#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against 2nd Amend, AGAIN- “Constitutional Scholar?” My A$$

#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against Against 2nd Amend “Constitutional Scholar?”  My A$$

Obama is pushing the envelope because he is a radical, Communist. Period.

Gun control will not stop the sons of Obama from murdering whites and each-other; It will embolden them. Gun control will make us into a 3rd world ghetto with all people’s in USA running wild, murdering each other.   If Obama has his way, you will be victims on the streets to criminals, murderers, rapists.  So, why is he going after guns, again, being his presidency is in the ashcan??  Because Obama is a COMMUNIST.   He has to create as much havoc as he possibly can to start a bloody, Bolshevik Revolt & then, declare himself defacto dictator.. How you “Liberals” gonna REALLY like that?  Please…

Barack Obama is also setting himself up to be a martyr:  He has thrown his own base under the bus because they thought that Obama-care would not affect anyone that was poor or middle class.  It is ONLY affecting the poor and middle class.  This will turn bad for Hussein, one of his own supporters will possibly ‘take him out.’  Oh well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

See the story here about this idiot vamping up G.Control, again….


Military Drill In Miami, FL. Military ‘Firing Down’ On US Citizens “For Practice?!” WHERE ARE YOU LIBERAL GASBAGS?!

The military runs maneuvers all the time but they’ve always done it on or around military bases.  So why is the military running maneuvers now over civilian skies?? That’s the question you should be asking yourself.  They did the same thing with a bunch of tanks in Saint Louis, MO a few months back.  It’s to desensitize the civilian population so when the sh’t really does hit the fan, they’re hoping that people will be used to it.

 Where are the liberals?

They were ALWAYS the ones that were ‘activists’ against these drills.  Now, they are MIA.  You know why they are MIA?  Because the end justifies the means.  They were NEVER ‘liberals’, they were ALWAYS Commu-NAZIs. Period! AND, why is this not on Drudge, Gateway Pundit, Weekly Standard, Savage, Hannity, etc?  

Most dumb, American sheep probably think this is AOK.

Red Dawn

RED DAWN, P. AsheDina, TMJ, C 2012
I believe that on 1-20-2013, all hell is going to start breaking loose in America.  The foreign, Muslim usurper (who has NO valid birth certificate) who occupies the White house deceitfully – will become a harsh dictator.  The people that are going to suffer the worst under Hussein are going to be hard core believers in God; Christians, Vets, right minded/Orthodox Jews, Messianics, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, political conservatives, anti Jihadists and fierce patriots.  Also those that will stand by Israel.  
I had a serious terrible dream the other night.  Long short of the dream:  People were buying guns by the bushel.  On one gun it had insignia on it, it said “ZIONISM IS RACISM”.  So, if you are a Zionist, you will be targeted.  I am a spiritual Zionist type.  I just believe the land of Israel belongs to God and the Jews, thats what the Bible says, I believe it, thats that.  Thats the extent of my Zionism.  I will support Israel because the Bible asks me to.  I think their govt is terrible, but Israeli’s are going to go through hell because of our defacto dictator, Hussein.  He will side with the Muslims, or course.
At any rate-hell in America is going to be here and present.  It will be awful. “Progressives”, (COMMUNISTS, Babel-onians) will be seeking your death and or mentions of “Fema” to scare you.  This is not a threat, it is a given.  You will be considered to be an ‘enemy of the state.’  The neo-‘patriotism’ is undivided loyalty to Barack Insane Obama.  Who we will not EVER show loyalty to. He is not an American, he has stolen the election and office.  We have hard days ahead.
 Read up on the Bolshevik revolt to see what this is all about and get educated FAST, you dont have a lot of time.

You can watch this trailer.. But, make NO mistake:  The enemy of America is and has ALWAYS been; the LEFT WING/Communists/Liberals.


See:http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/11/19/california.tuition.protests/index.html  See the “YES WE CAN” on the video… Did these stupid, rotton Marxists kids REALLY belive that Obama would ‘save’ them.. ?  laugh

Daily Bruin: A crowd of more than 500 demonstrators rushed Covel Commons on Wednesday to protest a proposed 32 percent student fee increase. They were met by dozens of university police, some of whom were outfitted in riot gear. At one point, protesters broke through police barricades that surrounded the main entrance to Covel. Officers responded to the stampede of students and union workers by extending the metal barricades around the entrance and using nightsticks and Taser guns to force the crowd back.

Let me begin by saying that this is not just a regular ‘tuition’ hike.  These rotton-no good kids, that are debaucherous and evil, & their parents of destruction…(their parents cannot pay for this).  So- thus, as they did in the 1960’s, they are advising their sons and daughters (grandsons/daughters) of debauchery to do the same:

  People…the Bolshevik/Communist Revolt IS HERE.  Let us pray that the people that end up being arrested under the coming Martial Law, ARE OBAMA FOLLOWERS. After all, they are chanting “YES WE CAN” take back our university..