’t even defend Breitbart, saying Andrew was ‘just a blogger’.    Both suggesting that Breitbart attacked Obama because he was (a looney racist, fringe-type, bigot- something to that effect..) Bill is guilty by association for this one.  

Breitbart was not part of the ‘birther’ movement.. (You know, the movement consists of people that want to know just WHO Obama is)

I LOVED Andrew Breitbart (AND I, personally believe he was murdered by Obama) But, the pamphlet that Obama submitted all through the 90’s was put out on the net 2 months AFTER Breitbart was poisoned.    This is how these Commies and phony patriots respect a great man like Breitbart:  They speak & allow falsehoods out of inconsiderate spirits… not even caring about our brave patriot in arms, Andrew Breitbart.    Here is what Mr. Hoft, (Who banned me from his forum has to say) AWFUL. Harvard Prof Ogletree Lashes Out at ‘Bigot’ Andrew Breitbart – Defends Oprah’s Racist Remarks (Video)

See the truth for yourself: The Vetting – Exclusive – Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 … – Breitbart  May 17, 2012 – Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel.

Breitbart’s obit: Andrew Breitbart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Suck this up, Bill O’Reilly:

By the way, Oprah Winfrey is NOT talented, she is a TALK SHOW HOST like you.  NOT talented, semi-ok actress who gabs..   And, O’Reilly- WE are the patriots and the ‘real’, NOT YOU.   YOU ARE THE F’cking FRINGE, BILLY.

Today, Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

We all know that Carney has seen Obama’s pamphlet from the early 1990’s. It was on the Drudge report.   This is a mockery to Sheriff Joe who is one of the only righteous law enforcers in America, today. The Commies do this in an effort to demonize. And, they demonize well, because their father is a devil.

We’ve got the proof, we do not back down.

Bill Richardson, former NM Governor knows Obama is an immigrant. So, he’s lying, too..

The ‘birther’ issue has never been a ‘racist’ issue. It has ALWAYS been an eligibility issue.  NO white man would have gotten away with this fraud!

Obama & Dems: Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?


We all know it is the OBAMA administration with the IRS, O’REILLY.

How many times have we heard the Commie dems call patriotic-type, conservative people “Nazis?”  These Dastardly Dems and their cohorts have some damned gall.  This week, we find that pro-Israel, Jews and T-partiers are being taxed more, scrutinized more because Obama the insane can’t take criticism.  Remember Valerie Jarrett?  Valerie Jarrett promised to “punish” her enemies? 

Chris Stevens was gay.  He was sent to his death.  Period.  They stood down because of the Black Hitler, OBAMA.  Sounds pretty creepy to me. Just like 1930’s Germany..


Just what is this?  This is not America.  This is not a republic, anymore.  Its a tyrannical dictatorship.  Those who have refused to kiss Obama’s ass are suffering a price.  What gets me is that most people, including F. Graham didn’t even come out until this week to reveal what Obama the MADMAN was doing.   Why is that?  Something is wrong with people if they sit back and just take the tyranny.   What in the hell is with you people?  Just sitting there waiting THREE YEARS to tell everyone what was happening.  You act like babies that are being bullied.  The only way to deal with a bully is to get in their face and punch their lights out.  You are not Americans.  To have sat back while this SOB was doing this is just as much of a crime, In my opinion: Apathy and enabling treason.

The reason why people like Hitler and Stalin even existed is because the good people did absolutely nothing.  I am sick and damned tired of getting wacked with a shot-gunned car, rocks thrown through my apt window, malware, virus’s, hackings, threats, you name it…while you little wuss’s just sit there and TAKE THIS CRAP!  

Where is the backbone?  Lily-livered cowards.  And another damned thing; Calling “Birthers” a circus…it chaps my fricking hide.  You call us that because YOU HAVE NO GUTS.  Get some testosterone and man the f-ck up.  Stop leaving people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio out to dry.  I’m so sick of this yellow-bellied bullshit, I’m ready to blow….


Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

If you dont start fighting back, you just deserve this SHIT.


Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape

We believe Mitch McConnell is weak.   But Ashley Judd, Communist enabler would be worse for Kentucky.  Although, who knows anymore.  Judd said she would not run.

