New Found Birthers-CNN Bitchin About Cruz’s Citizen Status But NOT Obama’s, That’s #BlackPrivilege

New Found Birthers-CNN Bitchin About Cruz’s Citizen Status But NOT Obama’s, That’s #BlackPrivilege

Just don’t question Obama.. That’s racist.  Obama can send people to their deaths and to question this is racist.

Suddenly, the Left wing plantation of white slaves now care about a potential GOP candidate & his natural born status??  Sure.  They have not cared for 5 years about ‘birtherism’ since June 2, 2008.   Obama is a foreigner and the only conspiracy is the conspiracy to keep the issue covered up…!  Just like the Benghazi mess.  Ditto the IRS mess. And every FOBAR you can think of since the pos occupying the White house has been there, illegally.

It’s too late you fools.  You Bolshevik radicals have destroyed America with glee.  Called everyone under the sun a racist for not agreeing with your screwed up version of ‘democracy’.   The WHOLE WORLD hates our guts worse than it ever did thanks to you bastards.


The ONLY thing that these morons worry about is if a ‘fascist’ conservative gets in.  That’s ALL they worry about…!!  Nothing else.  Leftists are mentally deranged idiots.  THEY are the fascists and try to project it onto us.  Ted Cruz, a ‘fascist’ ROFL!



Rand Paul dodges question: ‘I’m not a birther’…

Today, Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

We all know that Carney has seen Obama’s pamphlet from the early 1990’s. It was on the Drudge report.   This is a mockery to Sheriff Joe who is one of the only righteous law enforcers in America, today. The Commies do this in an effort to demonize. And, they demonize well, because their father is a devil.

We’ve got the proof, we do not back down.

Bill Richardson, former NM Governor knows Obama is an immigrant. So, he’s lying, too..

The ‘birther’ issue has never been a ‘racist’ issue. It has ALWAYS been an eligibility issue.  NO white man would have gotten away with this fraud!

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?   

Extra, Extra, read all about it….!!! EXCLUSIVE: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: ‘WE WILL INVESTIGATE‘ IRS, BENGHAZI, AP SCANDALS   (Please, utter bullshit) Investigate? Yeah, AND??  Nothing, just talk to shut people up.


No, I don’t believe the Commie creep, Obama is crumbling.  There is no humility in the Communist/Democrat party OR their fearless leader.   And NO balls in the GOP..   I do not believe Obama & his cohorts will be impeached and tossed out of office.  In fact, the IRS scandal is nothing to these Dems. Ok? Besides the fact that Tea-Party groups closed shop after being threatened with the IRS and intimidated instead of fighting back..(Plus, the FACT that they kicked out people like me and Pastor Manning & many others from their tea-party) People that have been fighting these Commies for many years in NYC and Cali)    

4 dead in Benghazi. So? No biggie, its for the ‘greater good’.  Fast and furious?? The price Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata had to pay for the collective (Mexican & South American) illegals.  

If the GOP and the SCOTUS didn’t even take the birth certificate serious…. Hell, many ‘patriotic’ conservatives did not take this situation serious like Michelle Malkin  who called ‘birthers’ a circus, even though Obama’s 1990’s pamphlet was found by Breitbart’s people (Bio he would have had to approve of) If Malkin really believed this was a ‘circus’, why has she not stood up to call Sheriff Joe out? Is HE a ‘circus?’

The truth was right in the faces of people and still they did not believe it!!!!! 

Sorry, people.  NOTHING will happen.  Nothing. The way to win a fight and a war is to humiliate and totally obliterate your opponent while he is going down. Which is something that many ‘conservatives’ are not capable of doing because they are more scared of being labeled racist then beating the shit out of these Communists until they are bloody and DEAD.

IF you want him/them to go down…

NOW is the time to kick the dog UNTIL IT IS DOWN.

……Because Obama has brought a gun to the knife fight.


Obama Is An Illegal Alien Himself, Which Is Why He Released Illegal Occupiers.

Obama Is An Illegal Alien himself, Which Is Why He Released Illegal Occupiers.

You all think he did this to ‘punish’ us?  Are you kidding?  Only an illegal would do something like this. BUT, its possible he is punishing his ‘enemies..’ He is the enemy, by the way..  I think that anytime Obama (psycho-Lucifer bastard) does not get his way, he will pull treason out of his hat with NO problem.. Anyway, I told the animal, Barack to stop threatening.. I guess all of his robotic, Gestapo, creatures that follow our black-face, Hitler advised him that the Mad Jewess “ZOG BITCH”, told the filth to stop the bluffing.  LOL.. 

Look at this nonsense, below… Brewer is angry at Obama for letting the criminals go free.. You know why?  Because she made a deal with Obama.  The deal was if she would accept his “Obama-care”, he would not bother her with the illegals.  Puhlease…. Look.. You don’t make deals with the devil, Jan Brewer.   So, go back to what you are supposed to be doing:  Pointing the finger at the ILLEGAL occupying the White House like you used to do.  No amount of money is worth betrayal of state and country–is it!??

Brewer: Release of Hundreds of Illegals Ahead of Cuts ‘Height of Absurdity’

Obama Is A CURSE. Rats, Flies, Presidential Seal Falling. HE IS A CURSED PERSON

I will never get, for the life of me – how anyone could actually vote for such a wretched human.  Where was he even born?  Still, to this day, he has not even produced a REAL long form birth certificate.  
This is a cursed person.  Things like this dont ‘just happen.’  Elohim, God performs signs and wonders to wake people up.  Its sad, though.  Many Americans (actually majority) refuse to wake up.  More content on the usual spew; “You’re a racist, hater, homophobe, xeno-phobe” etc.  Its sad and really frustrating for people that DO see what is happening.  
Obama is satans kid.  Flies in the middle of the winter?  Big, juicy, fat flies?? IN JANUARY?! Gross. Obama is Lord of the flies.  Dung-headed filth.  Flies love sh*t and that’s what Obama is

A fly lands between the eyes of Barack Obama

White House Scrubs Petition Seeking Obama Resignation Due To Forged Identity Records

Why would they do this if they didn’t know themselves that he is not eligible? Answer: They WOULDN’T.  Innocent people can take any criticism. Guilty can’t.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born in Kenya.  Why are the liberals so ashamed of where their man was born? They have never cared for America.  This should not bother the average hypocrite lib in the least bit.

CLICK: White House Scrubs Petition Seeking Obama Resignation Due To Forged Identity Records

We are not one to call the usurper-Prez a liar. He said all through the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, we don’t disagree with him/it. The publishers never corrected him in 10 years on this pamphlet that HE put out:  

Communist Radio Host, Mike Malloy Calls For Mass Murder Of Birthers. Michelle & Barack Obama Are Birthers

Shock Video: Progressive Radio Host Mike Malloy Calls For Mass Killing Of Birthers

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a birther:

Michelle Obama is a birther:

Mike Malloy should be arrested and sent to FEMA, expeditiously.

Lord Mockton: “Obama Is An Illegal ‘President'”

Click: Lord Monckton: Obama Is An Illegal President; No Person Except A Natural Born Citizen

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; Neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Obama admits he was born in Kenya, we believe him. When is the MSM going to report the truth???