#WhitePrivilege: Teachers Have Been Fired For Grading Minority Tests Correctly

#WhitePrivilege: Teachers Have Been Fired For Grading Tests Correctly

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-


Decades ago, a very close friend of my wife, lets call her Mary, maybe because that was her name, had a dream to be a teacher. She was a moderate in the political realm and one day she received her teaching credentials. Being a moderate, she would fit right in with most of the other teachers, since there was little to argue about.

She found out the hard way, the very hard way, that teaching was not the way it was back in America’s great years. Mary was a 5th grade teacher. More than half of her students were black.  She worked hard to help them become bright pupils. When testing time came, she graded the students and to her dismay, many of the black students failed. The principal demanded she pass the students, regardless of the failing grades. Mary refused.

The students parents accused her of racism and the principal demanded that she be fired.  Her dream had exploded in her face.  She was never the same after that firing, suffering a nervous breakdown after her release, her Anorexia surfaced and her little body succumbed to cancer.

After she lost her ‘dream job’, she confided to The Mad Jewess, that many of the black students were dumb & didn’t even try to apply themselves. This is something she never realized and had to experience first-hand.

The 20 grade average coincides with the 23 passing grade in a south Florida school district back in the days when Jeb Bush was governor.

Part two of this story. The father of my TV show co host, Dov Ben Pesach, was a high school language teacher. As a young teacher he taught language class when his class was 100% white but as the years rolled on, he found more and more blacks in attendance.

The blacks failed the class while the whites passed. When enough blacks failed, Dov was called in to see the principal, who immediately told Dov to pass all of those black kids. Dov refused, stating that he doesn’t look at a kids skin color. He looks at their exam and if they pass, they pass and if they fail, he fails them. Dov refused to pass the failing kids even after the principal accused him of being a bad teacher and a racist. Funny that he wasn’t a bad teacher years earlier when his classes were white.

His health failed as the years passed, mainly due to the pressure to pass failing black kids as the number of blacks in class grew. Dov ended up in the ER with internal bleeding, misdiagnosed by a black doctor who claimed he was having a heart attack. When his regular doctor saw the charts, 2 days later, he saw immediately, that this was internal bleeding, but it was too late. Dov was gone.


How Long Before OUR Private Conversations Are Monitored & Made Public??

How Long Before ALL Of Our Private Conversations Are Monitored??

The Don sterling issued has me totally perplexed.  I am no fan of this “Progressive,” Don Sterling.  But, how long will it be before our own private conversations are monitored?

Thumbs Down (Gladiator)

I don’t agree with what he said, but I also take note that he said it in private.   He is a Liberal who has helped some pretty idiotic  Liberal causes.  AND, I don’t give a damn if he is a Jew, either..  I defended Cliven Bundy (Mormon)  for a separate issue that was on the same type point:  HERE

  But, whether I like this cat or not is not the issue.   My concern is:  How many lives will be destroyed before the far, left-wing radicals are happy?  What happened to Sterling was a witch-hunt.  What happened to Sterling was “Social justice.”  What happened to Sterling was Communism.  Is this how you want to roll?

I am not a fan of Megyn Kelly & rarely watch her.  But, last night, she had the best show on this subject:  What is the legality of banning LA Clippers owner for life?  Kelly goes on to explain that Sterling’s mistress is the one who broke the REAL law and she is correct.  But, Americans have turned to a Gladiator mentality where judgements are made if the thumb is up or down.  This is how immoral people rule.  

Mark Cuban believes that what happened to Sterling is a “Slippery Slope,” he is correct.  I told him so on Twitter:

This is his BIO:  Click

Here are excerpts of what Kareem Abdul Jabbar (what a name) stated:

“I hope whoever made this illegal tape is sent to prison,”  “Moral outrage is exhausting. And dangerous. The whole country has gotten a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the newest popular sport of Extreme Finger Wagging,”  “Yes, I’m angry, too, but not just about the sins of Donald Sterling. I’ve got a list. But let’s start with Sterling. I used to work for him, back in 2000 when I coached for the Clippers for three months. He was congenial, even inviting me to his daughter’s wedding. Nothing happened or was said to indicate he suffered from IPMS (Irritable Plantation Master Syndrome)…..”

