Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine: Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine:  Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

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This is not the reason I have stood against the Ukrainian mess.  I am SICK of Obama, MCCain and the lot of them turning countries upside down, installing brutal, oppressive regimes….

BUT, with NAZI-enabling Soros, truly, what could be expected from the Ukrainian disaster?  Hopefully, this will not come to fruition. But, it is telling..Chabad Jews are the most conservative and patriotic Jews. And, I love them, dearly.  They are very caring, upright and love the Jewish people and spiritual Judaism..

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  With a coup, how the hell do you know WHO is taking power?  Ukraine is NOT America. 

On Timoshenko:

A confrontation between peoples once again real in Ukraine, he says. Meanwhile, Yulia Tymoshenko is not in a hurry to recognize her defeat.

The rest about her loss…

‘Ukraine opposition’s antisemitic agenda ignored by Western media’

And, ugly, OLD, Nazi enabling Communist, George Soros cares nothing for Jews.  He only cares about money and destruction.  Probably LOVES the purists in Ukraine:   

*At any rate, religious, God-fearing Jews have been murdered under Communist/Bolsheviks in RU and under National Socialists in Germany.  So, my own opinion to God fearing, right minded Jews is:  Trust NO political hack.

Greenville SC: 75 Yr Old White Couple Stabbed To Death by Blacks

God bless America, right??  America is a great country, right?? Does this make you proud to be an American?

Click to read more about 911 call made.

Gary Wells, 78, and his wife, Helen, 77, were found dead on Oct. 3, inside their home at 10 Terramont Drive.

Shirley Ann Rogers


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Cartoon: The Life Of Barack & Michelle

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