The Young Turk (Cenk Uygur) Ousted From NBC -Obama & The Bolshevik Leftists Running MSNBC

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  This is some story about The Young Turkey, Cenk Uygur. Obama is a psychotic/lunatic fool, these type fools do not like negative criticism (Hitler, Stalin ring a bell??) .. If Obama does not want that in his own house, that is one thing, but being the FRAUDULENT leader of the ‘free world’ (Yeah riiiiiiiight) ……He should take the heat or get the hell out of the kitchen.

  Wake up and smell the Bolshevik-fascism, because it reeks. This Turk is a super bigtime leftist.  He is not leftist/fascistic enough…

He was told by the MSNBC president that the decision to remove him from primetime was due to political pressure from people in Washington who did not like his “tone” which was very critical of President Obama.

Ousted MSNBC Anchor Reveals ‘People in Washington’ Influence On-Air Content

Well, CENK….. This is you; A UseLESS idiot now.