ADL, GO TO HELL! (Now, They’re after Tucker)

ADL, GO TO HELL! (Now, They’re after Tucker)

^^ Jonathan GreenBLATT, Chief idiot at the ADL.

This is what the stupid, asinine wack-jobs from the ADL are doing now:

‘The Anti-Defamation League has called for Fox News to fire prime-time opinion host Tucker Carlson because he defended a white-supremacist theory that says whites are being “replaced” by people of color.’ MORE on this sheer stupidity

That above is not ‘white supremacist’ talk, it is a REALITY. The fact that some shady forums express this type of talk does NOT mean it is not happening.

Every damned day of our lives, we hear endless white-hating spew. We see crimes perp’d by ‘people of color’ against whites all the time. (And now Asians) We even see:   Mercer University associate professor of practical theology, a white-hating, black bigot – write books asking God if she can HATE white people.

This type of talk does not bother Bolshevik Greenblatt one damned bit. But, if the same thing was said of Jewish people, he would bust a gut. That’s a fact.

SHUN this group of LIARS and HYPOCRITES.





AND, if you think that these bottom-feeding, pond scum ADL bastards are totally ‘pro Jew’, you would be mistaken:

ADL Condemns Pamela Geller

#COMMIE, Aparthied FREAK, Harold Meyerson Gets Katy Perry Make-Over, By The Mad Jewess

#COMMIE, Aparthied FREAK, Harold Meyerson (WA POST) Gets Katy Perry Make-Over, By The Mad Jewess

Making fun of drek is what it’s all about in my book.. And that’s just what an apartheid, segregationist deserves.  To be mocked, ridiculed and advised to go back into the shithole he is from.

Lovely weirdo, Katy Perry:



H by AsheDinaTMJ: After a TAAZ Virtual Makeover

A vast improvement for a man that got hit hard by the ugly tree..

This is for you, Mike: Wages Are Lower In The South Because… Raaaaacism

A stupid song for the young and the useless… 


NYC Food Fascists That Want 2 Control You Are LEFTISTS, Not Conservatives Or Right-Wingers

  I get a little sick and tired of being called a nazi just because I am ultra-conservative.  I just want limited govt and my freedom to make my OWN choices. (NO, I am NOT a GOPer)  I don’t want to dictate to people what to eat or drink!!  Bloomberg is a leftist, he is doing this!!  A HUGE, Bolshevik, nut-bag.. Believe you, me.. I know crazy, nutty and fruit-loop, (I live with me) but little Mikey is totalitarian scum.  This is BEYOND nutty.  Stalin did this crap.  Hitler did this with food.  

You NYers should tell the nanny-boy, Bloomberg to get the hell out of your kitchen and stop mandating your Coca-Colas

Savage (who I love) wrote a piece on this: We have to stop these food fascists while there’s still time

Stay out of my fridge you idiot.

Message To Readers About Some Links We Post

We are not responsible for other people/s opinions.  Recently, we linked up a few websites that are not Israel-friendly.  Some don’t even like Jewish people at all.   So, you will have to discern these links for yourselves.

If we believe a story is on the money, or correct, we will link it, you will have to decide if the article we link is the truth.   We try to not link directly, but sometimes, this can’t be avoided.

We can’t help if people don’t like Jews or Christians, etc.  We are just linking stories.  You will have to let it go and take what pertains.  Sift through it and draw your own conclusions.

We do not believe the “Mossad” or Zionists  carry out the crimes people accuse them/us of.  That is preposterous. We also believe that the Jews for Obama & the Jews in Obama’s administration are Bolshevik and Nazi, not Israel-friendly or Zionist by any stretch of the imagination.

-David Ben Moshe

Video-Is Valerie Jarrett The Real Boss? ‘Valerie Jarrett: ‘It’s Our Turn. Payback Time For Those Who Oppose Us’

I put this post up 4 days ago (It is the Ulsterman’s website that reported this, not mine)  and the net has been buzzing with this line spoken possibly by Jarrett.    If this is true and the Muslim from Kenya gets placed on the throne once again, you had better believe it will be a Bolshevik AmeriKa. Hell, it already is…

I think this is an important line; “It is payback time for those who opposed us, there will be hall to pay’.   They are scary sonofab*tches.  

Youtube by 

Jewish Debbie Wasserman Schultz Thrown Out Of Jewish Temple ~HALLE LU YAH!

There is a GOD.  Even semi-religious Jews are tired of Obamas loud-mouth, lap-dog, Schultz. Ya got thrown out for being a TRAITOR to our people.
Hasta La Vista DEBBIE, you demon.

Wanna Get REALLY Pissed? Jane Fonda Will Be Cast By Hollywood Director To Play NANCY REAGAN


Hollywood: Debaucherous, decadent and totally disgusting.

WWNS? “What Would Nancy Say?”

Nuf Sed.

PELOSI CONDONES ANTI-SEMITISM & VIOLENCE~Astro-Turf Bitch, Nazi Pelosi: “Bless Occupy Wall St”

This bitch ought to be arrested and hung.  Obama with her.  I cannot believe this absolute INSANITY.  This scum-bitch said that the ‘tea party was astro-turf’,  but this slezoid skunk can’t give one reason WHY these IDIOTS are ‘protesting’.  They are ‘protesting’ as they did in Bolshevik Russia; They took homes, murdered those who did not go along with the Bolsheviks. Demanded that people who didnt even know each-other move into houses together; THAT IS what we are up against, people.

She condones the upcoming blood-shed. She condones the Jew hate. She condones the violence. She is an enemy of the state and should be tried for treason and shot.  That’s my opinion.


Pelosi on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters: ‘God bless them’


Olbermann: DEMS Gone Wild! Turning On The Moonbat Messiah, BHO

 Chainsaw The nasty ass Olbermann says that ‘Obama is G’damned wrong’ about the Tax cuts.  Really? I thought this ahole was FOR the middle class, etc.. Does this impossible shithead know that if they don’t cut the rich’s taxes, then middle America gets it worse? What an ass. These people are the biggest liars in the planet.  They want Obama to only rule from the left, not for all of America. Also, take note that this current rat-bastard, congress is going to make ILLEGALS, legal.  They are NEVER happy-they ARE the eternal malcontents These type people like Olbermann should be sent to Russia-where they hail to—Siberia would be great. CHANGE.  BTW: Olbermann is in the BOG conspiracy to take over the world-BOG=Bolshevik Occupied Govt.


 Olbermann:  Obama Is ‘God Damned Wrong’

Also, this lump of shit called Conservatives “Racists” for not liking Obama policy, what say now, OlberSHIT?


 What Part About Keith Is a Doofus Don't We Get? The reason women have abortions

Fat-Mouth Reverse Racist, KEITH Olbermann Blames BUSH for Holder’s Treason

This is bullshit at its finest. Truly.  “Bush didn’t prosecute” ~Gee, lets get past the fact that Bush sucked. But, heres the deal… This was NOVEMBER 2008, Bush was OUT of office in January 2009. There was no TIME to prosecute, you ugly leftist Bolshevik slug.  When this punkass bitch was born, they should have slapped his mother.

SEE: Keith Olbermann Blames Black Panther Case On Bush