My Rebuttal To 2014 #WhitePrivilege Conference: ‘The Pitfalls Of Working With Black People’

Rebuttal: ‘Pitfalls Of Working With Black People’

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Communists from the White Privilege conference of 2014 listed 29 reasons why working with white people is a pitfall.  I have taken the liberty of explaining why working with blacks can be bad for you.  Liberal, black Democrats of course:

Here is their list:  Larger – Gateway Pundit

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Here is my rebuttal:

Scan0092Keep yourselves away from these people.


Black Bastards Murder, Knock Out Whites, Beat White Woman, & Elderly White Men All Over America

Black Bastards Murder,  Knock Out Whites, Beating White Women, & Elderly White Men All Over America

It doesn’t matter what country these black males are in, they just can’t seem to act civilized.  These ‘people’ (people in the loosest sense) are a bunch of savages barely removed from the jungle.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the schvartze sleeps tonight.    Or in our case, they’re up all day beating whitey.

70-year-old beaten by two blacks while trying to slow down cars in his neighborhood


Savages not yet identified but they’re black


Man (Son of Obama) severely beat white woman in West Side robbery, police say


Betty Whiteley


Jerry Smith

Docs: (Black) suspect in brutal murders of two white women was disgruntled ex-employee


Kelly Erb Marylyn Erb


Christian Rene Haley

Charlottesville Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for ‘Hateful Nature’  (Blacks ‘knock out’ white couple & other whites.)  They shut down the comment section of the aforementioned post because it was ‘hateful’ against black people.  What do they call these racial beatings? Love???

If this white man had a gun, we would have one less black problem.

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-David Ben Moshe

PS:  Happy New Year which is starting out as expected.

“Knockout Game” Is Not A New Phenomena. Blacks Have Been Beating Whitey For DECADES, You IDIOTS.

“Knockout Game” Is Not A New Phenomena.  Blacks Have Been Beating Whitey For DECADES, You IDIOTS.

“Knock out” is just something many black people do to white people on a daily basis.  They don’t have to ‘make up’ a game, they do this at random. We have a serious, racial problem in America: Black on white crime

It’s all over the blogosphere, again.. But, nothing ever gets done about black on white crime.  You ‘conservatives’ talk about it until it’s ‘run its news course.’  The ONLY thing that happens when we talk about this issue – is phony conservatives and Commie-liberals calling us a racists if we expose this genocide.

 “Knockout” is not a ‘new’ phenomena.  It’s been going on for decades.  One of the first white people to be intimidated & taken out, completely– was Betty Van Patter, a leftist who was helping Huey Newton (Leader of the Black Panther militants) in the 1970’s. 

Former Communist, David Horowitz raised money for the Black Panther Party and the BLA  up until early 1975 through the Panther “Learning Center.” His ex-bookeeper and friend Betty Van Patter  was murdered by the Black Panthers (Huey Newton) on December 13, 1974 while working for the Panther “Learning Center.”

When Huey Newton got away with murdering Betty Van Patter, (LITERALLY),  many blacks got wind of the news and have been murdering white people ever since. This is a fact if you look into the stats & when it all started.

In Boston, Mass, blacks murdered over 200 Jews.  This was also in the 1970’s.  Now, Obama’s sons play Knock-out” the Jew in Brooklyn.  Rabbi Antleman (a great Rabbi) wrote all about this in his book: TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE, VOL.1 VOL.2.   I suggest you read it. 

Today, Greta Van Sustern is pleading with Obama to ‘say something’ about this ‘knock out’ game:  Greta Van Susteren Exposes Murderous Black Thug ‘Knockout Game’  BUT-Why does she say nothing about the tens of thousands, possibly over a million DEAD/MURDERED white people since the 1970’s?  I like Van Sustern, but come on!!!!  This is genocide.  Why is it only important when a black person gets killed by a white person?  Why is it not important and racist when blacks do this to white people–every damned day!!??

Conservatives that do not engage in posting, blogging, or, God willing,  live activism etc.. are aiding and abetting the genocide of white people.  

White people die DAILY at the hands of the violent sons of OBAMA.  Stop talking about the ‘right’ being “Nazi”, Commie-Liberals – when you are the ones that are FOR white genocide & keep it silent.   You talk on your TV opinion shows, often, about ‘old’ whites and white people in evil, dehumanizing tones

Just pretend it’s not happening, maybe it will go away.

