DEMOCRATS-Deblasio, Cuomo & Newsom Are Totally DESTROYING People’s Lives Locking Them Up At Home

DEMOCRATS-Deblasio, Cuomo & Newsome Are Totally DESTROYING People’s Lives Locking Them Up At Home

These stupid Democrat politicians are NOT ‘saving people’s lives’ BY locking them up OVER A VIRUS. they are DESTROYING their lives.

I just listened to David Portney’s Twitter Video and you should also. He looks so worried 😦

The Leftist idiots screaming for lockdowns are living in the twilight zone. If people do not work, they do not eat. Its that simple. Are these ‘tolerant’ bastard Leftists going to feed all of the people who will be broke and homeless in 2 months? Are they going to pay their mortgages and rents? Where is the money going to come from? The trees? Are they going to take them in?

We did not close down the nation when the Spanish flu was here. Why are they locking people up? Because they are Communists. Food is a weapon when Communists plan their charades. I wonder how many are laughing at the ‘tin foil hat’ blog posters now that it is all happening right before our very eyes? Hate to say I ‘told ya so’. But, I also ‘told ya so’.

Help your neighbor if they need food and you can afford it. Bring extra blankets to the church that is helping people in your town—or clothes, etc.

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog: Americans are STEALING food to survive & The response to the pandemic has destroyed the personal finances of American families.

If you really think that the problem is “Covid”, you are an IDIOT


If The McCloskey’s Were Black, No Felony Charges Would Be Issued

If The McCloskey’s Were Black, No Felony Charges Would Be Issued

Here is a screen cap of a McCloskey statement as the Police OR private companies would NOT protect them from the Communist, dirtbag savages:

This is political grandstanding.  This moronic, white-hating, bigoted witch knows very well that if the McCloskey’s were black, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.  Its just a fact.   But, the truth is:  most minority leaders cannot govern because they CANNOT see past their skin color.  Therefore, they cannot and should not be put in a position (such as an Attny) where one must have blinders.

But, we’re not supposed to talk about that because ‘white privilege’…. Tell me what ‘white privilege’ is going on here.  We all saw the video of the ranting BLM & ANTIFA Communists plowing right thru PRIVATE property where they had no business being.    The McCloskey’s had every right to protect their home and neighborhood…especially after the filthy, Communist savages rioted and looted Target and many stores in St Louis.  And, nobody out there will tell it LIKE IT IS for fear of being called a racccccissssstttttt.  What a crock of chit.

Some St. Louis Target stores close as protests grow nationwide ...

Target, St Louis after the Floyd riot and looting.


Gardner claims the ‘protesters’ who broke through a gate into a private community were “unarmed, peaceful protesters.” And it is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at at those participating in nonviolent protest.   Attorney Kim Gardner and St. Louis City Prosecutors File Charges Against Mark and Patricia McCloskey

Rep. Pressley: ‘BLM’ is a Mandate From The People – Pay Us What You Owe Us’ (WE OWE YOU ZERO.)

Rep. Pressley: ‘BLM’ is a Mandate From The People – Pay Us What You Owe Us’ (WE OWE YOU ZERO.)

We do not owe blacks or other minorities a thing.  We pay in taxes in every paycheck to house, cloth, feed, plus healthcare benefits to take care of these people.  We owe them zero.  They owe US.  Not the vc versa. 

The housing projects are funded by Americans.  Minorities and others live in these projects:  Housing projects in the Rockaway Beach, NYC

Long Beach, California:   CLICK

Workers break ground on 102-unit affordable housing project in ...

World's 3 Utterly Unsuccessful Public Housing Projects: What Not ...

Their food is paid for by the taxpayer:

Even super expensive “Schwanns” delivers to these people.

We owe you ZERO.  YOU OWE US.  You are not ‘nation builders’ either.  Construction companies hire workers and pay them.  If you work for a Construction company, you are paid what every other Construction worker is paid.

This idiot also claims that blacks ‘built the nation.’

You didn’t build our nation.  

White men did. 


B&W Photos of NYC Construction Workers (36 pics) | Steel worker ...

Construction Workers Take a Lunch Break on a Steel Beam Atop the ...

Picture of the Day: Recreating a Classic «TwistedSifter

20 Incredible Photos of the Construction of the Empire State Building

Chicago iron workers recreate 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' photograph ...

Willis Tower through the years -- Chicago Tribune


A vintage photo of a New York City construction worker touching ...

Enough lies.

Stand up to the Communist terrorist BLM.  

You DID build this:

Read what the Communist idiot says:

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now:

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now.

Yesterday, I called some Lefty a “Communist”… Because he is. I believe in naming America’s enemies within, accurately:  If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.

The first thing a Communist does when you accurately name them what they are: “Communists” …. is to scream ‘fascist’.   Let us remind the peace and love “Liberal” crowd that they are beating people in the streets, raping women in Seattle, burning down cities, vandalizing state property, intimidating people who don’t ‘belong’, tearing down statues and are admitted Communist/Marxist totalitarians.     That’s what they are  See for yourself..

I, however am a ‘fascist’.  

