HELL No 2 #BernieSanders & #Bloomberg. NO “Jewish” Leftists For Prez.

No 2 #BernieSanders & #Bloomberg. NO “Jewish Leftists” For Prez.

Absolutely not.  NO Jewish leftists for Prez.  Are people insane??    Seriously.. I couldnt even get my words out because it is scary and distressing just sitting thinking about European style Leftist Jews in office.  Its frightful. 

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MUST SEE! BLOOMBERG~He Has An Islam Connection, Follow The $$

Please see the story on the TRAITOR, illegal, 3rd term SCHMUCK, Dhimmi-Dictator of NYC: BLOOMBERG-ISLAM CONNECTION? The BNI story which I called in to Michael Savage tonight and he read on air

Very Stupid Kaffir.

Leftists & Bloomberg Are Anti-“Gay”, In Favor Of Ground Zero Mosque

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper 74The TRUE “tolerence” of the left wing is shown in their REAL anti-‘gay’ stance, by supporting this G. Zero Mosque. The truth is: The left wing has turned on you ‘gays’. Thats the facts. They USE you for agenda and votes, and you ‘gays’ are too stupid to see it.  Most Jews & Christians I know, will still stand against ‘gay’: Leviticus 18:22, but we sure as hell are not going to BEAT YOU. That is the LEFT WING and their support for a mosque. At least WE are not hypocrites.

{This blog does not support ‘special rights’ for ANY group of people.}


Vanderbilt Muslim professor admits that Islam mandates death for

  Everyone knows where I stand with ‘gay’, I do NOT believe a man/woman is born ‘gay’  “Gay” marriage, to me, is demented & a desecration– But I am not into killing and beating ‘gays’. NOBODY I know is like that. This blog has ‘gay’ friends, they know how we feel, we dont discuss ‘sex’ issues anyway.  I have been to many ‘gay’ blogs, and it is really unfathomable to me, how a ‘gay’ could actually be FOR a mosque, even more hypocritical is the left wing lunatics that support it.. Sure, there are ‘moderate’ Moslems, but, sorry, people, there is NO ‘moderate’ Islam. 

  Yes, I have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, and “God hates fags”, but they are expressing views, whereas, when Moslems get more into their ‘religion’, they will beat and kill you ‘gays’.  And leftists are FOR this mosque. So who is REALLY watching out for your ass, ‘gays?’ Selah, You better think.  To be candid, I couldnt give a rats ass about ‘gay’, thats the truth, but you might want to think about your precious hides. I would NOT want to see my ‘gay’ friend in Manhattan hung when the Moslems decide to go Jihad in NYC. “Gay” or not, I love him very much. (You militant, radical ‘gays’ that are shoving your show on our children, could roll over and croak for all I give a damn, btw.)

This is what the Moslems think of ‘gays’: 

SEE: Iran hangs two young homosexuals & Pakistani gays flogged in public

Muslims Brutally Attack Gay Man in Washington:

See more on all of this: “Religion of Peace”: Muslim Illegal Aliens Brutally Attack Gay Georgetown Med Students; Finally FOX Outlet Says it , “They are MUSLIM”

“GAY” & Islam:


Know Thine Enemy~ Bloomie’s Mosque, “I Have A Dream”

angry man.jpg

Bloomie’s Mosque – “I Have a Dream”

The average Goyishe nimrod is too stupid to fathom, “why would NY Mayor Bloomie and dozens of Jewish groups and Rabbis join Muslim fiends and demand the building of a Victory Mosque at the 911 site?” Why Jewish groups with the ACLU leading the way, spent 30 years ripping from their moorings and littering the landscape of America with the symbols of our faith and flag. Why the annual jihad on  “Merry Christmas” and banishing it from our lives and the public square – and, why they are rallying around the building of a Mosque at the 911 site. They think we are stupid, they are right. They think that the Muslims will come for our heads first. They are stupid, so much for their chest thumping about their  intellectual superiority. You figure it out…  The rest: http://thelampoonist-american.com/

My stance:

I will tell you left-wing insane Jews something: You have caused the Jew-hatred.  This nation has NEVER needed anti-semitic laws. God forbid, now, that they would pass any. That would give you faithless, dishonorable, disloyal, feinds more lee-way to screw things up further.  You have made life absolutely unbearable for right wing and religious Jews that believe in morals, ethics and law.  What you see above, is now becoming the ‘norm’, and when this nation turns postal on you evil ‘tolerent’ drek, I will join the Christians and righteous gentiles in pointing you out, count on it, you absolute abominations.

