Look at what the JOBAMA administration did to these innocent, black Somalis in Mother Africa: Pentagon Says It Attacked al-Shabab in First U.S. Airstrike on Somalia Since August



They (The Pentagon) arms the terrorists, then they kill the terrorists?

They ARE the terrorists!

USA: Stop War Mongering W/ Russia OR Gruver & Duduman Prophecies WILL Come To Pass:

USA Stop War Mongering W/ Russia OR Gruver’s & Duduman’s Prophecies WILL Come To Pass:

Both Henry Gruver and Dimitru Duduman (Christian Prophets) had prophetic visions or words from God Almighty about America’s land coming under a bomb/nuclear attack at the hands of Russia and China.

Here’s a word for those of you who are quick to call prophetic people, ‘false prophets’ when something does not happen in the time YOU think it can/will happen. It is Gods will that destruction NOT happen and that people repent and change their way. It is a GOOD thing when destructive prophecies are put off or a people repent. Read Jonah!

However, I really fear that if the evil Joe-Bama regime does not stop with this war mongering stupidity against Russia, we could be nuked on our own soil. And, not just by Russia but China also and an array of other countries. God will not be ‘with’ a nation that is vile, either. He will NOT protect us: We have completely walked away from God, corporately speaking.


Dumitru’s prophecy of America begins at 55:40 :



Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

Prepare For WORSE Left Wing Violence Going Forward

As the Communists in our government, coupled with the Marxist media are warning of ‘right wing extremism’ on election night, we feel compelled to tell you that ALL of the violence, terror and murder will come from the left wing. In fact, they have been admitting this for months.

To this date, the Leftists have practically destroyed Seattle, WA. Portland, OR. Minneapolis, MN. Louisville, KY. Kenosha, WI. And, a half a dozen plus other cities run by Democrats. As they have allowed the violent mayhem, they have demanded the Police departments, ‘stand down’ and the stupid PD’s have listened to them in these aforementioned cities.

The Democrat Party and their propaganda arm, the media, will tell you that there has been ‘no violence’ and that all of the action has been peaceful demonstrations, but then on the other hand, admit there is violence but it’s all coming from right wing extremist groups, which much of stupid America (the ones who listen to the Communist media) will believe, even though there is video after video in city after city of left wing rioting, violence and looting.

So, we are telling you to get prepared. If you are NOT battle oriented, stay out. If you are prepared for this fight–for Gods sake: Do NOT fight unarmed or you WILL be dead and the Leftists will dance on your dead body and cheer on your demise.

If you need reminding of what they have done to our country so far:

WaPo Gives Portland Antifa Activists A Glowing Photoshoot ...
Federal agents, Portland protesters in standoff as chaos ...
Seattle's violent May Day protests - CBS News
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
Those Who Can See: Whence the Minneapolis Riots?
Minneapolis Calls in National Guard as Protests Over ...
REPORT: Looter shot dead by pawn shop owner as Minneapolis ...
George Floyd protest turns deadly; Minneapolis mayor ...
‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ Trump ...
VIDEO: Fires blaze and looters rampage during second night ...
Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest ...
Rioting in Minneapolis over Police Killing Highlights ...

These are NOT ‘right wing extremists’. There are not nearly enough ‘right wing extremists’ to cause this much damage.

The Left is funded by MANY groups and outside foreign influences. They are a thousand times more dangerous.

Nukes, Bombs: DEM #Hillary, 2008 “I Want The Iranians To Know, We Will Attack Iran”…..

We here are ANTI War.  Please understand this.  We believe America is depleted of funds, broke, broken, immoral, violent and more.  There are NO MORE EXCUSES to attack whole countries.  We have problems HERE:  >Far Left Communists.

[Hillary said that she would ‘attack Iran if they try to ‘get a nuke’ and attack Israel.] Same as Trump. SAME.

Democrats, you can’t have it BOTH ways.  You admonish this Prez without rebuking your own who run for Prez or who become Pres like Obama who dropped 26K bombs in 2016 alone:   ‘America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to the Obama regime:’

Dem hypocrisy is breathtaking.  I cant stand it:


2,400 Dead As Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks 5 Year. Imagine If This Was A Repub?

2,400 Dead As Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks 5 Year. Imagine If This Was A Repub?

If Obama was a Republican, we would have heard about this 5 years ago.  We would have known the approximate number and then some.   Do lives only matter under the GOP?  I guess when a Democrat is in office, people can die and its OK.  Hell, majority of Americans don’t even know how we financed all of the Arab Springs in Libya, Egypt, Syria, now Ukraine and from what I am hearing: Thailand.

  Sure, Obama caught a few militants.. But, you look at this post, below and see what a BAD shot Obama is with his drones.  It seems that he takes pleasure in killing people… Maybe you’ll be next.  Maybe me.  Who knows.

One of the drone strikes proved another mistake, this time one that killed between five and ten people, all civilians.

The rest is here.….. Steve Watson says: Eight times more strikes, six times more deaths than under Bush.

Obama is enough to make the biggest war-mongering, neo conservatives become anti-war.  By who’s authority are we droning these people?  I thought the war on terror was over, according to the Democrat, Obama.

WTG #COMMUNIST Media, Who Managed To Keep Almost EVERY “American” I Know Distracted From TX Tragedy

WTG #COMMUNIST Media, Who Managed To Keep Almost EVERY “American” I Know Distracted From TX Tragedy

Very well done, Komrades!! You did it again.  You managed to keep most Americans totally in the dark regarding TX tragedy.  No big news sites even covered the story, not a one (just a little here and there).  Only the few we know here cared about what happened in West, TX.   Even the really wacky conspiracy websites are diverted off of what happened near Waco.

 Why is the event in Boston more important?  Because a Muslim perp’d the crime? Is that all?  I guarantee that if it was some ghetto black, nobody would have given a damn.  Just as they rarely ever care how many whites are beaten, robbed and murdered by ghetto blacks…    Why does one act of crime manage to grab the attention of everyone? Why? Why are the lives of these Texans thought of as less?  Do you EVER ask yourself why you were only interested in Boston? Dumb Sheep.. Did you think that Obama stopped his march of ‘progress?’  Well, he continued.  You were losing more liberties as the O admin used Boston.  You only lost liberties as fellow Americans in TX lost lives, homes, jobs & apartments in a blast that they are conspiring to call an ‘accidental fertilizer explosion‘.  Authorities have recovered 14 bodies and a majority of them were firefighters and emergency medical workers.

Can you ADMIT that the only thing you really cared about is that some Muslims got caught in Boston?  The same way that the Commies only care if a white dude perps a horrific crime??  That’s really all anyone cared about.   And, the MSM banked on that...and do they ever know you well… You were played like a FOOL and still are.

Meanwhile, TX suffered a terrorist attack that has been covered up since the day it happened:

Excellent work, Commies.

This is the “American” way now.  We care about TX as much as we care about OBAMA droning innocent civilians and children in Yemen and Paki.  We brought drones to these other countries and now the ‘drones on us’.  Don’t think so? ASK TEXANS.

‘Anti-War’-Obama Has Secretly Deployed US Special Forces To 75 countries. Opened A Military Base In Chile.

Gee… I thought Obama was sooooo against war. What a crock of crap.  My friend, another right-wing Jewess watches Obama like a hawk sent me the link below… Just look how ‘anti war’, gun-grabbing, black HITLER, Obama is making people miserable everywhere, not just here.

This is the link, just see this idiot, Obama’s atrocities…All you ‘racists’ here

            Secretly deployed US special forces to:

75 countries.

                  Opened a military base in:


PS: Disclaimer. I don’t agree with everything on this link, enclosed, but most of it, I do.

OH Goes 2 Obama. USSA Has Chosen COMMUNISM Over Freedom. Abortion Over Life. Anal Sex Over Traditional Marriage


Enjoy your AmeriKa, you g’d-damned fools.  I will totally enjoy watching God start to obliterate it. Much deserved. How do you stupid shitheads feel now that you told me and QV that ‘the best of AmeriKa was before us?’ (You dumb assholes know who you are..)  You tried to rebuke my brother, QV- time and time again…Just look at you now.  You LOSERS.  You female bitch losers.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

 I will LOVE watching so many more Sandy’s, Katrina’s, Joplin’s, Bombs, etc.  You made your choice: The filthy Muslim FROM Kenya-a dictator, defacto.  I will be SO happy when you are starving to death in the streets.  Take a GOOD look at Staten Island, because that is coming to AmeriKa.  AT LONG LAST. The WHORE, America – will be destroyed.  Praise Elohim.  

  Hussein will seek to destroy Israel in the next few, upcoming mos (He IS a Muslim, you stupid dirt-bags).   Enjoy what you did to your blood-brothers in Israel you filthy, dirty, rotten, treacherous, satanic AmeriKan JEWS. You voted for this pig.  Just as some of your family members voted in Stalin who murdered Jews- and in Germany, Hitler.   I myself – will not shed ONE tear while you are suffering in the AmeriKan gulags.  YAY! FABULOUS!!!

And as for you FRAUD Christians (especially black bastards that put color over country); I can’t WAIT until the para-military goes insane with making your lives a misery. Good, well deserved.


The rest of us know: