Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists: We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists:  We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

First of all…they are not even ‘Liberal’.  What a lie!! Look up Liberal in the dictionary–they are opposite of the definition. They call themselves “Liberal” so they can HIDE their real motives..

Almost all acts of terror are committed in America BY Liberals.  They also enable Jihad Muslims.  Left-wing terrorists are everywhere.  When they call God fearing Christians and Conservatives ‘terrorists’, they are only projecting their own insanity.  These Liberals are in your neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping markets, malls–plotting to kill your country.  Since the 1880’s, the left wing cabal of red terror has been scaring Americans.  They have no control.  They will even commit treason for the greater good: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

They want our guns to terrorize and murder us.  So, we need to remove fire-arms from ALL Liberals.  They are not worthy to possess guns.  Liberals hate freedom, they hate liberty.  With a passion.  They are only for huge government fascism like the Communists and the NAZIs. Liberals MUST be disarmed. They abuse their power to the max when in control.  Even their idiot “President” Obama starts little wars all over the east to terrorize little countries with HIS guns.  We never see Obama threatening to invade China or Russia because he is a BULLY.  That is what Liberals are: BULLIES.  A bully needs his/her power stripped.


The FBI arrested 5 #Occupy Cleveland protesters for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge in May 2012. The terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge: LEFTIST TERRORISTS.

Tim Wise believes you should execute whites who are Tea-party members (TERRORIST!)

We ALL know about Bill Ayers the LEFTIST/TERRORIST.

Black Panthers; TERRORISTS who want to murder whites and their babies.  They have Eric Holder (TERRORIST) who enables and protects them.

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:

a62The list goes on & on of Liberal-terrorists. They must be stopped.  If a right minded person EVER gets in office again, we must strip liberals of their guns, expeditiously.

S.F., California: 13 Year Old WHITE Girl Raped & Murdered By A Black Animal

If this was in reverse, it would be on the national news for the next 2 weeks.  We would hear how conservative American’s guns need to be taken.  The Obama regime would be on the TV 24/7, demanding our rights be infringed upon & the Black Panthers would have posters saying; “Kill Whitey”.

Even though the white population is only 28% in California, it’s still a one-way street.  It’s not racism when a black savage does this to a white person.  It’s only racism when the KKK comes out of hiding every 10 years to ‘kill themselves a nigger,’ Or when Republicans hold a Tea-party and dissent against Obama’s policies.

-Post by David Ben Moshe

Gif by The Mad Jewess

Gif by The Mad Jewess

Black Supremacists Vs. White Supremacists: Whites Get Arrested In FL, Blacks Go Scot-Free

That’s America, now. 
The white supremacists were planning to kill minorities, illegals, blacks and Jews.  The blacks supremacists: If you want freedom, you will have to ‘kill white crackers and their babies.’    If you defend yourself against the Trayvons of this world, you will be hunted down, and a 10 K bounty will be placed on your head, courtesy of the Black Panthers.  If you are white, angry, and thinking about things, you will be arrested.  Personally, supremacist groups don’t bother me.  If they want to be that way, that’s fine, (I am locked and loaded, so I dont give a damn, I shoot back.)

Acting out, in public, advising to murder ALL white people is grounds for arrest and possible jail time. If you are acting out in public, saying “kill ALL minorities, illegals, blacks and Jews”, you should get arrested, tit for tat.  Evidently, these supremacists were preparing for defense. So, if you are white, and preparing for defense, be careful, you WILL be arrested and no doubt, they will probably label you as a ‘white supremacist.’


This is hate:

NOT hate:


NOT hate:

Trayvon Martin Case: 6 Shots Fired Into Police Car Near George Zimmerman Home

Trayvon Martin Case: 6 Shots Fired Into Police Car Near George Zimmerman Home
I was reading last night that many black people have been brainwashed to kill off white cops.  This was in the book called The Race Card, which I think you all should purchase to see just how bad this problem is with minorities/blacks, etc.

Violent Van Jones Goes Free & Aulaqi Killed~Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

I really dont get it.  Yes, Aulaqi was a talking-head terrorist, calling for bombing America, yes, he should have been killed.  Yet, Van Jones calls for “offense” against Conservative Americans (Violence against Americans.)  And goes scot-free.  All on the same day as Aulaqis death!!!! NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE.

  Leftists have been plotting for YEARS to crush America, have given aid and comfort to enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet, they are allowed to walk around, stirring shit, calling for violence just as Aulaqi did–especially Van Jones and Michael Moore, but they go SCOT FREE just because  they are ‘liberals’.     We LET these ENEMIES go scot free, inc the Black Panthers who want to ‘kill crackers and their babies’, yet Aulaqi was killed and these excrement live.  There is *NO* real justice anymore, if there was, leftists would be hung for treason, along with the Black Panthers & La Raza, both leftist terrorist groups..  

But,…… this is not a sane world.

What in the hell is the difference:

NPR’s History With The Murderous Black Panthers, They Should Have Been Cut OFF Long Ago

Go to fullsize imageMumia Abu Jamal was a Black Panther who shot a 25 year old Police officer. He continued to pump bullets into the fallen officer, while the officer was dying on the ground, he was laughing about it the whole time. NPR supported this murderer and gave him a radio program, to voice his hatred and murder. My question is, why did it take some taped sessions of the NPR undercover to cut off their funding?  This incident with this officer should have BURIED these bastards. Jamal is on death row, since the early 1980’s, WHY is he still alive? And what’s more, WHY do we have to wait until now to cut these enemies off at the root?

Mumia Abu-Jamal commentaries

In 1994, NPR arranged to air commentaries by convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal on All Things Considered, but canceled them after the Fraternal Order of Police and members of the U. S. Congress objected to the airing.

  • NAACP Head Says Black Panthers “Made Up Creation Of Fox News” But Ahmadinejad Meets With Them In NYC?

    The Head of the NAACP says that the Black Panthers are a ‘made up creation’ of Fox News, yet, Ahmadinejad meets with them??  

    WHY has NOBODY covered the story of the Head of the NAACP saying that the Black Panthers are made up? WHY!!!! G’DAMMIT!!! WHY!

    SEE: Ahmadinejad meets Farrakhan, New Black Panthers on NY trip

    King Shabazz- Black Panthers: “I love fightin Me Some Crackas, We have To Get RID Of Cops”

     You Suck Why in the hell do they not show this shit on the MSM?  WHY!!!! WHY IN THE F-CKING HELL DO THEY NOT SHOW THIS SHIT ON THE G’DAMNED MSM? Why is the Black Panther scandal SHOVED to a back burner? WHY?! I have shown the “Kill whitey T-Shirt” And STILL we let these sonofabitches go FREE.

    See this casually forgotten video of this absolute fking fruitcake! This is the stunning, forgotten video from Naked Emperor News.

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