America and Europe have been totally programmed to want a world war in Ukraine. When you see this video, be thankful that God SAVED your mind.

FOX News: Nothing But 24-7 White House War Propaganda & Disinfo Against Russia & Hatred For Mr. Putin

FOX News: Nothing But 24-7 White House War Propaganda & Disinfo Against Russia & Hatred For Mr. Putin

I am lambasting Fox because my husband turns on the brainwashing jargon from 5PM-7PM nightly to siphon through their charade. Fox news is no longer an outlet for any truth. Patriots have NO opposition on T.V.

We, on the other hand – do our research.  We do not push propaganda.  I do my best to present the truth as I search the facts out. If we are wrong, we post the wrong with apology or link to the truth.  Or, we discard the post, altogether. 

Fox news is nothing but a machine of war propaganda against Russia.  When you watch Fox, they present nothing but: “Russia swallowed up Ukraine”, “Russia annexed Crimea.” Which is all propaganda, based on nothingnessstraight from the White House. Case in point:  Crimea joined Russia through vote.  Crimea was not annexed and Russia has not swallowed up Ukraine, the EU/USA has swallowed up Ukraine.

  Fox news does not tell you these truths about the Ukraine scenario:

  • Fox news does not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news does not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.

All of these links are in the public domain for you to observe.  They are facts.  Facts are not ‘Russian propaganda.’  IN fact, stating that the facts ARE “Russian propaganda” is White House rhetoric with a mix of hatred and animosity for Russia and Vladimir Putin.  That’s all, nothing more. 

I call it as I see it.  I am not a politician.  I get paid zero dollars to post the truth, Fox (CNN, ABC, CBS, et al) get paid millions to fill your brains and mind with deliberate disinfo, day and night.

The Mad Jewess, family and friends see no reason to have any animosity toward Russia and Mr. Putin.  Mr. Putin never did anything to my country.  Russia does not engage riots in our cities or in Canada & Mexico revolting against America.  Mr. Putin is not my despot, Obama isWe do not want a nuclear WWIII with Russia.  NOBODY in their sane mind would.

6th Graders Asked to Design “Communist” Flag

NO other country is like America, who openly embraces enemy ideology.

When I was in 6th grade we were singing songs that were totally pro-American. I loved to sing them.  It made me feel good.  

Now, 6th graders are being asked to ‘design’ a Commie flag.  Communism is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million souls.  The madness is not going to stop until we obliterate Communists off of this land. 

More here: Assignment: Design a Flag for a New Socialist/Communist America

This is what I sang in 4th-5th/6th grade:

Sometimes I ask why we sang these songs. Why?  Should we not have been taught how to fight leftism? Nazi-ism? Communism? Progressivism?  All anti American, anti god ideologies.

Deliberate Homosexual/Lesbian Brainwashing Of Teen Girls In Dec. 2012 Issue Of “Marie Claire” Magazine

Deliberate Homosexual/Lesbian Brainwashing Of Teen Girls In Dec. 2012 Issue Of “Marie Claire” Magazine

I go to the gym every morning…I have to occupy my mind off of my working-out yuckiness that I HATE…..  

So, I picked up Marie Claire Mag to look at the pictures.  I came across this article (below) that is filthy.  All about women having orgasms with other women. Teen girls read this debauchery.  Its one thing for a person to have some odd feelings.  It’s another thing all together when they write this x-rated insanity in a magazine targeting teenagers. Young teen girls will read about a ‘mind blowing orgasm’ that blew these 2 women ‘away’, in the Dec 2012 issue of Marie Claire.. Hows that for a nice Christmas, Parents???  Maybe your normal young lady will meet a nice, big, bull dyke for Christmas and make your house-hold insane.  Someone like CHAZ, Cher’s boy-girl.

This article and pictures cross a line that should not be crossed at all.  Pushing tolerance for ‘gay’s and lesbians, which is now taught in Kindergarten is filthy enough… But, what this article does is ENTICE & ‘suggestively’ push young women to ‘try’ something else.  This is deliberate brainwashing.  Deliberate suggestions and enticement of un-natural behavior that would otherwise not be normal to the average young lady approaching womanhood.  It is also disgusting and evil.

Look at this article yourself. (You will be appalled but left wingers embrace sexual depravity, so it wont bother them at all–they have NO morals)

By the way, if you want to use this article, and pics, please link:



I no longer fly my flag .. but if I did, I’d fly it upside down in distress

Authored by Goldbug

I no longer fly my flag .. but if I did, I’d fly it upside down in distress.  I am so horrified and ashamed of our evil and wicked government and the terror they are spreading around the globe.  But, of course, this government would not exist were it not for the ignorance and stupidity of the masses.
When a friend or neighbor professes his/her “patriotism,” we should ask, “Why are you patriotic?”  The response, of course, will be, “Because I love my country” (and then they’ll chant, “USA, USA, USA!”).  Then one should ask, “What exactly is it that you love about the U.S.A. ….?”  Of course, after much hesitation, they’ll say, “Uh .. uh .. our freedom?” 
Freedom?  Oh, do you mean freedom to be surveilled by drones?  Freedom to be disappeared or killed by our tyrannical government, without due process?  Freedom to have massive taxes extracted from you by force?  Freedom to be dumbed down at an institution of higher brainwashing and take on massive debt for a degree in joblessness?  Or might you be enjoying the freedom to be sexually assaulted and nuked every time you want to fly somewhere?  And don’t forget .. freedom to guzzle a daily fluoride cocktail, eat gene-spliced monster foods and be sprayed daily with aluminum oxide, barium, and God-only-knows what other toxins and poisons.  And the list goes on and on …
Don’t you all feel better now knowing that we’re free?   

