Another Murderous Week Of White Hatred Perpetrated By “Sons Of Obama”

Another Murderous Week Of White Hatred Perpetrated By “Sons Of Obama”

Contributed by Mr. Mad Jewess (David Ben Moshe)

These murders are not important to Americans.  Only Trayvon is important.  When do the lives of productive people count?  What will it take for Americans of all colors to understand that many black people hate anyone who is not like them??  This is not racism in ‘reverse’.  This is murderous, black supremacy.  1,000 times worse than white supremacy ever was.

Council of Concerned Citizens stories:

See: Trayvon Martin revenge hate crime mob attack in DC

See: Ohio Highway Patrolman gave thugs a lift right before they allegedly shot a man in the head

Thank you for your hard work, New Nation News Stories:

SEE: John Paulsen, Kansas Native, Musician, Hotel Director, Killed: “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”

SEE: Police: Assault, Robbery by Three Black Males Investigated as Hate Bias

SEE: Adam Peavey : 5 shot; 3 dead after shooting rampage in SLC 

Perp, Adam Peavey: (Who is now dead at his own hands)

Adam Peavey

3 of his victims:

Shane StreeterKeith Lewis RobertsJustin Rivera

Videos: Eight Patriots Stand Up To Violent Mob Of #Communist Demonstrators In DC On May Day

Eight Patriots Stand up to violent mob of #Communist Marxist Demonstrators in DC On May Day

My comments about these videos-

First of all: Why are there Communists in America?  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg’s execution was not enough to send their cohorts them to a Communist country.

Second: ‘There is no racism against white people?’  What is the definition of racism? Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.  Racism can be in anyone.

Myself, for eg. I have no more tolerance for the angry blacks in our society that hate white people.  If that’s racist, so be it.  At any rate, this is the society that the Marxists have created; Division, chaos and murderous, violent mobs.  It certainly has not been patriots that created this mess.

Click: Eight patriots stand up to violent mob of Communist demonstrators in DC

-David Ben Moshe

‘Bout Time!!! Detroit: Robbery Victims Fight Back & Open Fire On Thugs

‘Bout Time-Detroit: Robbery Victims Fight Back & Open Fire On Thugs

Twice this week robbers in Detroit were shot by concealed carry holders who refused to be victims.

Dat racis.



George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘No White President Would Have Gotten Away With Playing The Race Card’

George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘No White President Would Have Gotten Away With Playing The Race Card’

Obama is a bro, that’s all he knows.  He’s the affirmative-action HNIC.  No white President would have gotten away with what Obama gets away with.  No white person would have been able to take the office of the President without showing who he was.  But, Obama can because he’s black.  There is a race problem in America: Black supremacy.

Bank Attacks~Why Are We Broke? An Answer: ACLU Sues Morgan Stanley For “Racial” Bias In Mortgage Business

If you can’t pay your mortgage, or can’t get a mortgage. Don’t worry.  The ACLU will help you get a loan just by screaming racist because you were too dumb to begin with to do the math.

It’s an all out attack on the banks on behalf of ‘poor’ people who could not afford a home in the first place.

The ACLU is a non-movement that enables illegals, rapists & murderers. Civilian liberties are to insure that minorities have the same moral rights.  Plenty of Americans cannot pay their mortgages because of the boom.  They have gone on with life. Not minorities. In the end, we the tax-payer will be bailing everyone out. Including illegals, rapists and murderers.

Read it here.

Everyone LOVES The 1950’s Except The Psychopathic, Idiotic, Asinine, Moron “Liberals”

Background of rock music (1950s–early 1960s) ~ The Music History

Last night I was watching “Under the Streetlamp”, 4 young men that perform tributes to the 1950’s Doo-wop & Pop.  These guys are dressed sharp, sing fabulous (no screaming rap crap) tap dance and WOW audiences that love the music from the 1950’s & early 1960’s (Before sicko hippy & acid rock made it big for stupid, leftist jerks).

…And, it’s not just the music of the 50’s.  Its was the dress, the cars, the little white house & the picket fence, the safety in the streets, the common culture, the new shows on TV (Ed Sullivan, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners), the movies in wide screen, the fashion was wonderful (It is copied now on a pretty big scale, especially with women that HATE feminism.)   Restaurants had great entertainment, a single income earner made enough to supply his whole family.  Manufacturing (jobs were HERE, not in Asia). America exported over 50% of manufacturing to the whole world.  Now, its China because of LIBERALISM (in both evil parties.)