If below is what a ‘fascist’ is, I’m a proud one:

Because I believe that ALL of the founding fathers were Christian, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that our country should have super secure borders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are two sides to every war, aka:  South vs North, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that Southerners should display their Confederate flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that statues and memorials should NEVER be torn down, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that children should be indoctrinated to be gay, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are 2 genders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America is a republic, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that a person should be hired on merit only, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that trophies should be presented to the best players, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that English should be the official language, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that people should disrespect the flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that I am guilty because I am lighter skinned, I am a ‘fascist’.

People… I could go on and on.  Evidently, naming our enemies within makes me a ‘fascist’.  Believing in American sovereignty is ‘fascist.’ YES!



And,  you’re still a dirty, rotten, treacherous, stinking, spoiled brat Communist piece of garbage.

Philly City Court Supervisor FIRED After Tearing Down #BLM Signs: (GOOD FOR HIM!)

Philly City Court Supervisor FIRED After Video Shows Him Tearing Down BLM Signs (GOOD FOR HIM!)

I feel bad this man got fired but at least he has more cojones than most people out there.  Most people are sick of the “BLM” bs.    With the exception of the Communist Left-wing filth..  Black lives dont matter when they’re killing each-other.  Only when a white cop has to possibly kill ’em because they’re violent.. or  because they’re high on fentynol and other drugs like Floyd was–Or resisting arrest.  

At any rate, here it is:

CLICK:  Philadelphia City Court Supervisor Fired After Video Shows Him Tearing Down BLM Signs & Saying He Doesn’t Care About Black Lives!

Black Lives Matter Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

I’ve never had an issue with the police in my life.  Maybe it’s because I stay out of trouble.  But, my friend was set up by Left wing bimbo b’tches and the cops pulled fascist crap on him–there ARE plenty of bad cops…

Created Chaotic Leftists Are Destroying Leftist Cities. Good. Who Gives A Damn

Created Chaotic Leftists Are Destroying Leftist Cities. Good. Who Gives A Damn

All I can say is: American Conservatives in these cities- Weaponize yourselves. Carry guns and be armed.  The Leftists are just doing what they do best: Destroy.  That’s all they do.  Whether its psychological or physical, Leftists are destroyers.  The ‘way of peace, they have not known’.

Theyre out there destroying their own leftist cities with leftist governments, leftist city councils.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Most of these cities are dumps now anyway: With the scent of urine mingled with human feces, stale beer, prostitutes, drugs, gangs…Who really cares if they set the cities on fire. Leftist cities are disgusting because Leftists are filthy pigs and animals.

Take a look at the cities the Leftists are rioting in:  Oakland, Portland, LA, LV, boston, NYC, DC, Louisville, Atlanta, N.O., Houston, Dallas- ALL leftist cities.

Click and see all the destruction at: Zero Hedge.

This Communist-agitation, SOROS led protest isnt about George Floyd, either.  Floyd was very turned off by violence.  See this video:

But, seriously…Do any of you really care anymore what these paid-for, harassing, anarchist leftists do?  Think about it!  They are saying its about ‘cops killing black people’.  There are bad cops all over the nation and they kill regardless of color. The leftists are hung up on color for 40 years.  Bad police harass regardless of color.  Look how the cops acted during the GatesVirus..  Many poh’lice are bad and should be dealt with..we ALL know that now.  But, come on..Its NOT about that.



This is Minneapolis before the cop murdered Mr. Floyd:

Dozens of tents are crammed into a patch of grass

Minneapolis after:

Protests, looting escalates in Minneapolis police violence protest ...

Minneapolis in the 50’s:

The Left has no respect for the nation…so let them live in squalor.  The country is flat broke after what the Left did with the CoronaHoax & shutting down the nation.


Now that all the money is gone because we’re trillions in debt: Go live in the ruins, you losers.

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A #SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A#SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

Soros is busing them in, probably –  See – Mighty 990


“Hundreds of more protestors that are arriving to the city via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport,” he said, “so if that report that I’m hearing is accurate, we could see more bodies in the street, which could lead to more violence tonight.”

This could possibly be the worst summer that there has ever been.  It’s right before an election.  Communist Democrats hate Trump no matter what he does.  I’m not ‘ra ra ra’ Trump…but they hate his guts…Soros is licking his chops and salivating waiting on blood and death.

I hope it does not get insane in Atlanta:

Gone is the Coronavirus and to divert attention off  what a hoax the Communist Democrat party made of the whole mess, destroying the economy, leaving 35 mil without jobs, businesses closing, housing market destroyed – they immediately latched onto another story that shook the headlines in Minneapolis.

Gotta hand it to the Communists pigs: They know how to divert attention.  Everyone’s focus is off the Super depression and onto the rioting losers in MN.

It’s almost as if Obama steering the wheel again…Look at his big mouth, just like before: Barack Obama just can’t shut his ugly, purple lips.

The reason it feels like SNAFU times 1000 is because Trump REFUSES to bring law and order as he stated in 2016:


You know the drill….

Staten Islanders W/ Masks Drive Out Non-Mask Wearing Person In Store

Staten Islanders W/ Masks Drive Out Non-Mask Wearing Person In Store

These people from Staten Island must not be feeling so secure in their masks if ONE person without one is such a threat.  This is our future people.  The masked demons chasing the unmasked.  This is not America anymore.  Its fascism. Totalitarianism.