I would caution you to weigh all situations that come up in the media.  Too many times, Americans believe unedited versions of tape/audio video recordings (like Bundy’s) or jump to conclusions & judgments like in the case of Sterling.   Don’t tell me you would defend my right to say what I want, yet throw people under the bus because you are swayed so easily by the MSM.  The Constitution protects Sterling’s private opinions whether you like it or not.

Again, is this how you want to roll?

Because this is what we ARE becoming.

NYC: Did Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” By Beating A Black Man Dec 1st?

Did The Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” Beating A Black Dec 1st?

Hoax? Hasidic Jews supposedly beat a black man in Brooklyn, NYC.  What do you think?  Did they do this to set an example? Or, is this black man making this up as we have seen with so many fake ‘hate crimes’?

The black man in this video seems to think that you should not be allowed to hit people like this and get away with it.  He called this a ‘hate crime.’ He says ‘we’re all equal.’   Did anyone tell him that his folks get away with these type crimes, daily?  I see that “Your Jewish News” [underneath link] calls the Shomrim a ‘vigilante group’, but they don’t call the black ‘knock out’ males, vigilantes.  Interesting.

Click- Members of Orthodox Jewish vigilante group Shomrim beat black man in Williamsburg and call him f****t

If this did happen and its not a hoax, perhaps blacks had better start rethinking their positions in beating whites, Jews and Asians because there are bound to be ramifications at some point.

-David Ben Moshe

The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

Image result for wake up"

Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT, feminists, atheists etc, etc.  are hated.  What you don’t seem to grasp is that people don’t just hate you out of nowhere. Some people don’t like minorities just because.  But, they are in a very small bracket.

You need to start facing facts:  You are hated because you are shoving your wants (not even needs) before the majority, who are white people and predominantly Christian.  You trample on whites and laugh while you do it. You write defaming articles on websites against white America with smug smiles.  You shove white people around with bogus lawsuits of phoney hatred.  Hatred that is actually in yourselves.

Jewish people are best when they stay out of Liberal politics & bless the nation that hosts them.  Your liberalism is a cancer in this nation.  Your love for militant homosexuality is an abomination and affront to God and you know this.  Your love for abortion is obscene.  Your anti-gun rants should have had you shot for treason long ago.  And, if that was not enough to prove to you that American whites are patient, I don’t know what is.  AIPAC is a waste.  Support Israel all you want, but having huge groups like this will cause resentment in dire strait, economic times.  The Tim Wise’s, the Dan Savages are some of the leading perpetrators of Jew-hatred. THEY are the ones that ‘make anti-semitism happen.’  Many Jews are BAD citizens.  Shameful and embarrassing to right minded, God fearing Jews who just want to live free in this country.  You top it off by calling yourselves the ‘true Jews’.  What a crock.  Repent to America, Humble yourselves.  Your evil is bringing Jew hate on ALL Jews.

Mexican people:  SPEAK ENGLISH. Stop demanding this nation cater to illegal people.  Stop going to welfare offices.  Stop supporting evil people as candidates for house/senate and President.  Encourage fellow Mexicans that don’t want to be legal citizens to GO HOME.  Stop the race-hatred against white American people. Stop pretending that America belongs to you–it doesn’t.   Mexico is for Mexicans, America is supposed to be for Americans. Stop La Raza and send them packing.  Stop your lying protests for ‘equality’.  It is white America who is treated like yesterdays garbage, NOT you.

Muslims:  Stop trying to shut people up that are trying to expose Jihad. And stop wanting to build mosques all over NYC.  ASSIMILATE.

