Prophetic Dream/Vision I Had About EVIL Black, Flying Insects. (VERY Hesitant To Release This)

Dream/Vision I Had Abt EVIL Black Bugs. VERY Hesitant To Release This:

We all know God gives dreams and visions for warnings. We are supposed to ‘test the spirits’ also. I did not want to release this dream at all. Usually, I will get it out there, ASAP. But, this time – no. The reason why I am hesitant is because I believe there are some real false predictors out there. Giving false hope about spiritual and also political and geo-political issues. I am just “Pauli/The Mad Jewess”, (nobody special, a smaller blogger), but I do not want to be ‘counted in’ with any modern predictors.

Before I tell you this dream… I want to say that God is unleashing some real fury. And, his anger is over America as well as the rest of the nations. When I read the bible or talk with the Lord.. I sense his fury and anger. Sure, we all have impressions of his love and peace. But, I can say with great confidence that God is ANGERED.


Here is the vision/dream from last Thursday night, August 25th.

I saw a crisp, white sheet being flung out (like how we make our beds) it was flung into the wind/atmosphere. When I looked again at the sheet, it had black, flying, evil-looking insects (meaning to do harm) that flew out into the air.


This is what the black, flying insects looked like:


So, what does it mean?

I believe that perhaps some real insects that are black and harmful to humanity could be released by God into our earth’s atmosphere…? OR: Perhaps a bug (as in virus/plague/flu) could be allowed by God at the hands of man? The white sheet possibly indicating God?

We’ll see…. Think on this yourselves.

#Communists @Mother Jones Should Be Investigated For Mitch McConnell’s “Bug/Tape” As Well As Judd

#Communists @Mother Jones Should Be Investigated For Mitch McConnell’s “Bug” As Well As Judd

CLICK: Mother Jones Obtains Secret Tape of McConnell Campaign Strategy Session

How did this person (the bugg’ee) know to go to Mother Jones?  Why did they go to Mother Jones? We believe that Mother Jones should be investigated. ASAP.  As well as Ashley Judd.  Convenient how she decided to not run a couple weeks back and now this tape shows up.  Out of no where..

First, they went after McConnell’s wife for being Chinese.  Now, his office is bugged?  

We believe this should be thoroughly investigated.  

Stop Communism - Use your own stuff


Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Tape.

Ashley Judd To Be Probed By FBI For Mitch McConnell Leaked Tape

We believe Mitch McConnell is weak.   But Ashley Judd, Communist enabler would be worse for Kentucky.  Although, who knows anymore.  Judd said she would not run.

FBI probes Ashley Judd tape at McConnell’s request

Is this really want we want in a Senate seat? A divisive female?

Nobody can seem to ‘bug’ Obama’s office and ask about this: