Sons Of Obama Cruelly Beat ASIAN Man In The NYC Subway

Sons Of Obama Cruelly Beat ASIAN Man In The NYC Subway

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

If this was reversed, the Asian man would be called a ‘white supremacist, racist, bigot’. When it happens to Asian people, nobody cares. Ditto whites.

Click on this link @ vid Max to see this atrocity.

The Asian man who was brutally beaten in a New York City subway station Friday said the ultimate indignity came afterward when the attack was depicted as vigilante justice – after he was anonymously accused of attempting to molest a girl on the train.

‘I’m the victim here!’ the Asian man, a 42-year-old married father from Queens who asked not to be identified, told in an exclusive interview Tuesday. ‘I fell asleep on the train, and I woke up to a bunch of guys grabbing me and assaulting me.

‘I was targeted and held against my will, was put in a full nelson and assaulted by two different guys,’ he added. ‘I didn’t even know what the hell was going on. And there was a crowd watching and nobody was helping.’

A disturbing video, shared online over the weekend, shows him being restrained and pummeled by a group of men at the Fulton Street station in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

The victim, who does plumbing and air conditioning work for a living, told that he’d been drinking with a friend before falling asleep sitting up on the train.

He said he still has a throbbing headache, bruising to his head and a swollen jaw from the attack.

‘I can’t even open my mouth properly to eat food. I’ve got six bumps on my head,’ he said.

Sons Of Obama Are Beating Whites, No Mentions Because They’re Not Jewish?

Sons Of Obama Are Beating & Murdering Whites, No Mentions Because They’re Not Jewish?

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Last weekend, Frazier Glenn Miller, a crazed Democrat Nazi shot up a Jewish community center, murdering Christians and the MSM went wild. This week, blacks are beating whites–not a peep.  It’s only important if it’s Jews or blacks that are shot and killed?  Who determines which life is important?  Obama? Holder?  You?

Brainiac, Jamie Foxx: “Most Of The Gun Violence In America Comes from African-Americans”

Brainiac, Jamie Foxx: “Most Of The Gun Violence In America Comes from African-Americans

We blog this daily.  When we post and talk about it, we’re racists.  Truth from a bad actor & a stupid Obama-voter with an IQ just north of a bedroom slipper:

Video by: Truth Revolt

Commenter on Youtube:

Vitreous Slag

“50% of U.S. murders are committed by NEGROS.  Pick any year in the last 100 years: that statistic is invariant. Who teaches them to murder? Whitey? Or their mamas? Or is it genetic instinct? Have you noticed that every time they start talking about “stopping the killing”, they can’t quite seem to put their finger on why it is happening. It’s just “someone else doin’ it … but not themselves.”

-David Ben Moshe

White New Orleans Musician, Doug Potter In A Coma After “Knockout Game” Attack Perp’d By Son Of Obama

White New Orleans Musician, Doug Potter In A Coma After “Knockout Game” Attack Perp’d By Son Of Obama

The left wing says ‘knock out game’ is fabricated.  It would not be fabricated if the victims were black.  While these race/hate/knock out game crimes are happening, the liberals are confiscating guns & white people are worried about offending blacks as they’re practically beaten to death.  Not to mention that we have a race-card hustling HNIC.

Click: (White) Musician in coma after brutal attack in French Quarter by black man

More: Knockout Game: New Orleans Musician In Coma After Attack



-David Ben Moshe

Black Female Beats Another Black Female Mercilessly.

Black Female Beats Another Black Female Mercilessly.

This is all the white man’s fault:

Click-Another Case Of When Asking For A Fight Goes Wrong: Female Gets A Beatdown For Trash Talking Outside Of Grocery Store

The main stream is still looking for out of control white racists.


Black Biker Gang Intimidates NYers In Same Place Where They Beat That Asian Man Last Fall

Black Biker Gang Intimidates NYers In Same Place Where They Beat That Asian Man Last Fall

Obama’s sons are emboldened by the lack of justice coming from Eric Holders DOJ.  NYers should be carrying sub-machine guns and prepared to shoot since the fed won’t hold ‘their people‘ accountable.  Under normal conditions, when there is no justice, the people will take the law into their own hands.  But not in America, a nation that has become an apathetic nation of sheep.

More than a dozen sons of Obama riding motor bikes and ATVs blocked a busy stretch of Broadway in Washington Heights on  Sunday afternoon – just blocks from where a motorist was beaten in front of his wife and child last fall.

-David Ben Moshe

2 Blacks Murder A Jew In NYC Who Was A Real Estate Developer. They Threw His Body In A Dumpster

2 Blacks Murder A Jew In NYC Who Was A Real Estate Developer. They Dumped His Body In A Dumpster

Some are saying that Stark owed millions of dollars and was a slum-lord.  People that knew him said he had a list of enemies a mile long.  So, we’re not sure what type of attack this was.  Was it Mafia? Did he borrow money outside the Jewish council?  Or, was it just a couple of black males just doing what they usually do?

Was it a race crime?  And, if it was, why? In NY, the system works on behalf of the blacks and nobody else.  They could have sued him and seized his possessions–easily, in New York City.

He and another brother, Yoely, said Stark’s alleged attackers were two burly African-American men.

The 2 blacks have not yet been identified

See- Real estate developer bound and kidnapped in Williamsburg

See-Kidnapped developer’s body found in dumpster

NYPost believes that many wanted him dead:  NY Post Defends Cover ‘Celebrating’ Murder of New York Landlord

Geller believes the front page of the NYPost is anti semitic: @NYPost Shocking Front Page Cheers the Kidnapping and Brutal Murder of a Religious Jew 

(We don’t believe the NYPost is anti semitic. Satmar Jewish men (sect of Judaism) are rarely seen without their religious clothing, so the picture submitted on the front page of the NYPost was how he dressed, nothing more)

Of course our thoughts are with Stark’s family.

-David Ben Moshe

Two Blacks Arrested In Barberton, OH: Triple Homicide-All White Victims

Two Blacks Arrested In Barberton, OH:  Triple Homicide-All White Victims

I believe it is 4 whites who have been murdered.  If these crimes were in reverse it would be front page news.  We had a commenter here who believes that these deaths are ‘hypocritical victims.’   The usual spew from an ‘anti’ racist who cares nothing about humanity unless they’re black.
Are people being murdered solely based on the color of their skin?  We believe so.  Many blacks believe that white is just another word for weak.  We have a DOJ who seems to not care unless its a black person.  Case in point is the trial of G. Zimmerman, who we heard about non-stop for a year.

Click-Two blacks arrested in Barberton triple homicidefrom


Rhonda Blankenship

David Kohler-Carpenter

Ashley Carpenter

John Kohler

Savages who should be lynched, not given a trial:
Michael Deon Hendon, 22, and his brother Eric Donta Hendon

The only news that makes the ‘main stream media news’ about these racial crimes — is if a white person is charged with a hate crime.  It’s the double standard that is maddening.  Daven/prayers for these victims in America’s 40 year race war.

-David Ben Moshe