Black people: STOP YOUR RACE-HUSTLING LIES.  A very small bracket of people hate you for your blackness.  They hate you because you are murdering, raping and robbing (mostly whites) all while blaming white people for all of your ills.  Everything is racist to you, BUT-nothing is racist. NOTHING.  This is 2013, not 1963.  Stop demanding whitey owes you–they owe you ZERO.  YOU owe THEM repentance and apology.  Your hip-hop, rap music is disgusting.  STOP IT. 

Bold people like Thomas Sowell, Col. Allen West, Alan Keyes, Star Parker, Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott, author: Raynard Jackson, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, and author Eric Rush to name just a few black conservatives who have been attacked, and called filthy, vile names by the very vermin who claim to be so tolerant.

Homosexuals: STOP thrusting your homosexuality on people that are not kosher with it.  You would have far more friends if you didn’t even converse about your sex life.  All this gay marriage has done has encouraged people to hate you.  Is this truly how you want to live?  Everyone hating you? Having deep animosity toward you?  Leave people alone. 

Feminists: You are not an oppressed class.  Women get equal pay, run for seats in office and are treated FAR better than white males.  Treating men like dogs is not going to help in efforts if violence against women continues.  The abortion fiasco of murder is turning.  Its best you turn with it instead of fighting the tide of people that are against baby-murder.  That’s what it is; Baby murder. 

What these groups need to do:

1. Repent, [change your heart.]

2. Stop harassing patriotic people.  Find common ground. Work toward freedom, work against Obama.  Obama is evil and you know it. Stop sticking up for this Bush 3rd term tyrant.  Help us impeach him, evict him and find a CENTRIST.

3. Fight against leftism.  It is anti-American. It is anti-freedom. It is anti-Constitution. It is also anti-moral.

4. Fight against open borders, it is against national laws.  We didn’t just go broke because of Obama.  We are IN DEBT and cannot afford  any more foreigners.  It has nothing to do with ‘xeno-phobia’.

5. Stop calling people that oppose insane policies- ‘racists, haters, etc’.  We’re not haters, we love our once great nation.  We’re not racists, we are sick of racial crimes perpetrated against white people.  WE are the true ‘anti racists.’

6. Help us work on getting silent prayer back in schools, at least. If a person that does not believe does not want to pray, so?  Why should EVERYONE suffer because of a few?  Thats not ‘collective’.

7. Help to work on INDIVIDUAL freedoms.  Like the 1st Amendment. STOP writing anti-1st Amendment articles and pushing for ‘hate crime’ laws.  People would not hate if you didnt act nuts.

If there is more, fee free to add your opinions and post this all over, thanks.  UNTIL we see a positive change, though, we have to keep dissenting and opposing you.

Real good change as I am describing will unite us.

The Facts: Many Blacks Want #Zimmerman Dead Just Because

The Facts: Most Blacks Want Zimmerman Dead Just Because

2 families:  One has upstanding citizens in their family with the head being a judge.  The other had a wanna be gangster father and a pot-smoking, violent son.


Are not many of these people the eternal malcontents? The same as the Commie-Liberal “Jews”?  

The facts are this:  Many Blacks seem to delight in blood.  [As we post here many days on their horrific crimes: Black on white crimes.]  These phoney outrage protests should come as no surprise that they want another dead person.  “A pound of flesh” seems to be their requirement of Americans for blacks.

Tonight, they are marching through Los Angeles.  When marches turn into riots, as they usually do with this type people, our safety should be in our right to keep and bear arms to use in self defense.. 

The ‘Princes of America’ (My husbands new coined phrase) have spoken; They will not receive this verdict.  To them, Trayvon is a boy.  I find this amusing that they call Martin a boy, yet scold  when someone else calls them ‘boy.’    At any rate-Trayvon is a child in their minds.  Never mind the fact that Martin was a pot-smoking hood who was also violent and a racist that made fun of crackas.  His Twitter handle was “NO LIMIT NIGGA”

Evidently, he had no limits:

But we all know (Those who research) that little, baby, child TRAYVON was a thug

October 2011

And this is what most Obamas sons really think of you patsy Commie libs:

I hope the Leftists pigs are happy tonight.  They have again enraged the black community for Obama into thinking Trayvon is like Medgar Evers..And Zimmerman is possibly a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  When this is over, we will have nobody to thank for this FAKE racial mess but the Communist drek that occupies this nation for the last 50 years. May they all rot in hell and die…speedily…God willing.


