‘KnockOut Game’ Breaking News: Woman Punched In Face By Black Male In Los Gatos. @BrianBeutler

‘KnockOut Game’ Breaking News: Woman Punched In Face By Black Male In Los Gatos. @BrianBeulter

Brian Beulter from “the Salon” says patriots/conservatives are obsessed with black on white crime.  No, black males are obsessed with knocking out innocent people.  Where is Eric Holder?  He’s out looking for white Nazis.  Many left-wing rags say this is a pretend phenomena.

We hope this lady is faring well after being hit so hard:

CBS: Woman Sucker Punched In Possible ‘Knockout Game‘ Attack In Upscale Los Gatos

NBC: Woman Punched in LWoman Punched in Los Gatos May Have Been Victim of Knockout Game

Patch: Los Gatos May Be Related to “Knockout Game

In NYC, the NYPD calls the ‘knock out game’, harassment: New York cops think this woman being hit in the face is simply HARASSMENT?  Hat tip:


-David Ben Moshe

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

Breitbart’s @JoelPollack  OUTRIGHT LIES About ‘Race Relations Being Better’ In SA Post Mandela

Little white South African girl who was beaten just for being white:


Sure, Pollack brings up some negatives.. But, to just outright LIE about racial relations being ‘dramatically better’ makes me want to puke.

I get so damned sick and tired of the LIES these phoney’s spread.  This moron states:

Race relations are dramatically better. Mandela brought South Africa from the brink of civil war to a unity that was once unthinkable. Politicians continue to exploit race, but everyday relations among members of the “Rainbow Nation” are good, though some ‘grievances’ remain. An entire generation has grown up with no direct experience of apartheid,  and against the backdrop of a vibrant cultural cross-pollination. One problem is the position of the formerly dominant Afrikaans-speaking minority, whose language is being pushed aside.


So, race relations are better for the South Africans?  What a liar.  South Africa is now the murder capital of the world and the blacks there are going to make every, single white person pay for ‘apartheid.’     Over 64,000 whites have been murdered by black South Africans since Mandela became KING: See for yourself   Go ahead Joel…Tell us how the # is not accurate…Isn’t that the same garbage we hear from people that deny the # of the German Holocaust victims, JOEL? 

South Africa is a hell hole with daily insanity:

In September 2013 the police reported that they had “made more than 14,000 arrests at Communist/liberaol protests in the past four years in SA- see here: CLICK (Wikipedia)

The nuts in South Africa even protest delivery services: See this new site for yourself.

The ‘flash mob’ loot stores and steal millions in jewelry & other in S.A.  See this news site here


Sell your BS somewhere else, JOEL.

South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished, and where whites are anything but the citizens of a democratic country which honors the principles of equality and freedom. From David Horowitz

AU Murderer, J. Edwards #HATETHEM Sister: White Racism Is Giving Brother Tougher Charges

AU Murderer J. Edwards #HATETHEM Sister: White Racism Is Giving Brother Tougher Charges

Is this the same James Edwards who hates 90% white people and believes they are nasty???  How much do you want to bet that Sharpton and Jackson will get involved, now?



James’ older sister said she believed racism was a factor in the charges, with the two African-American boys receiving the tougher charges.

Read more: here

PS- This hate/race crime is not a ‘conspiracy’ to keep you diverted from what Obama is doing. America has kept this problem under the rug for 30 years.  This out-of-control black on white crime and anti-white racism has been going on for decades, must be addressed and stopped—by any means possible.

-David Ben Moshe

#BlackPrivilege: Sons Of Obama Scream “Honky, White Trash, Cracker” As They Beat White Person

#BlackPrivilege: Sons Of Obama Scream “Honky, White Trash, Cracker” As They Beat White Person

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

This event went under the radar.  The crime occurred on April 12, 2013.  Had the race been reversed, it would have been front page news for 10 years with the headlines saying; “All whites are racists, see?”

One of the perpetrators:

Click-Racially motivated mob attack in Louisville, KY


  View Image

 FOX, MSNBC, CNN, FNC, ABC, CBS, ETC had totally failed the America white community.

They report these horrific acts (FLASH MOBS) this last 10 days, as ‘kids’. They are not just ‘kids’, they are BLACK kids that are taught to hate white people.  Yeah, that means you,  Anderson Pooper,  Chrissy Wallace, O’Reilly, ETC..ALL OF YOU:  Traitors to the max.  If these flash mobs had been white ‘kids’, we would never hear the end of it, **NEVER**.

  In Chicago, these racist blacks screamed “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE!” Sending white people into horror and terror. Why? Because in damned Shitcago, they (those ‘evil white devils) cannot even possess the proper firearm.

  These young people have been taught to despise like this and you can thank your own damned selves, you leftist CRUMBS. To be honest, I cant wait until it comes down on you. When you go help that enraged black…and he kicks your sorry ass. I live to see that day.

  The miscreant news stations are not only traitors of the worst sort, they have sat back while Grandma and Grandpa have been beaten by bad black people. They have stayed silent when the white woman gets raped by a black male. They have enabled genocide with the silence of the illegal invasion, over 30K Americans have been murdered by illegals since 9/11/01. We might as well be in NAZI Germany, or Commie Russia, with this lousy MSM -the media IS satanic!! Go and look at the stats on black on white crime. 


If you are white, scared, & live in these areas that are predominantly black or hispanic- please start reading this website below on a daily basis. PLEASE get a weapon. It is obvious that the MSM and the P.D. will not be of any help.  Obama has enabled race-hatred, race crimes worse than ANY other prez ever.  Protect yourself. STOP listening to their phoney race claims, they are LYING!!!!!!!

You are not the ‘racist’, you are the VICTIM now.


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