The Most Hideous Picture Of Hillary Rotten Clinton EVER

This is the ugliest picture I have ever seen of the most corrupted bitch in the planet. Send this absolute disgusting hag to some Muslim land where they will cover her face with a burqa. How in the hell does that gasbag, Bill Clinton wake up to this freak everyday?  No wonder he was acting like a devil with that blue dress. This witch is positively the ugliest nag alive.

I just have one thought:


Wanna Get REALLY Pissed? Jane Fonda Will Be Cast By Hollywood Director To Play NANCY REAGAN


Hollywood: Debaucherous, decadent and totally disgusting.

WWNS? “What Would Nancy Say?”

Nuf Sed.

Ann Coulter: “Romney Is The Most Conservative Candidate” Really….!?

No he isnt, you dumb blonde bimbo.  Santorum is the most conservative.  And, you certainly are not. Where were you, Miss bimbo when Santorum needed a boost?

I like how Steve Cooper is smashing this dumbass-broad into the next stratosphere.  Coulter is leading this mess against Gingrich on the net, who is almost as moderate as Romney (not quite) He is trying to break away from the establishmentAnd-Paul, a Liberal-Tarian, Ann never says a word about his appeasing policies or his repeal of DADT… Santorum is the only family oriented candidate.  Why do we have to hear from this female hormone that needs 500 mgs of premarin, asap?

Remember this defamation from the HAG,  against all of you ‘birthers.’ Do you all remember her big mouth, making light of us little peon ‘birthers’? I certainly do. 

And, what have we here, ANN?  We have the state of GA with a hearing on whether President Obama should be removed from the November ballot in Georgia ended Thursday without a ruling — and also without Obama. (O didnt show up, and the Judge will enter DEFAULT JUDEMENT!)

Where is Ann Coulter? Is she out there apologizing to ‘birthers?’


Remember people…….

Filthy Actress, Katherine Heigl-Wishes She Could Cut Off Mens Balls….

Imagine if this sickening video below was in reverse:  A man does a commercial, thinking it would be wonderful to cut off the clitoris’s of women all over America.  What a riot… HA HA HA

  And this is supposed to be a ‘comedic’ video.  IF this bitch was in Saudi, or some other place, she would *NEVER* be able to talk like this.  WHY are men putting up with this SHIT!


Obamas Wife Pushing For ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS Amnesty-Because Her Hubby Is a FORIEGN USURPER

 Go to fullsize image Americas first broad & bitch is pushing for the illegal, occupying, criminal, invaders to murder us all here in Arizona & abroad the USSA. She has a serious hard up problem with Jan brewer- Jan has the attention of America, standing up to these tyrant bastards, and Mrs. Hussein O is jealous. Not to mention the fact that she, herself knows that her Hubby’s home town is in Kenya.  Nevermind all of this…its about the VOTE. 

  White ‘liberal’ people, especially, have royally screwed Americans of Mexican descent.  Just like the Jews, now people look at all of the Mexican folk as bad. Left wing Jews did it to themselves, but, White-liberals have done this to LEGAL IMMIGRANT Mexicans, by not demanding they obey the law of the land. The truth is, the white-liberal, traitor to  America wants NO laws.  Sometimes I wonder how these jackasses would feel if there were no police to show up when they get raped or robbed, and they dont have guns.. Actually….it’s a guilty pleasure I have knowing that these evil, anti-Christ bastards would be at the mercy of the criminal 😉


A nation without laws WILL fall into the hands of evil. Thats the facts.

Nancy Pelosi Reminds Me Of URSULA, The Sea Witch

She does, she has these stupid little insane left wing morons practically having an orgasm when this witch speaks, all 9% of the most dumb “AmeriKans” alive.  I think of Ursula the Sea Witch when I see Nazi-Pelosi.. Making promises that will end in destruction, carrying around that giant gavel, lol like the demon she is, grinning in the face of Americans as the bitch marches down the street, looking like the old hag she is.  I pray this evil Evita DIES….soon.  The world will be a better place when the wench is gone and not USING our $ to fly in OUR jets. Just remember her when the time for hanging comes.  I would love to see this skunk hanging from the fleet of the highest yardarm in the US NAVY.  Where in the hell did they find this bitch?? Keep talking, Nancy- someday you’ll say something intelligent.   Every girl has the right to be ugly, Nancy- but you abused the privilege. Nancy  looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say “when.”