FBI probes Ashley Judd tape at McConnell’s request

Is this really want we want in a Senate seat? A divisive female?

Nobody can seem to ‘bug’ Obama’s office and ask about this:

A$$HOLE, Usurper Obama To Leave Borders 25% More Open To Rape, Murder & Rob More Americans

A$$HOLE, Illegal “Prez” Obama To Leave Borders Open To Rape, Murder & Rob More Americans

I hope they head to NYC, DC and most parts of Cali.  Go there.  Feel free to rape, murder and rob the ‘Liberals’ who love you.  Come where I am, and you’re a dead wetback.  Just keep pretending that Hussein Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And, you phoney AINO’s:  Keep being polite to this piece of SHIT.  This SOB WANTS a war.

FOX News reported this atrocity.

Isnt it about time you  Repub ‘con’servatives & Blue Dog Dems go birther?  Impeach, and throw out the bastard and his illegal staff.  He is *NOT* my President. He is ILLEGAL which is why he helps the illegals.

Wow, Bill O’Reilly Grew A Pair Last Night. Says ‘Obama Keeps his Records From Public View’

Wow, Bill O’Reilly Grew A Pair Last Night. Says ‘Obama Keeps his Records From Public View’

Well, kudos for this statement, Bill.  ‘Bout time you stopped calling ‘birthers’ (slander name from Commies against Americans who wanted to know WHO the hell our next prez was going to be) crazy and fessed up.  It only took you FIVE years.

I think Mr. O’Reilly reads my humble website:  Message To Hannity & O’Reilly.  Just remember.. I am getting paid to do YOUR job.  I get zero, O’Reilly.. You make  millions every year.  For ME to put your ass in line.  Some nerve.. I should be doing your job and you should be sitting here. 

Video hat tip: Bill O’Reilly Finally Admits Obama Keeping His College Records From Public View

By the way, O’Reilly… its not you who is ‘looking out for the folks…’


Obama Is An Illegal Alien Himself, Which Is Why He Released Illegal Occupiers.

Obama Is An Illegal Alien himself, Which Is Why He Released Illegal Occupiers.

You all think he did this to ‘punish’ us?  Are you kidding?  Only an illegal would do something like this. BUT, its possible he is punishing his ‘enemies..’ He is the enemy, by the way..  I think that anytime Obama (psycho-Lucifer bastard) does not get his way, he will pull treason out of his hat with NO problem.. Anyway, I told the animal, Barack to stop threatening.. I guess all of his robotic, Gestapo, creatures that follow our black-face, Hitler advised him that the Mad Jewess “ZOG BITCH”, told the filth to stop the bluffing.  LOL.. 

Look at this nonsense, below… Brewer is angry at Obama for letting the criminals go free.. You know why?  Because she made a deal with Obama.  The deal was if she would accept his “Obama-care”, he would not bother her with the illegals.  Puhlease…. Look.. You don’t make deals with the devil, Jan Brewer.   So, go back to what you are supposed to be doing:  Pointing the finger at the ILLEGAL occupying the White House like you used to do.  No amount of money is worth betrayal of state and country–is it!??

Brewer: Release of Hundreds of Illegals Ahead of Cuts ‘Height of Absurdity’

BIRTHER-GATE: Bolshevik-NAZI Rahm Emmanuel Was Born In Kenya.

Emanuel was born on November 29, 1959 in the Kenyan ghetto (trust me on this..)  His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a Jerusalem-born[2] pediatrician who was once a member of the Irgun.

I’ve just heard the news.  Erav-Rav, left-wing, Judenrat filth, Rahm Emmanuel wants to run for the office of the White House in 2016.  Are you T-party morons going to let this jerk-off get away with this?  What are you going to let them call you?  “Anti-semitic?”  If you do not impeach Obama and throw his ass back to Kenya, where he belongs, you will have an atheist, pretense, ‘Jewish’ dictator.  This cat would be WORSE than the Communist bitch, Rosa ‘the Red’ Rabin.  Who had right-wing, Israeli patriots murdered, ruthlessly.  

This filth can’t even manage Chicago.

I honestly do not know what it will take for Americans to start kicking ass.

CLICK: Rahm for President?!