Jewish Traitors:

Pics Of Bloomberg With His Muslim Buddies~It is ALL about $

See Bare Naked Islam, the wife of a Marine– see HER thoughts on this filthy maggot: Follow the money: SHARI’A FINANCE is why Bloomberg is in bed with radical Islamists & 

“We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a

Who would have thought, that not even 10 years after the worst attack on our soil, we would have to fight an enemy within, so ferocious and murderous that money would come before people? People that went through such horror, pain and misery that it is totally unfathomable.  I didnt lose any friends or family, and I didn’t live IN the city, but I felt the pain, the depression, the end of laughter. How could this beast do this? I am sorry, this filth should just die and go to hell where he belongs.

Very Stupid Kaffir.

Bloomberg, on his knees where he belongs, begging for mercy before we nevermind.

You Want Me To Suck Your Ballz Too?


News From Breitbarts:

Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque Plans Approved

Qur’an 5:14  “From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We made a covenant, but they forgot and abandoned a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, stirred up enmity and hatred among them to the Day of Doom. Soon will Allah show them the handiwork they have done.”


What were you doing on 9/11?  I’ve just read the news about the mosque plans being approved in NYC.  For those of you who are positively clueless about Islam, you really deserve your head to be chopped off.  To know AN enemy, is to know what he thinks & believes.  Jew haters spend 24/7 ‘learning about the religious Jew and the Jewish question’ &  have absolutely NO clue about the Communist-atheist Bolshevik “Jews” & gentiles, that have aligned themselves with Islam to destroy America and also Israel.  Then, turn around and say: “ITS THE ZOG”! There is NO ZOG. 

  Bible Study with Harley Zion, for the last damned time means HEAVEN or ‘point of Heaven’.  These Progressives, Moslems, Commies, Liberals DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE HEAVEN OF THE HOLY BIBLE. They HATE Zion, they are NOT “Zionists!”.   They HATE the God of the Holy Torah, and the Christian Bible- WAKE THE HELL UP! To real Christians, “Jesus” is the cornerstone of Zion.  To Jews, Zion is a holy place.  STOP  blaming Christians and Jews that love God for Islam, they are USING you.  STOP saying it is the “Zionist” fault.  You are persecuting GODS people, Jew AND Gentile. You feed this enemy, Islam with their filthy propaganda that they use on you “INFIDELS” which is a term that is way worse than being called “goyim”, which only means ‘nations.’

 I am proud to be a 1/2 GOY! I LOVE IT!

9/11 — Where I Was.  Onward: Islam (full blown) is world domination, it will cow-tow to Marxism, Nazism, and Communism to grab you useful idiots. I see many of you actually believe their absolute horseshit, just because you hate all of the Jews.   In the end, Islam will also demand your submission, you progressive cowards, and Jew hating idiots.  When Islam attacks a free society, or ANY society that it deems a threat to Islam, its first strategic plan is to present itself as a ‘religion of peace’, (there is NOTHING ‘peaceful about Islam) then, it will say; TIME TO BUILD TO PROCLAIM COMPLETE VICTORY. Which is what is happening in NYC.  The govt. did NOT do 9/11. Israel did NOT do 9/11. ISLAM did 9/11. Proof is the plans in the building this mosque.  They ALWAYS construct a mosque on the sites of their absolute victories.

