Black Domestic Terrorist “Flash Mob” Attack Other People Before Beating The Store Clerk, Dallas TX

Obama’s America, courtesy of Eric Holder’s decision to allow the Black Panthers Case to go scot free:

(A heroic, black lady saved the store clerk from being beat to death, thank God.)

‘Black Teen Mob’  after football game, attacked other people before store clerk beating

About 13 days ago:

  Better hurry up and read the above link before it disappears like the last one (above).  Here is the problem with this issue; Unless people start addressing their color, we are going to have MANY innocent victims. We will have many innocent victims because of the racist MSM, who hates white people, obviously.  If they didn’t hate white people, they would report the truth.

White Man Beaten Up By Terrorist Black Gang~Beaten 4 Being WHITE: THANKS Obama & Holder

Here we go again, more terrorism, black on white crime. Thanks to Obama. Thanks to Holder and his decision to allow the Black Panthers case to go SCOT FREE. 

This will continue if we do not throw OBAMA OUT, Period. AND, I mean before the election. Everyone is friggin worried about the Syria street.  How ’bout white-America street… you leftist, jackass, MORONS.

Van Jones Personally Responsible For Black Terrorism? (Flash Mobs) ~Indoctrinating The Military Now

BY~Raging Highlander:

The use of Organized Flash Mobs as a form of Terror

Go to fullsize image EXCERPT:

  ‘At Power Shift 2011 we flashmobbed a BP station to call attention to the Gulf and the mess that BP has left behind. Since then, flashmobs have been storming the country getting the word out, and building a national wave of demands to hold Big Oil accountable!’  (We took a picture, just in case)    SEE IT FOR THE DAMNED PROOF:

Does anyone still believe these violent flash mob beatings are spontaneous?  So, who is organizing them and who benefits?
The answer is the same old villains, Marxist Revolutionaries.
In their arsenal of terror over the last 100 years mob violence is just one of their murderous weapons.
Flash mobs are being organized to attack BP gas stations.

“Crowd Sourcing” as Van Jones put it in his speech during Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 16-19, 2011 was a harbinger of things to come. 

  His anger toward President Obama who fired him, Glen Beck and the “Tea Party” is evident.
Is terrorizing white middle class voters using black teenagers as pawns a new echelon in the realm of disgruntled former employees.
Was it some form of sick poetry to have kids invade a BP station over the July 4th weekend near Kilbourn Reservoir Park, Milwaukee?
This mob then beat the hell out of some white folks who came to watch the fireworks.  Here is a link to the “training video” on how to invade a BP station created by PowerShift2011 a few days after Van Jones was one keynote speaker, Friday, April 15, 2011, Washington DC.
The video title says “Flashmob actions (like this one!) at a BP near you”
For them in 2011, mob violence is also being used to stop revitalization of neighborhoods. 

Nice shops and new Condos, who doesn’t want that?
They don’t.
In their twisted thinking, like Able of the bible, they must attack their fellow man, dehumanize him as privileged, a thing to be beaten and killed.

Here is the video;