White House Insider: “We’re Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”..Americans Murdered In Benghazi Is Not “Optimal”

White House Insider: “We’re Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”…Americans Murdered In Benghazi Is Not “Optimal

Talk about political talking points.  They are using this whole storm scenario to take the focus off of these serial killers occupying the White House. These murderers that call themselves ‘Democrats.’  They cover this whole mess and murder, then use a storm to make dumb Americans forget about it.  Makes me sick.  The murders of these seals was ‘not optimal’, but the storm is.. Go figure..

I pray hard to Elohim that he will judge these wicked, ungodly murdering psychopaths and rid us of these monsters.  The whole WORLD needs to be liberated from Obama and Co.

According to a longtime D.C. political operative, the Obama campaign is thrilled at the timing of Hurricane Sandy and its resulting impact upon the election now just one week away. 

EXCERPT: And you want to know just how sick the Obama people are on the storm issue?  It’s party hats and cake over in Chicago.  High f-cking fives for them.  Heard LaBolt is telling them all “We’re gonna shove this storm right up Romney’s ass.”  They already got scripts out to their media support.  Gonna hammer the governor on earlier statements he made about the role of the federal government.

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Campaign Declares: “Gonna Shove This Storm Up Romney’s Ass”

And that’s not all…  this insider at the White house says to Americans: (and he is right)  

And if the voters aren’t paying attention and they get fooled again.  Well f-ck them too.  Obama and them deserve each other.  Stupid mother-f-ckers all of them.

Am I pissed?

Yeah, I’m pissed.  You should be too.  The whole f-cking country should be pissed at these pukes running America into the f-cking dirt.

Admiral James Lyons – We Need Full Disclosure On Benghazi NOW. Looks like he is the only one that is serious about this COVER UP.

This is the “October Surprise”.. God—->Damn Obama.

More Obama BULLSH*T: Absentee Ballots Sent to U.S. Military In Afghanistan ‘Destroyed In Crash’…

Rated R.
More Obama BULLSHIT: Absentee Ballots Sent to U.S. military  in Afghanistan ‘Destroyed In Crash’…

Do any of YOU actually believe this BULLSH*T?  

F U * K this Obama’nation.  What a g’d-damned disgrace this mother f’er really is.  Who actually believes this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO CROAK you cowardly Communist sonofab*tch, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Just keel over and croak.  If this bastard loses the election, will he just ‘go’ quietly into the night?? 

The BEST Picture Of Harvey Weinstein I’ve Ever Seen

This is the face only a mother could love.

Harvey Weinstein Has Risen From the Grave to Feast on the Bones of His Enemies

A sucker punch is what this asshole deserves for putting out that Commie-freak show, Project Runway..

I just read how this dipshit extraordinaire painted Mitt Romney as a ‘villain’ in his latest Bin Laden Movie.  Mitt Romney?  He has not even been part of the political scene re the middle east when Obama supposedly caught Bin Laden.  there are NO pictures to this date of Obama’s capture of Bin Laden.  Most Americans actually believe he caught him. I don’t.

I am not even a Mitt Romney fan at all.  Would he be better than Obama? I don’t know anymore folks.  But, the lengths that these Bolsheviks will take never ceases to amaze me.  What sickens me even more is that Weinstein is so obviously a Jew.  Which paints myself & people I love that are Jews in a horrible light.  I’ve always said that left wing Jews create Jew hatred.

Weinstein’s Bin Laden Film Cast Romney as Villain

Was Obama’s Illegal War In Libya A Trial Run To Attack Israel?

American thinker has a thought-provoking article about this.  Obama is an Israel hater. Don’t think so?  You can read it here: Click.  It has always peaked my curiosity as to why Commies and Nazis would get along, but Israel is the one, big thing they have in common.  But, then again, I have always said that Nazi-ism and Communism are both the same ideologies with little differences.. Its terrible how Americans could not just be American.

Commies, Nazis should get the hell out of MY indigenous land before I start going on an Iroquois war path.  I really am sick and tired of both m f’ers.  I will tell you this much, Israel haters.  You DON’T read the Bible, and because you don’t, you have sided with satan.  Its that simple.











NOT American

‘Hey, Obama Lovers, now that our Ambassador is dead, our Benghazi consulate is a smoldering ruin, and its top secret documents have been snatched by Al Qaeda, do you still think your hero’s Libyan war is a smashing success?

Because I sure do. Not from America’s point of view, of course; it’s a nightmare for our national security.

But from the perspective of Obama’s biggest donor, the convicted felon and renowned Israel-hater George Soros, the Libyan War is a triumph. Why? Because Obama waged it illegally and without the consent of Congress. And he did it in the name of the political philosophy that Soros bought and paid for: Responsibility to Protect, or, as it’s so zippily dubbed by our global elites, R2P.’

Click to read the rest here.


Christian Man Detained, Sent To Psychiatric Care-Advised To Disarm Because Of “Religious Psychosis”

Christian Man Detained, Sent To Psychiatric Care-Advised To Disarm Because Of “Religious Psychosis”

READ this terrible report:  – His name is Jason Egroff, a 28-year old web designer who is a devout Christian.  This is what the Bolsheviks did:  You questioned the govt in anything and they charged you as ‘being crazy.’  

That’s AmeriKa, folks, and the reason I stand with Brandon Raub, facebook ranter.  Yep, some of the things Raub said were inflammatory, but I wondered how long it would be before an innocent person would be detained.  Ergoff was detained BEFORE Raubs rant.

So, don’t do 3 things in satans AmeriKa: #1: Dont believe in God. OR #2: Dont be a Christian or pro-Christian and #3 (Most important) DO NOT hate Obama or the US Government or you’ll go to the wacky ward..

If it looks like Communism, walks like Communism and smells like Communism: IT IS COMMUNISM.

It is a cancer; it must be expunged.

The Daily Koo Koo (KOS) Does Not Like My Post About Hitlery Rotten Clinton…


Second, on your dumbass claim:

8ackgr0und N015e says  That is what we are dealing with here — as naked as you can get — these people are DELIGHTED to send Americans into a meat grinder if it advances their agenda.  They don’t give a fuck who they hurt, who they kill, what they destroy.  This is beyond reckless.  This is malicious and wanton disregard for human life.   I find it hard to believe this sort of thing is not a crime.

Let’s talk ‘human rights.’  For the safety of the world:  If I was in power, there would be NO KOS, no leftists, no Bolsheviks, no Marxists, Progressives, ‘Liberals’, and anything else you bastards call yourself this week.  You would cease to exist. 

We dont give a ‘fuck’ who we hurt and destroy?”  (I am a protector of innocent babies, unborn, partial birth-you are not) It is Obama that sent our men into Libya and Egypt and destroyed their country.  As far as Syria goes, dipshit, we have NO business being there.  If the Muslims want to kill each-other, who cares. (Ditto our feelings with GWB, 43.)

Now, back to what I feel for Hitlery Sodom Clinton:


PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign

PRIVILEGED TO BE BLACK: Molotov Mitchell Mocks University’s White-Guilt Campaign.. You can ask almost ANY white person in Amerika of the racism directed at them, they all have a story about it.  I know all about it. Donna knows all about it. My whole family knows all about it.    The racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE, now.   And has been for 30 years.   Serious racism; rapings, beatings, robbings, murder.  But, it is never a hate/racial-crime when a person of ‘color’ does it, because we are all  ‘oppressors.’  Bullshit.   Ya’all walk a mile in my shoes; Portugee-Jew, Iroquois/Aryan-Christian.  I was doomed at birth… 😀

BTW: I notice that the Black Panthers can threaten to murder ‘pink people’ and that’s OK.. Watch some Aryan Bro’hood say that shit about a black or a Mexican, he would be in the slammer by now. 


Michael Savage Monologue “Red October, 2011″~2nd BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION


I keep telling people that Bolsheviks are NOT Zionists.  Leave Christians and right minded Jews ALONE.  They are NOT the problem.  The Bolsheviks in the Obama admin of destruction hate America, hate Israel, hate Christians and WILL turn on the Jews.  Thats the facts. History repeats itself and we have learned absolutely NOTHING from 1917-1945.  We have learned ZERO from the NAZIs and ZERO from the Commies and here were are; REPEATING history and man…..it IS sad.