BRAINWASHING In ‘Palestine’~’Palestinian’ Girl’s Poetry; ‘Our Enemy Is “ZION”, Satan With A Tail’

BRAINWASHING In ‘Palestine’~’Palestinian’ Girl’s Poetry; ‘Our Enemy Is “ZION”, Satan With A Tail’

This is straight up evil. Not just because it is brainwashing. They are teaching their kids to hate God.  Robbing their own children of a childhood, pretending that Israel is the aggressor.Israel does not bomb on a daily basis. Fuckestine does. Israel brings them food every week, in return for rockets.  Israel must be friggin INSANE, helping these people. 

Rabbi Kahane was right;

“I understand the Arabs and the Arabs understand me, but nobody understands the Jews.”

BTW: God IS Zion. Period.

‘Let them be ashamed and turned backward, all that hate Zion.’

Psalm 129:5

Video by

‘Host: “Lina, how did you participate in the exhibition [about teaching tools]?”
Lina: “I recited a poem.”
Host: “A poem.”
Co-host: “Lina opened the exhibition.”
Lina: “When I was young, I was taught that Arabness is my honor…
and that our lands extend from one end to the other,
and that our wars were for the Al-Aqsa Mosque,
and that our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail…”
[PA TV (Fatah), May 8, 2012]’

How I Feel About Obama’s Race-hustling, & Left-Wing Led Birtherism

This is a Comment made by a blogger:  

“I am not a racist, therefore the group I belong to is not a racist” would seem to be a hasty generalization fallacy….”

  My reply: ‘It is also a fallacy to assume that ALL birthers are racists as well, just because a small number of them are.’

       Now that we have been shoved over to the racial issue.. Do these holier than thou leftists REALIZE how many of their fellow American brethren they have hurt BY generalizing?

  I have been called a Jew-nazi, the Jew-kkk, racist, bigot, and a  phobe of every sort.. Did these ‘liberal’ people think this did not hurt? Because it hurt. It hurt badly.  It was not some type of conviction they brought to my inner being, it was accusation.  Which is evil. The New Testament says that there is one accuser of fellow brethren; SATAN.

   If I put up pictures on posts that somehow left black people out, (Vintage pictures) I was called a racist, (By psyn, a left-wing Canadian) just because things are not pleasing to my eye? I don’t think that black people OR Mexican people are prettier than white people. So? Its MY EYE! Lots of black people ONLY like looking at black people, SO? They think that black is the most beautiful, SO?  The same with Mexicans and Asians.  Its OK for them, but not for me??  Physically speaking, I like the way white people look, especially in Vintage America. I like looking at them more than any other people’s.  I also love Geisha’s. I love the art of Asians, and the bright colors of the Spanish culture, but I just don’t find it more pleasing to my OWN eye than white people. Sorry, that is not racism, it is called TASTE. 

  I truly belive that a majority should govern, not a minority-thats MY preference. Being part Jew, I know that minorities look out for THEMSELVES and not country most of the time. I vehemently disagree with this thought process.  Country/America should ALWAYS be first, and nothing else, next to GOD.  I vote based on American patriotism. Which is why I am not with the Democrats OR the Republicans, they are NOT patriotic.   

     So…..In the beginning of not liking Obama policy, I cried MANY tears–too many to count. Being called a racist, and all of this other jargon that I was called… My friends were called racists.  It is/was sickening. Totally SICKENING.

 I championed causes in my home-town, (in the 1980’s) trying to help ILLEGALS, GET LEGAL. Helped 3 different Americans of African descent get employment in the 1980′s, while I was in management…. Only to be called a RACIST just because I do not like Obamas terrible policies.

  I hated Bush policy as well, Clinton before him and Bush 41 before him. But, I am a racist now, b/c I HATE Obamas policies and I think he is a a fraud.

  It is true that leftists started the birther issue. Mrs Obama said her husbands ‘home country is in Kenya’.  Gov Bill Richardson said that ‘Obama is an immigrant’. Obama HIMSELF said that “It is good to be back home, in Kenya”.
All of those people are leftists.
All of those people had ME convinced that they were not lying.

But, now I am a racist.

  We have covered racism, and will continue to do so, on behalf of white people now. I didn’t know how terrible racism is against white people….. because like every other white person, I was brainwashed to believe that racism against white people is OK.

  I was beaten up at a younger age by 3 black girls that screamed “WHITE BITCH”…  And, helped black people regardless of the beating I took… But now I am a racist…Because I don’t believe a damned word Obama says re. politics, and do not believe he is eligible, according to his OWN admissions…

This is the “CHANGE” that this ‘leader’ has brought upon people.

“American” Girl Dolls Are CREEPY!

Look at these dolls sometime, this might give you an indication of how stupid our poor girls are now. American girl dolls stare, vacantly into space. They have no character.  They are so creepy. Even  those little girl pageants now try to look like them.  WHY? There are cuter dolls that have character. Even Barbie the slut has more charm than these wierdo doll-monsters!

They really remind me of those 2 little girls from “The Shining”…the empty-eyed creatures of the night– Ew., these dolls REALLY give me the creeps. I have heard there is some sickass agenda that goes along with buying these dolls too.

LOOK at these dolls- they are creepy!!!!

Something wierd that I just can’t put my finger on.  Maybe someone else knows, but it does not matter what color these are or what hair color, they ALL have the SAME faces!!

Come on, you can’t fool me, you know you see the same strangeness in these dolls, you just wont admit it.

Look at this weird little pageant girl:



See an excerpt off of their website:

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