As Americans Suffer ObamaCare SNAFU, Illegals Are Reaking Havoc Demanding Citizenship

As Americans Suffer ObamaCare SNAFU, Illegals Are Reaking Havoc Demanding Citizenship

John McCain, traitor and Communist subverter says: “We’ll pass bill once primaries are over..”  W….T…F…….!?

These illegals and their buddies, the Communists – just don’t know when to sit down and shut the eff up, do they?   It is reported that hundreds of thousands of NYers have lost their insurance, prems doubled or discontinued.  Ditto Florida and California.  But, those are only the states where they have counted.  Seems all anyone cares about is NY, FL and CA.  There IS a world outside of your Liberal dumps.   I am in AZ and I have been discontinued as well as many people I know have also been ditched

If this does not show you how much illegal occupiers hate you and think nothing of YOUR feelings and hardships, I don’t know what will.  Any American that helps these leeches should be shot.   If I were the President, you’d all be killed.  John McCain would be sent to hell, first.

“We’re going to keep marching, we’re going to keep agitating until the House of Representatives pass immigration reform and the president sign it into law,” said Bishop Orlando Findlayter of Churches United to Save and Heal.