 9-11-A.jpg WHY do you put up with Bloomberg, NYers?  He is an ILLEGAL 3rd term mayor. A Mayor in NYC is only allowed TWO (2) terms, EIGHT (8) Years.   2 terms for NYC. In 2008, Mayor Bloomberg decided to run for a 3rd term, he  challenged the city’s term limit laws.  In October 23, 2008 it was changed to 3 terms a mayor can serve. In otherwords: ILLEGAL.  He did it for a power-grab.

 Bloomberg had this law changed, it is unlawful. Guiliani wanted to finish out 3 more months after 9/11, and Bloomberg refused him, saying it was ILLEGAL. 

Remembering 9/11 It is time to throw the trash out, NYC. How much are you willing to put up with? Watching your daughters wear burkas? Watching ‘honor’ killings?  Head choppings?  Shariah-compliant city? Where are the Italians and Irish!?  When are you going to stand up to the tyranny? Will it take another 9/11?? Isnt the Communism in NYC enough!? Now, its Islam!?

Qur’an 8:59  “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”

SEE ALSO my friend, Steve Coopers synopsis on the left wing assasins: http://tinyurl.com/2gaxp6f


Jewish Task Force (www.jtf.org) Warning From 09/1994 regarding Islam and terror in NYC:


Go to fullsize imageI just dont get it all.  IDIOTS blame the Jews for 9/11, NYC, if this is the ‘truth’ in their f-d up minds, then tell me why the Jews are not planning to build a Synagogue there?  Come on deluded FREAKS, Wake the HELL UP.  I lived in NY after 9/11, I lived through Martial Law upstate, NY on the reservoirs. Is this what you people want?  24/7 terror? Because that is what they do. 24/7 terror, OR conspire to terrorize.

These pictures were taken  on Madison Avenue, NYC…. in the name of  “Freedom Of Speech…”  -What about the Free Speech of 3,000 plus AMERICANS who perished at the hands of Moslem terrorists on 9/11?  Suddenly they do not count, because our Dhimmi Chief-in-Thief, Prez Hussein says we are a “Moslem nation” now. FK THAT BASTARD!!!!  And Bloomberg, who is JEWISH, is OK with this!? Is this animal INSANE? Moslems HATE Jews AND Christians, bigtime.  Islam is NOT “PEACE”. It has zero to do with “Zionist propaganda”  Islam is EVIL, it needs no ‘propaganda’.





If Pictures Could Speak. Mike DOOMBERG Needs To Be THROWN OUT

Our country has gone totally insane. To the max insanity. Bloomberg with his ‘toLLLLLLerance’, the left wing, who are so completely out of touch with America, Obama, a non-prez with ZERO records, arrogant congress, debauchery run amok, adding insult to injury with this Mosque @ G. Zero.

  Bob, in this video says it perfectly, but if you are a toLLLLLLerant lib, you just won’t GET it.  Keep kissing enemy ass, America, and when I am far up in the hills and you rabid America-hating creeps get bombed, murdered by illegals, etc. for your toLLLLLLerance & COWARDLY appeasement… Please- do NOT come crying to me and mine, I will NOT look at you with ANY pity, whatsoever.

If this picture does not tell you NO mosque @ G. Zero, then you are just a damned IDIOT.

I’ll never forget this day. EVER. One thing that I won’t ever forget; I knew a FAKEstinian immigrant girl that I worked with.  She delightedly said;  “The Jews did it”giggling. I knew right then, that massive propaganda would start, and conspiracies would begin.  I asked Amira a Moslem (that is her name) Why not go to Fakestine? She replied; HELL NO! That is a ‘terror‘ place, I never want to go there, my father threatens to send me back to FAKEstine if I am bad….. Then-Why would you say the Jews did it? She said; “We always say that when WE do it” -giggling. Shortly after this evil convo.,  Bin Laden/Taliban/Al Queda claimed responsibility. When I saw her, she had a wicked, evil, snide, little smile.  It was then I also knew, we have an enemy within that will destroy and take delight in our destruction….