A$$HOLE, Usurper Obama To Leave Borders 25% More Open To Rape, Murder & Rob More Americans

A$$HOLE, Illegal “Prez” Obama To Leave Borders Open To Rape, Murder & Rob More Americans

I hope they head to NYC, DC and most parts of Cali.  Go there.  Feel free to rape, murder and rob the ‘Liberals’ who love you.  Come where I am, and you’re a dead wetback.  Just keep pretending that Hussein Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And, you phoney AINO’s:  Keep being polite to this piece of SHIT.  This SOB WANTS a war.

FOX News reported this atrocity.

Isnt it about time you  Repub ‘con’servatives & Blue Dog Dems go birther?  Impeach, and throw out the bastard and his illegal staff.  He is *NOT* my President. He is ILLEGAL which is why he helps the illegals.

#ObamaPriorities: DOJ Charges ‘Anonymous’ Hacker, But Forgets Benghazi-Gate, Fast and Furious

#ObamaPriorities: DOJ Charges ‘Anonymous’ Hacker, But Forgets Benghazi-Gate

What type world do we live in?  Looks insane to me.  The DOJ is concerned about ‘Anonymous’ hacker.  Methinks this is because the hacker could potentially hurt this administration.  We can’t have that…!  We must be quiet about our dirty deeds.  After all, the MSM was totally silent when Ambassador Stevens was KIA in Benghazi.  Ditto border-agent Brian Terry. The MSM is mum on Obama’s 3 other covert wars in Syria, Libya & Egypt.  Closed-mouthed about innocent people droned in Pakistan (Over 220, mostly children) ditto Yemen.

Hillary the bitch testified re. Benghazi and said “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”  And, now, idiots want to run her and the filth, Manchelle for Prez.

Come to America, you can murder anyone. You can rape, rob, pillage, plunder & the MSM will say NOTHING.  A complete rogue country.

The cover-up continues……….

The New Faux News, Complete With Females That Look Like Robert Redford. Example #1: Sally Kohn

I rarely watch FAUX (Fox) news anymore, and the reason should be quite obvious: It is now a left-wing hack station that loves progressive women that look like Robert Redford

Take this Sally Kohn character.  Not only is she very masculine, but she seems to think that Fast n Furious is just bullshit:

(H/T: I found this terrible ‘tidbit’ on Puma’s blog last night.)

How can this monster go to sleep at night?  Did she dare to tell Ms Terry, Brain Terry’s mother about her feelings regarding Fast n furious?  The scandal that pushed Obama to enforce his executive privilege?  Is this ‘tolerant’ Commie-liberal insane?  Why is she on FAUX news after speaking such vile, intolerant rhetoric?  If they don’t can this idiot, then they should put her in the bathroom, & wash her mouth our with soap–or send her to a finishing school to act like a f’n lady.   So much for being a feminist, eh?  She does not seem to give a rats ass about Ms Terry, (A FEMALE) Brian Terry’s mother.

I was so livid with this broad, I HAD to twitter her. You know I don’t twitter all that much.. I guess I’m stuck in old times, you know..blogging n all.  

But, this is what I said to her:

@sallykohn <Is the reason men are turning gay by the bushel

@sallykohn “Community Organizer?” Why dont you go organize your FAT mouth??!!!

@sallykohn “No one gives a shit about Fast and Furiou?” Tell THAT to Brian Terry’s Mother–right here on Twitter you feminazi HAG


Ok…So, I was nasty.  I am, after all, The Mad Jew bitch, right?  Well, I HAVE to take up for the down-trodden, liberal/Commies don’t anymore.  SO-Not only does FAUX news hire she-males, but they hire people that make light of tragedy.. 

You tell me Sally_Kohn doesn’t look like Robert Redford’s twin.  And, that would be fine….IF she was male.  But, thats O’MeriKa these days: bad is good, good is bad, men are women, women are men etc and so on… 

Sally Kohn:

Mr. Brian Terry gets the last word, here:

Update 4 PM~ARREST MURDERER HOLDER,Yet!? Holder Contempt Citation Passes in Bipartisan Vote? LIVE FEED

Border Agent, Brian Terry’s Mother Royally Tells Off Eric MURDERER Holder

Mr. Holder. How come you can never say my sons name? You never have. All I ever hear you say is ‘I didnt find out or I cant say.’  I’m actually tired of hearing your double-talk in answering questions. What a joke you are. You know my son was a real AMERICAN, a WARRIOR, and a HERO, who was also protecting COWARD POLITICIANS like you.

Good going, Mrs. Terry.  We weep with you, believe me, we do.

What grief this mother must be going through.  Think about it.  Her son comes home from a war, only to be murdered right within the borders of his own country.  The agony this family must feel. Makes me weep every time we put up a post on this horrendous situation.
Dedicated to the family of Brian Terry:

Obama’s DOJ: Another Friday Night Fast & Furious Doc Dump~COVER UP

Brian Terry, border agent-MURDERED by Holders Gun-Runner deserves JUSTICE.

The cover up is the thing that always gets ya…. Dumb boy, Obama.

As Many Congress People Call For Holders Resignation: He goes On Vacation To Caribbean On OUR Dime

SEE: The fugitive of justice, bastard, Eric Holder goes on  Caribbean Junket on Taxpayers’ Dime

When does this end?  How long O’ Lord, shall we put up with the wicked and not serve them justice?! How Long O LORD?  Brian Terry is dead, Other border agents are dead. How does America reward a corrupt pig like Holder for knowing all about ATF/Gun runner in 2009? We send them on vacation.  Where is Darrel Issa, the talking head, as this evil, slob is on vacation?! Justice is supposed to be served to poor as well as rich. Not just us peons in the middle.


Judge this wickedness.




Eric Holder Is LYING~He Knew ALL ABOUT Fast And Furious/Gun-Runner In 2009, It Is On The DOJ Website!! LIAR!


He knew all about Fast and Furious, Operation Gun Runner in 2009.


BREAKING => “April 2, 2009″ DOJ Document Indicts Holder … – Political Vel Craft



Video-H/T: Donna