Victory! Wisconsin DPI deletes online library of “white privilege” articles

Victory! Wisconisn DPI deletes online library of “white privilege” articles

My wife also called the WI DPI this last weekend.  They are out of touch with what is really happening in America.  White people are not privileged in the US.  They are treated as the blacks were treated by the whites in the south.  Only now, it is the whites that are raped, robbed and murdered—by blacks.

Victory! Wisconisn DPI deletes online library of “white privilege” articles

(The C of CC is responsible for this campaign against WI DPI)

Must have been this video that helped shut their anti white ‘library’ down:

Lib Loses Job: Called Black Conservative “Aunt Tom”. When Racial Slurs Are Said Against White People, Nobody Cares

You can say anything racist about a white person.  You can even call for the murder of white people and they babies.  Blacks murder, rape and rob white people on a daily basis and thats OK.  Its open season on the white man.  Why is it that the only racism is against black people?   I have been a victim of serious racism; beaten, robbed, a family member raped and its all OK.  

Racism is racism. Black on white, white on black.  It is a subject close to my heart because I have been a victim and have seen the injustice.  But, I guess whites deserve it for 140 plus years ago with slavery n all… Whatever. My family didn’t own slaves.  Now, the white is the slave to the black Gestapo in the White House.  Enjoy Yo’MeriKa.

Click: Liberal Loses His Job For Using Racial Slur Against Black Conservative

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PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign

PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign.. You can ask almost ANY white person in Amerika of the racism directed at them, they all have a story about it.  I know all about it. Donna knows all about it. My whole family knows all about it.    The racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE, now.   And has been for 30 years.   Serious racism; rapings, beatings, robbings, murder.  But, it is never a hate/racial-crime when a person of ‘color’ does it, because we are all  ‘oppressors.’  Bullshit.   Ya’all walk a mile in my shoes; Portugee-Jew, Iroquois/Aryan-Christian.  I was doomed at birth… 😀

BTW: I notice that the Black Panthers can threaten to murder ‘pink people’ and that’s OK.. Watch some Aryan Bro’hood say that shit about a black or a Mexican, he would be in the slammer by now. 


Black On White Racist Indoctrination: Black Kids Beat White Woman Pinata In TN

Black On White Racist Indoctrination: Black Kids Beat White Woman Pinata In TN… 

So, imagine if this was a black pinata with a hoodie.  Are you kidding?  The outrage would never end. They are trying to say that this is a “Luau”.  My ass its a friggin luau.  They dont have luaus that beat white women pinatas;  They would have had –IF– it was even a luau, a big, tropical pinata fish.

This is what teachers are teaching black kids in school:


Read this crap here.


‘We DO realize that there are innocent black people that are respectable, same with the Jewish & Hispanic community. But as for these ‘minorities’, the bad ones are making them all look terrible, which is why conservative blacks, right minded Jews and conservative Hispanics MUST speak out in rebuke to their people. I know that leftist-Jews are not dumb and violent, but they egg this evil behavior on, Shamefully.’

Racist Black Blogger Says: “White CRACKER Man Beaten With Hammer In Sanford, FL Deserved Every Blow”

Racist Black Blogger Says: “White CRACKER Man Beaten With Hammer In Sanford, FL Deserved Every Blow” (Obviously, he does not read the news, as Zimmerman is VERY Hispanic)  Sounds like the black version of the KKK, who used to say “I killed me a nigger, and I aint sorry“….Same thing, only black.

This is what these people really think of whites, you all better wake your asses up, that means you stupid, idiot white-liberals that have enabled this EVIL behavior.

Name, Email address & IP withheld for TOS purposes.  I would advise all gun club owners/gun clubs that this is what is happening at their ranges.

Contact the NRA, tell them. Print this up with the original comment

N. Turner

Your pathetic blog…It is to laugh. The cracker allegedly “beat with a hammer” deserved every blow! I hope he dies a slow painful death. I hope he only gains enough consciousness to feel an agonizing death. I don’t want him to remember his puke family at all…his last memory should be getting his cranium cracked wide open.

P.s. Lol @ you peckerwoods thinking you’re the only ones prepared! I’m at the range weekly…I always take 2 or 3 with me!