The Holy Grail “N” Word More Important Than A Murder Conviction Now

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  People ask me why I am so nasty about racism, why I cut to the chase. America is so ‘politically-correct’ (COMMUNIST) now, that even CONservatives are scared to death to be called a RACIST!!!! Ya’all are racists, and can’t fool me. Everyone is a bigot. It is human nature.  Most case scenerios, you will find that the ‘liberals’ are the worst racists of all.

  For ie:  I was in a chat-room right after Obama received his coronation, and a young white male got on the microphone. He told the room, flat out, that he had voted for Barack HUSSEIN Obama for one reason; He is black. I asked him why in the hell would he vote for someone SOLELY based on color. He informed me that he suffers from ‘white guilt.‘  This is no lie. Most white people that voted for Obama suffer from ‘white guilt.’  So, somewhere in their brain, they feel guilty of what they have done to a black person…?   Crazy world. I didnt vote for Obama, because it is simple enough to me. The mans name is Muslim.  And not just some name like Alladin. I could’ve handled that. But HUSSEIN?  NO CAN DO.  Why in GODS NAME would I vote for a person named Hussein, while our men ar at war in Muslims lands, namely in Iraq, uh…Sadam Hussein ring a bell?   Nevermind Obama’s horrible 129x present voting record and being the most ‘liberal’ senator…Thats a whole different story.

  Now, we have cases of murder being dismissed in the USSA because a prosecutor uses nasty, racial epitaphs. Makes sense to me, if you start looking at America in an insane light.  “Racism” and the holy grail “N” word is more important than murder. This is a damned sick nation. This totally gives minorities an upper hand to murder, rob, steal, etc. The race card has destroyed this nation. I hope ya’ all are HAPPY, you will get what you asked for. When the judgement day comes, I will be happy that you will burn. I will. When I see ‘liberals’ starving to death, I will have NO compassion.

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Thats Racist