Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

Cut Off Unvaxxed From EVERYTHING Says Communist Murderer, Pam Keith ESQ

The Communist murderous filth don’t miss a chance to discriminate against people who do not want to try the mark-of-the-beast JAB.

Inside EVERY “Liberal” is a Hannibal Lecter screaming to get out:

This is the FIRST time in my 50 plus years that I have EVER seen vaccinated people attack unvaxxed. EVER. No such thing has occurred in my life until now.

My Mother gets every shot out there. She is convinced she is protected from ANY flu or virus if she gets a shot. She asks me ONE time a yr if I ‘got the flu shot’. My answer is ALWAYS: “No”.

My life for years has been positioned to take care of my immunity. Not getting shots. Thats my choice. But, we are coming to a place where we do not have a choice anymore. Its about power. NOT about health. It’s about the beast system.

Rahm Wants To Be Mayor Of CHICAGO~Better Idea, SEND HIM HOME TO ISRAEL

Rahm Wants to be Mayor of Chicago. I have a better idea, we can send him to Israel…But, that will probably not work either: Benjamin Netanyahu calls Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod ‘self … Either way, we all want you OUT of America, you have dual citizenship, so just go someplace else, and turn THAT place into a 3rd world gutter..

  Your time, write a letter, tell Rahm the CREEP, that we will all pitch in a few cents here and there, he can just pick a 3rd world hell-hole, instead of making America into a shithole here, and OFF YA GO Scumbag…

 Not This Schmuck Again.


"Come To Kenya, Rahm!"