NYC Religious, Jewish People: LEARN SELF DEFENSE Against Those Black Schmucks

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Some Jew hating black schmucks (black Israelite idiots) in NYC are on a ‘beat the religious Jews’ rampage.

Anyone who knows me understands I have a very soft spot for Orthodox Jews. (NOT the Schumer/Schiff types)  I have talked to quite a few Orthodox Jews over the years and the elderly religious Jews always seem to have pearls of wisdom that I really appreciate.  Its not that I don’t ‘like’ secular Jews.  Many are just moderate to Conservative who I personally know up here in the boonies. I have been to the Synagogue up here on quite a few occasions.   Mel, (our writer) is a butterfly Jewish man who sees horrible crimes taking place and I admire his courage to write about these experiences here.

However, that being said.. One thing that many religious Jews do not seem to practice in wide-span numbers is self defense.  

Since there are quite a few Synagogues in NYC.. I don’t understand why religious Jews can’t gather their money and get teachers of Karate, Jiu-Jitsu or boxing.  Its ridiculous in a world gone insane to not practice any form of self defense.

I don’t understand why Orthodox Jews, (if they are going to wear religious garb) are not seasoned in weaponry.  They should be.  Religious Jews should be skilled in learning the use of knives, clubs, nunchucks, etc.  You should be carrying switchblades. ANY person, Jew or not should DEFEND HIS or HER self when attacked by a random thug.  

I don’t understand why Orthodox Jews are not  well-read, locked and loaded and studied in ‘Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership’:   I just don’t get why every religious Jew in NYC is not packing.

You can’t expect the law to help you.  They’re not going to, especially in NYC.  The people attacking you are black, Jew-hating, white, Christian-hating Nazi pigs.  What the hell does “Never Again” mean if you keep allowing this?  You don’t even come to the rescue of each other.  This is terrible.  You’re giving anyone who hates all Jews a pass to come and attack you at random.  Its ridiculous.  


(This post does not apply to the Left wing, radical “Jews” in office or Commie Jews who are destroyers.)

More White-Hate Against “Monster” Whites, Jews ETC,~The Black Israelites..

Feel the LOVE from the Black Israelites 😉 Like they give a damn about the ‘palestinians’ OR Israel- ROFL….  This “Jew” in the vid is trying to make nicey-nice with this black-racist moronic jackass.. They take up for the “palestinians”, yet call the A-rabs a bunch of Towel heads.. Man…I Love the sweetness of these freaks! Neverending entertainment galore!!

Now listen to a SANE voice of reason… Pastor Manning:


Black RACIST “Israelite” Tells Patriotic Jewish Girl All About Hitler, ETC…

Hate Sells: Why LiberalThis Youtube went up in 2008. Where was the MSM?  Its not racism when THEY do it, eh?

  Well, dumbass liberal whitey, you did this to yourselves., in my opinion.  You treat a people like animals, you get animal-like behavior.  You let bad blacks get away with murder, hide their crimes, do not hold them accountable, and tell us that he is ‘fighting the oppressor’ & that is not racism because the minorities are oppressed.. bla bla bla- MORONS.

   Now…..the chickens come home to roost.  Liberals are such g’d fking racists, it is incredible.  They put this type person on a pedastol, and nevermind the accountablility.  YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN, especially YOU, stupid dumbass LIBERAL “Jews.”

Lets not forget the fact that ‘evil’ stupid whitey pays for the minorities, feeds, clothes, and houses the sweety black Israelite slimes, no doubt….