But, the idiotic, jackass, moron liberals only bring up; that women were not equal, or racism that existed in the SOUTHERN states.  These are the only points that the liberals can ever remember. They never ponder on the good because liberals are bad, evil, crummy people.  And like all bad folk, only focus on the negatives, never the positives. 

What do liberals have to show for their own “Utopian” sick 1960’s decade? Soaring high crime, Racial riots, Feminist-supremacy, black-supremacy, an anti-war movement that was NOT anti war, it was just anti-American patriotism.  Truly, if it was an anti-war movement, they would have united and fought to bring the men home in a moral way, not by getting stoned on drugs and acid..  In fact, X-radical Commie, David Horowitz, who conducted most of the protests through the leftist rag; “the Rampart” magazine, confessed that it was a movement to tear down America and instill a Marxist utopia. (Something that never works in ANY country.)  The only reason that the liberals hated the 50’s is because they were bratty, nasty, rotten, no-good kids.  Their parents gave everything to them and like most spoiled shitheads, they hated their parents for being ‘too good.’    In all essence, their parents should have whipped their sorry asses.

The Obama campaign of lunacy seems to think it is a great put-down to say we all want to ‘go back to the 1950’s.‘  It is NO put-down to love something that was just better than now, more moral than now, by far.  More Christian than now and they were proud of it.  Definitely more patriotic, God fearing and nationalistic in a GOOD way, not the leftist/NAZI, fascistic nationalism we have now.

We love the 1950’s here in my home and appreciate the price that our grandfathers had to pay during WW2.  True, there is always wrong and always right in any decade, war etc…  For the most part, the WW2 generation made America what it became through the 50’s.  The liberal slobs can shove it up their ass.  I am proud of what America WAS.   I would give just about anything to go back to a to a time when this country was not immoral, with creepy-sounding music, horrible movies and TV. It is now; Communist, filthy, faggy, slutty and a downright disgusting, debaucherous, reprobate nation of zero’s.

These 4 guys inspired me to write against the Commie crud that Hussein Obama is preaching from the anti-Christ pulpit against apple-pie America.

29 Plus Blacks Beat Up ONE White Couple-No Outrage. Imagine This In Reverse…

Can you friggin believe this?? 100. 100 vs. 2.  If you are not locked an loaded, you are an IDIOT.  Picture this; 100 KKK members storm to Norfolk, VA.. They beat up a black couple.  YOU tell me what would happen.  Just who is the racist here?  AmeriKa has a serious racial issue. Many blacks hate whites so much, because they have been completely brainwashed to hate them, via school, courtesy of the American cancer: “LIBERALS”.
Please pray for this couple.  Pray hard.  This is sick and disgusting.  In tears.. I am in tears.


When a leader is evil, the people will be evil.

Sanford, FL~Black Racist-Supremacist Assaults White Victim Who Shoots Back In Self-Defense & Gets Charged W/ 1st Degree

Sanford, FL~Black Racist-Supremacist Man Assaults White Victim, White Victim Shoots Back In Self-Defense

The black, racist-supremacist hit this man (Corey Rose) across his face with HIS gun.  Rose could not take anymore, went back after him and shot him back.

People ask me why I call these bad blacks, ‘supremacists’.  Are you kidding?  A person shoots back in SELF DEFENSE and it is 1st degree murder?  They are the supreme, you are the nothing, you got that, white people?  If you are not locked and loaded, you ARE a sitting duck.

Picture from CofCC. If you dont know that site by now, you are a moron.  Yep, they are white nationalists, who seem to be the ONLY ones that give a damn about American whites..Nobody else seems to care.. I know they do not like Jews.  I am used to not being liked. I dont give a shit if people dont ‘like’ me, I am concerned for Americans, and right now; American white people, who are victims of racial crimes on a DAILY basis.

You dont like where we link?  REPORT IT YOURSELF, you COWARDS.

‘We DO realize that there are innocent black people that are respectable, same with the Jewish & Hispanic community. But as for these ‘minorities’, the bad ones are making them all look terrible, which is why conservative blacks, right minded Jews and conservative Hispanics MUST speak out in rebuke to their people. I know that leftist-Jews are not dumb and violent, but they egg this evil behavior on, Shamefully.’