And... Its Not Even My Time Of The Month!

 I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!


Salon News Kornacki cant figure out why PIGLOSI cant get rid of Rangel…

Why Pelosi can’t just get rid of Rangel

The ethics committee is set to report that Rep. Charles Rangel broke House rules. What’s a Speaker to do?
Steve Kornacki is the writer…
                                   Seriously, Steve…Isn’t it poetic justice? LOL.. She cannot get ‘rid’ of Rangel, because they would call the b*tch a “RACIST!” 
   Steve, you are part of the beast that created this sh*t.  You see, Steve, the problem here is, that the DNC IS THE RACIST.  Dont you GET it?  They are not getting rid of Rangel, the TAX CHEAT because they suffer from the GUILT that they created. 
Do you really think that the GOP would have an issue firing this bastard if he was WHITE? NO. 
 They have let better people go for much…much….much LESS, Steve.  (And I am not even GOP)
 Trent Lott come to mind? Ashcroft?
  So, the guilt they created has them in a cage.  Real good, now we are stuck with this TAX CHEATING mongrel horde, and Nancy Piglosi won’t FIRE THE SOB because he is BLACK.  Talk about REAL racism! If a person SUCKS at a job, you FIRE THEIR A$$ REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR YOU A$$HOLES.


Isn’t this bitch with MSNBC? the LEAST watched News now?  Lets do what Media Matters does:


….or we will FORCE HER OFF.

Better phone number for msnbc – Democratic Underground <<LOL.. 1-212-664-4444 

Contact us-

FAIR’s Media Contact List

Here is the BITCHES website: 

Rachel Maddow Official Website

H/T-See Also Bare Naked Islam: Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s resident carpet muncher, calls tea party conventioneers “racists”


Marxist, ENEMY of America in arrogance personified, is standing against the American people.

MADDOW MUST GO.  BOYCOTT MADDOW and DESTROY her show off the face of this EARTH. She is “LOL” at Americans, she needs to GO.


U.S. Constitution – Preamble:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.





I had this very sneaky slant-eyed mongrel horde on my blog a few months back, named Akira .Hair She/he/IT wanted me, and my roguish Pro-American bloggers to ‘feel sorry’ for the murdering-Moslem, PLO NAZIs that are OCCUPYING the Land of Israel, so, she lied in wait, as the JAPS do, and then attacked me when I least expected it, just like a JAP, ALL JAPS ARE THE SAME, they are SNEAKY…..Isnt that right people?

I mean if these Japs are allowed to deny the Holocaust, push NAZI LIES, say that ALL Jews ‘hate the goyim’ –just because David Duke says so, I have a right, AS WELL, to say that ALL JAPS are the same., she/he/IT is NO exception.

  As most of you WELL know, I grew up with BOTH faiths, but well read in Christianity, because I am pro-American, yet this impossible slant-eyed TYPICAL JAP said that I went around “BRAGGING” that I was a JEW- that is a LIE, a total LIE, she said it on s blog.   I dont brag about SH*T, except the fact that I am mean as hell and mad as f*ck.

Now, this TYPICAL slant-eyed, flat-faced JAP has turned over to the dark side, and now sides with that NAZIS, in that there ‘was no Holocaust’….. You know people, I seriously cant wait sometimes until a bad incident happens to these WRETCHED Jew-hating, AND..Jesus hating PIGS.

In fact, I hope they die a horrible death at this point.

So….if you ALL wonder WHY Jews are not to happy with wanting to just go ahead and accept Jesus, you might TRY looking at his so-called FOLLOWERS: Jew-hating Japs, IncogFAGGOTS, and Holocaust deniers…..BTW…”Christians”

You better REPENT, Jew-hating pigs, because I know the Christian Bible, BETTER THAN MOST OF YOU, and you LIARS produce ZERO fruit, so remember what your savior did to ONLY THE TREE that bore NO fruit, he CURSED it, and it WITHERED.

Here is the JEW-HATING, Jesus Hating (Jesus was a JEW, BTW, Akira) website, so you can feast your eyes on the PROPAGANDA of the Holocaust, in that it was a lie:

Btw…this is ALSO incogFAGGOTS new GF…