This post is not meant for patriotic black Americans, obviously.

One Of The Most Wonderful Pictures I’ve Ever Seen On Facebook

Had left-wingers not messed up this nation with their constant racial-baiting, think what it would be like….

Via facebook:

But, we have this, instead:


Things must change.


Leftist Brown University: Segregate White Homos From Minority Homos. Makes Sense In An Insane World

Leftist Brown University: Segregate White Homos From Minority Homos.  Makes Sense In An Insane World

Priding themselves on their multi-cult insanity curriculum, Brown university is pushing a ‘new’ agenda: Segregation.  It’s not racist when leftist/Commies do it.  Everything about the leftist liars is racism.  Just proves to me…that they ARE the epic racists.  Some people I know don’t like minorities all that much–but they don’t push their ideas all over the populace as the leftist/Commie, bullies do.

Here is Brown University

If we don’t get rid of the leftist cancer, this is the next possible alternative:

The Democrat Party Is FINISHED. It Will Be FOREVER Known As A People Of Treason & Lies

You think the GOP is done? Old, white and history?  Yes, they are finished because they threw out true conservatism/Christianity long ago. But, as bad as they are, they will not be remembered as being treasonous.  They will just be remembered as a party that ‘went along to get along.’  

When people see the real Obama in his complete power-grab of American liberty, you stupid democrats will come out of your slumber, but it will be too late.  

When the idiot, Obama tells you elderly dems that there is no more money in the S.S. fund, you will see that he is a rat-bastard.  But, it will be too late.

When you elderly dems have your medicare turned away because ‘we the people’ cannot pay, you will be sick and die, but it will be too late.  When the stock market continues to crumble, you will wonder why, but it will be too late.  When you start to see all of the big corps laying people off and letting people go from their jobs, you will be upset, but it will be too late.

When public schools start shutting down by the bushel because of deficit, you will curse Obama, but it will be too late.  When prices of food go up so high, that you will be eating canned food & top ramens, you will yell at your televisions, but it will be too late.  When you have your T.V’s shut off because ‘times are so bad’ that you cannot afford the tube anymore, you will whine and break down, but it will be too late.  

When you have to shut off your cell phones because you need gas and food more than a cell, it will be too late.

When you have to have your land-line for your phone shut off, you will feel helpless, but it will be too late. When you cannot take a shower because it is not affordable, you will get lice and weep, but it will be too late.   When you lose your homes, and your failed messiah cannot help you, you will cry but it will be too late. For those that still own homes, when UN agenda 21 comes to take your homes, you will cry out loud in the streets, but it will be too late. 

When you finally wake from your slumber and start to search out the REAL news of what is happening in the middle east and how your young men are dying by the boat-loads, you will wonder why it was never reported…but it will be too late.   When white people that you know are murdered, raped, robbed and beaten in numbers that will be unfathomable, you will hate Mexicans and blacks, but it will be too late.  When some of your very conservative neighbors are visited by the secret service, threatened & taken away, you will say “I am so sorry, neighbor”,  but it will be too late.  

When you dumbbell Jews see that Obama hates Israel with a passion and seeks to destroy it, you will weep with despair, but it will be too late.

When America is humbled by invasion, you will cry to God, and he will hear it because he is kind, but it will be too late.  When you finally hear the truth about how Obama was REALLY born in Kenya and usurped the White house,  you will be very angry & feel betrayed, but it will be too late.   Plus too many more things to count that will happen to the once great America…

And, finally, when you see that REAL Americans warned you about Obama, time and time again, you will come to apologize on your knees to us…..But,






Comments are on, but any & all leftists & nazis WILL be spammed.  Feel the fascism, YOU created it.  There is no free speech, anymore, YOU destroyed it.

(I will write why the GOP REALLY lost this wknd)