Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

You all know that I get very angered by many of Bill’s liberal ways.  We can forgive him–a little ~ if he persists on addressing this issue regarding the black community (NO, not all, but many blacks.)  

Leftists need blacks to stay bad.

Why? Because it keeps social services in business.  It keeps prison guards employed.  Keeps the food stamp industry and all of their administrative assistants with jobs.  So, they would rather keep these said people (and more) working for big government instead of cleaning up the black community.  Black people need a Joe Clark, now. BADLY.

I want you to take a GOOD look at what the left has done to the black people in America.

This is black America in the 1950’s, up north, singing–wonderful songs of love.  They say ‘a people is known by the music they sing’:

1970’s.. Songs of Love:

Even the early 1980’s, their music was beautiful:

Modern day black leftist ‘singers’ culture of insanity, violence, murder and female degeneration: 

If this is the music that serves to identify, what does that tell you?


Chris Hayes wants blacks to stay bad.

Obama Has Brought Out The WORST In His People: Dance On Graves, “Twerking 4 Trayvon”

Obama Has Brought Out The WORST In His People: Dance On Graves, “Twerking 4 Trayvon”

Disgusting, vile behavior.  Another reason these people are NOT respected and now their king Shambal-O-bama will be even less respected.  If that were possible.  NO decent, patriotic black person would think this is ‘cute.’   I admit this Trayvon story has me intrigued, but only because I am totally angered that white people are treated like shit in America.  Crimes against whites are not reported at all for fear of bloggers being called racists.  Makes me sick that people are so cowardly..

Cheryl, a blogger says: Of all the vile, disgusting, reprehensible, horrifyingly primitive forms of behavior I’ve seen on You Tube, (and I’m including beheadings here) THIS tops them all!


Hat tip: Twerking for Trayvon  (See her story)

Young White Men Stealing Black People/s Music….AGAIN. HA HA HA

Last night I went to a doo-wop concert with my Mother.  PBS put on the show- (IRONIC) LOL!!  (Liberal PBS debuting these white doo-woppers).  Before the show started, there was an opening act called “Gentleman’s Rule”, which consisted of 9 white boys, (the only one black boy is not with the group any longer, I believe.  And only one other dark boy is a halfie) singing in 5-6 part harmony with music sounds that sort of resembled ‘b-boxing’ (something that the Mills Brothers started in the 1930’s, the Mills brothers were a black group who were super talented.)

Anyhow… these multi-talented group of white boys were singing outstanding.  The first song they sang was ‘Let’s just kiss and say goodbye’.  It was B E A U T I F U L.  The other 2 songs were too ‘black’ for me, they probably did it for the younger audience, but it was OK.  Looks like younger whitey groups are trying to break free of the black shit–good riddance… They ended with a Christmas song-  sung in harmony with noises that resembled sounds of cymbals and drums, just wonderful singing & talent in great display…  

Then, out came “Under the street lamp”, 4 younger white-men tearing up the place with black music that even put the old rhythm of the blacks to shame.. Not only singing, but  one young man was tap-dancing, just  unbelievably fabulous.  They were reaching male falsetto’s that were just as good (well, not quite) as Joe Van Loan from “The Ravens,” 1946-1956.  

Bravo to these young WHITE ‘devils.’ LMAOFF…..

 The American black Rock and Roll was excellent, but its a thing of the PAST.  The only thing that the Obama black puts out anymore is shit consisting of violence, anger, rape, & murder.  “Gangsta Rap” that has literally destroyed a whole culture of kids for over 20 years.  Face it Obama black morons: You can’t sing anymore, you can’t dance. You have NO rhythm or soul because you have totally sold out to the devil for Barack Hussein Obama.  You are not a respected people.  You destroy, kill and maim the heart of the nation. Black on white crime is out of control because you are insanely jealous of white people.  You really are HAS BEENS.  You do nothing except scare society. You freaks.

(To the ‘liberal’ whites and left-wing ‘Jews’ that helped you; FAILED experiment, you Yoyo’s)

Blacks can keep screaming that the white conservatives are racist, haters, bigots, bla bla bla… But, the only one to blame for your pathetic selves is YOU.  Face it, you are not a ‘product of society.’ You screwed yourselves.  Tough shit.  Deal with the reality that you can’t produce anything but a FAILED ‘Messiah.’ You will be forever remembered as a group of FRAUDS that not only steal from people, but also steal WHOLE elections just so you could keep a thieving black brother in the White house who the nations HATE.  

Here is “Gentleman’s Rule”  (Still a little too modern black for me, but pretty good:)

“Under the Street Lamp”

This is the black person now:

Compare it to then: