Time For A BOSTON Break

Seriously….Boston is one of my all time favorite groups. It was about 1978-79 when I first heard Boston. Their harmony was impeccable. The sounds they crafted through that keyboard was phenomenal. The lead singer, Brad Delp was excellent. The notes he could reach were astounding. And, he wasnt an egomaniac.

Without further adieu: “Long Time”, no Foreplay-

“More than A Feeling”


Is there anything ‘evil’ whitey’s can’t accomplish when they set their minds to it?

Monsanto, Boston, Lies, Lies & More Lies

Contributed By GoldBugGal:

Dzhokhar shot himself in the throat when he tried to commit suicide .. yet, he had no gun? Oh, yeah, that makes sense .. as much sense as the rest of the official Boston BS story. Here’s what puzzles me: The West, TX bombing killed 14 people, 70 still missing, and destroyed dozens of homes and apartments .. yet, only one site is carrying this story. Why? Monsanto got your tongue?

David Ben Moshe tells me that comments are off.  That’s fine.  We’re trying to present the truth, not argue over it.