Bolshevik Anti American Media Matters SO HAPPY Beck Will Not Be On TV 2 Expose Communists

Go to fullsize imageI was wondering just how low Media Matters would sink. They absolutely have sunk beneath the pail. 3 pages celebrating Beck going off the air… “Media Matters for America” after all, right?  This is ‘leftist’ tolerance. They have **NO** tolerance for anything that is not left-wing, Bolshevik.  This also proves my point AGAIN, that Bolsheviks HATE Zionists…On the same page as Neo-Nazis..

  Brock, who wanted ‘fairness’ in reporting, launched a character assassination on Beck for just about 3 years, 24/7.  Brock, was angry with F ux news because he felt they didn’t report the truth when the Bush regime was in power. He has become what he pretended he hated.. They report nothing on MMFA, just attack America. They dont attack their own, so, he is what he pretended to hate.

  This is what sent Brock over the edge with Beck:

2009 Flashback: Beck Said Obama Has “Exposed Himself As A Guy” With “A Deep-Seated Hatred For White People”

  Beck was right about Obama being a racist. Evidence of this is Holder allowing the Black Panthers case go scot free.  Holder couldn’t do that ‘to his people.’  Gee… I thought we were all ‘part of the human race..’ Riiiiiiight..

  Anyway, Brock and Boehlert, BOTH NON-Jews, btw.. Are extremely happy that Beck will not be on TV, 5 PM.. They cannot afford anymore Komrades being exposed…

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Oh…Nah… Obamas not a racist: Obama Racism Quotes



Go to fullsize imageJust watch. I already told readers that they would oust Lou Dobbs, and they did. They relentlessly attacked Beck, now he is basta.  Their next target will be the righteous Judge, Andrew Napolitano. Mark my words, he is next. Everything on that website is “CONSPIRACY!”  But never the conspiracy of Brock , Boehlert & the Bolsheviks to murder our nation. 



Napolitano & Varney’s New Conspiracy Theory: Google Settling With DOJ Because “Government Is Running Out Of Cash”

The YES WE CAN Patrol Using Ever Trusty RACE CARD–AGAIN

Boehlert: Another Month, Another Breitbart Debacle

The Mad Jewess site no longer endorses the Tea Party in my home town.  But here is the YES WE CANS after Breitbart—again… For these ‘racist’ signs..@ the Tea Party’s– Honestly..This one is funny.  The signs here hysterical.

This one below, you all know and I know that she made this, because she believes like you and I, that Obama was not born here, So, she is not referring to anything but “Show YOUR Long Form B.C.”  so Duh.. Duh… & Duh…Boehlert.

This one below is obviously referring to Obamas Marxist, Hating the white Americans Pastor WRONG:

Ya can’t make this stuff up, but ya gotta admit these little devils do try.. In all honesty, everyone is a bigot. Now a ‘racist?’  How is that so MMFA? We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik schools of brainwashing that ‘racism is the most evil thing’…even before murder.. Some of us are tired of this bullshit, and just dont give a damn anymore about your diatribe and ‘vitriol’ as your Dear Leader says..


Media Matters, Eric Boehlert *DESPERATE* to DESTROY Breitbarts Life

This is a DESPERATE attempt BY the Obama administration to completely destroy Breitbarts life.

 It is time to…..


It turns out that Andrew Breitbart didn’t actually know what was on the ACORN tapes when he helped launch them on his website last year, and used the videos to fuel his oddly personal crusade against the low-income advocacy organization.

That’s right — Breitbart didn’t know what was on the tapes. Take a few seconds to let the implications of that confession sink in, and what it means to Breitbart’s already dented credibility.  (Excuse you, Eric, you are AIDING FRAUD)

The rest here:

Now, we all know what has to be done, and time to take action. So, lets get busy on the plan.

 We ALL know that no matter HOW these tapes got done, it was done, and now we know what ACORN is all about: FRAUD, and CRIME.

It is not about FALSE and LYING accusations of ‘racism’, which is inflammatory, from M.M.  The REAL person that needs to come clean IS BOEHLERT for LYING and accusing to COVER Obama-Crimes. 

HOW much is Boehlert being paid by the Obama Administration to take Breitbart down?  I would like to know. Boehlert is covering up for a FRAUD & CRIME NETWORK, covering up HIS crimes by saying “Thats RACIST!”