Must C “Sex Parody” Video: BP, George Galloway Is A FREAK. MOST Israel-Haters Are Demented Psychopaths

Would You Vote For A Politician If You Saw Him Like This?

This is a ‘Respected Member’ of British Parliament:  George Galloway. He did this for supposed charity.  For what? I don’t know.  Probably to boycott Israel. Why is he on the computer?  The chip is made in Israel.

This is what Galloway said on his F/B recently:

George Galloway MP

Me and the Palestinian cause: A number of questions have recently arisen I need to deal with. Firstly if people want to talk to the Palestinians they need to contact the Palestine Liberation Organisation. This is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and has been for many decades. Secondly, an organisation calling itself “BDS” does not own the words or the concept of boycott, divestment or sanctions. They are entitled to their own interpretation of these words but they don’t own or control me. I will make my own interpretation. And it is this – no purchase of Israeli goods or services, no normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel who support the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism. That’s what I mean by boycott. That’s what I do. Israelis who are outside of and against the system of Zionism are comrades of mine – like Prof Ilan Pappe. My opponent at Oxford University did not meet this test. The organiser of the event momentarily lionised by the liberal as well as the conservative establishment needs to know this, especially as he is a medical student. To compare Israeli Zionism to “Vegetarianism” is like a doctor not knowing the difference between a pimple and a tumor. Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it’s replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for.
George Galloway MP
House of Commons

Van Jones Night Of Hate-filled, Filthy “Poetry” What A SICK Bastard

Go to fullsize imageListen to these kids that follow this creep (Van jones) around like he is a god.  Its sickening. This ‘music, poetry’ is disgusting.  “Hold adults accountable”  ~ Since when do kids say whats what?  This nation is totally sick.  The kid in this video in the beginning does not give a damn about BP..Please.  Lies.  Hogwash. The kid does not care about the ‘environment’ or anything else.  He cares about one thing; more handouts. Period.

Y.T. found by DONNA

Matthew Simmons BIG OIL Expert Dies “Suddenly!” Saudi Running Out Of Oil?

Part Deux “The Twilight Zone”.  Ok it is Conspiracy Theory time. Matthew Simmons has died officially of a heart attack in his hot tube in his Maine home. Now I have to be honest in that I never heard of Mr. Simmons. What is the significance of Simmons’ death? Simmons is the man of respected opinions (or at least was respected) that divulged to the world that Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are way smaller than the Saudi’s would like anyone to know. This is not good news for the big oil corporations and the global governments that have made oil and its refinery the life blood of the global economy.

   If Simmons is correct then a panic to search for alternate fuel sources would go into Manhattan Project mode. If the oil corporations are not part of a rush to save lifestyles as the world knows it, then the oil corporations would go broke. That is undoubted a disturbing number in the trillions (I’ll let the Conspiracy Theorists verify that) of dollars.  The rest of the synopsis here: Is There a Reason Matthew Simmons Died?

CREEPY AND SUSPICIOUS: Oil expert Matthew Simmons dies in Maine hot tub “accident”   

 Oil guru Matthew Simmons dies in Maine

 Matthew Simmons Discusses BP’s Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico

Obama, The Magicians Speech Last Night To The EWE’s


President Obama solved the oil disaster all by himself.  That is why he refused assistance from other nations to send oil skimming vessels into American waters.

Reported By; The Southern Belle

Did you listen to our GREAT President Hussein Obama last night???  Did you get goose bumps up and down your spine as he explained how he alone will solve the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico???  It was just like getting an awesome back rub and a heavenly massage.
The answer is simple.  All the Senate has to do is pass Obama’s CAP and TAX.  If we only allow Obama to levy massive carbon taxes on everyone then the oil crisis is solved because we will be bankrupt and there will be no need or money to buy oil and then we will see the end of oil drilling in America.  Isn’t that a wonderful solution?? 
Obama is certain that if we are kind and polite to the sweet Mullahs in Iran that they will be more than happy to provide us with all the oil we want at a low cost of only $500/barrel.  Won’t y’all enjoy paying $25/gallon for gasoline?
Obama also said not to worry about the oil spillage because his brilliant team of freaks determined that sooner or later the oil reservoir beneath where the oil is leaking will be exhausted.  Patient is all that is needed and trust in our GREAT President.  In just two or three years the oil leak will stop by itself.
Toot toot and please have a wonderful day in Obama Land.
Donna found this: BP Exec Sold BP Stock right before the spill…

R. Emmanuel’s Rent-Free Apt. Owned By BP Advisor

So, the son of the devil has ties to BP.  Isnt THIS something….You know…these are the most EVIL people alive. 

  Emmanuel is the devil re-incarnate. I bet when he wakes up, there are no deals to be made with the devil, because he is the devil. May this evil satanic, monster ROT IN HELL. Reprobate POND SCUM!!!!


The ties that bind. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s rent-free D.C. apartment? The owner: A BP adviser

In case you were tempted to buy the faux Washington outrage at BP and its gulf oil spill in recent days, here’s a story that reveals a little-known corporate political connection and the quiet way the inner political circles intersect, protect and care for one another in the nation’s capital. And Chicago.

We already knew that BP and its folks were significant contributors to the record $750-million war chest of Barack Obama’s 2007-08 campaign.

Now, we learn the details of a connection of Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayoral wannabe, current Obama chief of staff, ex-representative, ex-Clinton money man and ex-Windy City political machine go-fer.

Shortly after Obama’s happy inaugural,  eyebrows rose slightly upon word that, as a House member, Emanuel had lived the last five years rent-free in a D.C. apartment of Democratic colleague Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and her husband, Stanley Greenberg.