Why Are The COMMUNISTS Calling The Black Thieves, “Flash Mobs?” They Are Pillagers Who Are ORGANIZED

Why Are The COMMUNISTS Calling The Black Thieves, “Flash Mobs?”  They Are Pillagers Who Are ORGANIZED

The Main Stream conveniently leaves out the FACT that just about everyone in the organized pillaging attacks are black.   Oh, it’s racist to bring attention to the royal minority, ain’t it?  No doubt, most of the stores have WHITE owners who are not armed.  What a damned pity

The NY Mafia’s organized crime circuit had nothing on these pillaging sons of Obama.  They are all over America, looting and have been for YEARS since Obama got in.  Before BHO, we did not see this type of looting except in Katrina.   Questions are not being asked about these scenarios. Questions like:

1.  Who is organizing these black kids to pillage stores ?

2.  Is someone paying them to loot?

3. Why have they not tracked down ONE of these rotten little Trayvon’s and demand he tells the cops who is organizing these attacks?

4.  Why has Obama & Holder said absolutely nothing about these looters?

5. Why is no-one on Twitter or facebook utilizing NSA for something that we actually NEED it for??

6. Is this part of ‘spreading the wealth? OR, punishing the ‘evil’ capitalists?’

Last, but not least:  Why do they call these bastards, ‘flash mobs?’  This is an example of a real flash mob:

Do the commie, left-wing filth think this is ‘artistic expression?’  Is that why they are saying zero about this insanity??

Leftist wiki definition of “Flash Mob”

flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.[2][3][4] Flash mobs are organized via telecommunicationssocial media, or viral emails.[5][6][7][8][9]


These are not ‘pointless’ acts.  They ARE making a point: That they can steal and get away with it because a brotha is in the White House-hence, NOT a “Flash mob” but an organized group of terrorist/thieves, PROTECTED by Barack Hussein Obama just as the Black Panthers were in 2008.   They are NOT doing this for ‘entertainment’, this is called robbing and stealing, it should be punished by law.   This is NOT ‘artistic’, it is a form of thievery & terror.   And, as usual, we can ALWAYS rely on the Communist MSM to cover up terrorists and Obama voting blacks, can’t we??



The Rights REAL Dirty Little Secret


Ms. Geller of Atlas Shrugs recently wrote an article about the right-wing big shots that do not cover Islam that much anymore in this post: The Right’s dirty little secret.  Ms. Geller is rebuking them, and rightly so, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and he has packed his staff with a bunch of bastards that are ALL from the Muslim brotherhood.  

But, I beg to differ that the rights ‘dirty little secret’, is lack of coverage on Islam-no disrespect intended, Ms Geller, I know your blog is about S.I.O.N… The rights REAL ‘dirty little secret‘ is covering up the Black on white ‘Jihad’ in America.  Black on white crime is out of control and has been for years.  It has been allowed to stay out of control because bloggers, journalists, and news stations lack the courage to report these crimes as racial crimes, which they are. Look at it if it were in reverse…

Why doesn’t the right cover black on white crime?  Because they are immune to it. In my opinion, this attitude is no different than the Arab countries that live with Islamic Jihad, everyday.  They are immune as well.

There are psychological reasons why people refuse to cover this ‘touchy issue.’  Most Americans, right or left are filled with ‘white guilt.’  The left-wing has brainwashed Americans to believe that ALL white people are deep-seeded racists and most whites in America are dumb enough to believe it.  I have NO ‘white guilt.’  My family and my husbands family have suffered immensely at the hands of bad blacks, but that is another story.  We are supposed to suffer this ‘white-guilt’ because “all” of our ancestors were slave-drivers.  Well, mine wasn’t.

Another reason bloggers, etc do not cover b/w crime is because they will immediately be labeled a ‘racist’ if you point out the numerous crimes of blacks on whites that happen daily in America.  Crimes that are just as bad as Islamic crimes and worse on the streets of Amerca; rape, raping of elderly, Black flash mobs, robbing, looting, beating and the ultimate; murder.  Silence is consent.  Silence is submission. Silence, while white genocide is happening in America.. (in my opinion) is no different than the silence that happened in EU during the 1930’s. This is cowardice.  Most Americans would rather the country turn to violence and lawlessness than be labeled a racist.  It’s insanity.

If we fail to report these atrocities, we are enabling these crimes. We are also treating black people as if they are animals, which they are not. Not reporting this is saying ‘blacks are just “animalistic” and not in control of their behavior‘. (Like a bad dog)  We do a great disservice to patriotic black Americans by keeping silent.  (Black patriots also disservice themselves if they refuse to cover this like Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell and Pastor Manning have).  If everyone started reporting b/w crimes, we would see and end to the crimes and murder. Obama and Holder are THE #1 issue why the Black Panthers were not prosecuted. They treat their own people like animals. Its disgusting. Not holding a certain people to account is irresponsible. I call out bad Jews when I have to.

Some blogs/sites below I mention are starting to get in the fight against b/w crime- WND being the strongest. Leaving out race is wrong.   Why? Because, if you leave out the race, how will people know what to look for??  Especially with these black flash mobs.

So, the right has allowed these people to get away with murder and are guilty. There are blogs that must be commended for their bravery against the black Jihad:

WND is becoming the leader in this fight, thank GOD:

increasing trend of Black-on-White crime – WND

Bill O’ReillyBlack on White Crime Goes Unreported (Which O’Reilly started to do, only because it is a ‘hot issue’, and also because he reads this website and I rebuked him for being a coward, not reporting b/w crime)

Four Black Men in St. Louis Murder Bosnian  – The Gateway Pundit (He mentions the RACE sometimes.)

Justifying Black on White Violence | Grumpy Opinions

I’m a Man! I’m 41! | anti obamapuss-operativus idioticus

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites [Video] – John Malcolm

The White Side of the Story of Blacks – Boudica BPI Weblog

As the rest of you big shots and other little bloggers fail to report this, others like me and the above mentioned will continue to be labeled racist, haters, bla bla bla.

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

(Drudge just put this up July 17, 2012:  

COPS: 40 kids ‘flash rob’ Oregon store…      

This ‘event’ occurred on June 18.   DRUDGE reads The Mad Jewess, not the vc versa.)

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale , Oregon

***Dear readers:  We have to allow this stuff so people don’t think whites are discriminating. It’s better to watch the world burn than be called a racist.

Videos by:

GCrowdy GCrowdy

BLACK Flash Mob Terrorists Loot Nordstroms In Portland

Black  flash mob terrorists loot Nordstroms in Portland.  How long are ‘evil’ capitalists going to put up with this??  If you will go to that link, you will notice that the media willingly omits the ethnicity of these ‘people.’  This is a bad thing. Why? Because how in the hell will people know what to look for? America is DUMB, now.  This is NOT America.   Things had better change. I mean fast.

I believe that Van Jones and the Bolshevik slob, Medea Benjamin are the ones responsible for these black flash mobs.

(We DO realize that there are innocent black people that are respectable, same with the Jewish & Hispanic community, but as for these ‘minorities’, the bad ones are making them all look terrible, which is why conservative blacks, right minded Jews and conservative Hispanics MUST speak out in rebuke to their people)

Black Domestic Terrorist “Flash Mob” Attack Other People Before Beating The Store Clerk, Dallas TX

Obama’s America, courtesy of Eric Holder’s decision to allow the Black Panthers Case to go scot free:

(A heroic, black lady saved the store clerk from being beat to death, thank God.)

‘Black Teen Mob’  after football game, attacked other people before store clerk beating

About 13 days ago:

  Better hurry up and read the above link before it disappears like the last one (above).  Here is the problem with this issue; Unless people start addressing their color, we are going to have MANY innocent victims. We will have many innocent victims because of the racist MSM, who hates white people, obviously.  If they didn’t hate white people, they would report the truth.

Sorry P.C. America: Victims Of Terrorist Black ‘Flash Mobs’ Are WHITE~Excellent Article-MUST C

Here is the dirty little secret that PC media has been tiptoeing around all summer regarding the black TERRORIST ‘flash mobs’—the perpetrators are African-Firsters and the victims are mostly white.

Read it all, IF you have the guts.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, which did not  identify the race of the attackers (they were called “unruly teens”) or victims in stories, quoted one of the victims in Center City, Jeremy Schenkel.

COPY AND PASTEhttp://tinyurl.com/43yfh7u  

This had better stop with bad black people.  I had a horrible dream.  In the dream, white groups started killing black people that were INNOCENT.  You bad blacks had better stop, this is serious


  View Image

 FOX, MSNBC, CNN, FNC, ABC, CBS, ETC had totally failed the America white community.

They report these horrific acts (FLASH MOBS) this last 10 days, as ‘kids’. They are not just ‘kids’, they are BLACK kids that are taught to hate white people.  Yeah, that means you,  Anderson Pooper,  Chrissy Wallace, O’Reilly, ETC..ALL OF YOU:  Traitors to the max.  If these flash mobs had been white ‘kids’, we would never hear the end of it, **NEVER**.

  In Chicago, these racist blacks screamed “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE!” Sending white people into horror and terror. Why? Because in damned Shitcago, they (those ‘evil white devils) cannot even possess the proper firearm.

  These young people have been taught to despise like this and you can thank your own damned selves, you leftist CRUMBS. To be honest, I cant wait until it comes down on you. When you go help that enraged black…and he kicks your sorry ass. I live to see that day.

  The miscreant news stations are not only traitors of the worst sort, they have sat back while Grandma and Grandpa have been beaten by bad black people. They have stayed silent when the white woman gets raped by a black male. They have enabled genocide with the silence of the illegal invasion, over 30K Americans have been murdered by illegals since 9/11/01. We might as well be in NAZI Germany, or Commie Russia, with this lousy MSM -the media IS satanic!! Go and look at the stats on black on white crime. 


If you are white, scared, & live in these areas that are predominantly black or hispanic- please start reading this website below on a daily basis. PLEASE get a weapon. It is obvious that the MSM and the P.D. will not be of any help.  Obama has enabled race-hatred, race crimes worse than ANY other prez ever.  Protect yourself. STOP listening to their phoney race claims, they are LYING!!!!!!!

You are not the ‘racist’, you are the VICTIM now.


The Thug Report | Urban Crime News Straight From Da Hood

Obama Black-Americans Flash Mob All Over America, 6 Days, Straight

Like Donna said “OBAMAS AMERICA”

(See our other 10 plus posts and you will find the rest of this insanity)



St. Paul, Minnesota:

Las Vegas:

Obama has enabled BAD blacks in a violent way.  It is because Eric Holder allowed the Black Panthers to go scot free. Obama has also enabled left wing politics of paralysis that scream racism every 5 seconds for no apparent reason. 

Out of control lawlessness is here. Doesn’t it make you liberal LUNATICS nuts when Beck is always right about these things? 

Oh….We know, you don’t like the post…….

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