FASCIST, Commu-NAZI Government Stock-piling 700 Light-Armored Tanks, & Who Knows What Else-WHY?

To murder us.  

If you don’t know this by now, then you are stupid. Hopefully, they will go straight into the liberal cities, first.   But, I doubt it.  We are frogs in the water.  That is what American’s are.

In NY, they left their people with 7 bullets for their guns. NY went down without a fight or a shot.  Why do you think they left you NYers with 7 bullets?  You are easier to murder.  Obama is a psychopathic, murdering, genocidal maniac – as is Cuomo. 

And, here are the cold, hard facts:  As a country, we did not speak out about war all over the map–wars that were not warranted.  9/11 should have been the day, the year – the nation repented of it’s national sin.  What did NYC do in 2002 to honor Elohim (GOD)?  They built a museum.  The museum is called “The museum of sex”.  Lack of morals, filthy debauchery, anal sexos ‘gay’ marriage, abortion, hands bloodied from murdering foreigners–time is coming for massive judgement from God.  I am sorry,  I don’t want to be mean–but that’s the way it is.

We will ALL be affected by Obama’s, paranoia, insanity and madness.  His manufactured crisis’s and rape of our once great nation.   I can guarantee that “Liberals” will still not be happy when it’s through………..

Frog in water

See here:

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

Obama Wants To MURDER Americans. ALL Americans. With OUR $$. DHS Stockpiling Ammo. Gas Prices WAY Up, ETC

This little piece below, was in our email this morning.  I believe it from Gateway Pundit, (where I am banned from commenting.)   Obama wants to take ALL guns. Why?  To murder Americans.  Obama is a plant.  He is not American.  He is a foreign usurper who was raised to hate America and its people.  To disarm people means to control them.  Completely.

bo gun buyback

Obama wants drones all over America.  Why do you think he wants drones all over America? Why?  Just to spy on our sex-lives?  I DON’T THINK SO. 

Obama and his DHS have billions of rounds of ammunition that they have purchased…ON OUR DIME.  Think about that.  They purchase this ammunition with tax-payer dollars.  You vote them in, they are conspiring to murder you.  See for yourself, linked from Drudge: Homeland Security’ Buys 1.6 Billion Bullets…

And, just look at gas:  BACK ABOVE $5 

I believe it will go up to over $6-

The government has installed a NAZI death care bill.. Don’t believe it?  See this video for yourself: (From David Ben Moshe)

Now, just what in the hell do you have guns for?  To play Hop-a-long Cassidy?  Pretend you are Doc Holiday?  Gun rights in America are there to hunt politicians when they disobey their employer, we the people.  Period.


VIDEO: Start Making Your Own Assault Rifles At Home.

Gun-Control: Having more guns and learning great control to kill enemy.

All that this evil, tyrannical, disgusting, devious government is doing, is thrusting people into buy more arms and getting more creative. Which is a good thing…  I think you should build your own rockets, bombs, whatever it takes. So, when the tyrants come a knockin, you just blast the m’fers! YES! What could make your day brighter than seeing John Boehner’s ears exploding when he hears the nice, loud BOOM… 😀

How+a+gun+works. This Is How A Gun Works   Super LOL